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10 Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Cambodia Travel Tips

A trip is always an exciting adventure for people of all age groups. Traveling to a new destination is always fun, thrilling, and exciting. You learn about the new destination's culture, food, and tradition. But, at the same time, it is also necessary to grab some quick knowledge about the place you are visiting, especially when it's your first-time travel to the destination. It helps you adapt quickly to the new place and enjoy your vacation fully. 

There are many beautiful countries in the world to visit. Whether it be the north, south, east, or west of the world map, each direction has something exciting for travel enthusiasts. One such beautiful part of the world is Southeast Asia. This region of Asia has some beautiful landscapes, luscious forests, mesmerizing culture, lip-smacking cuisine, and attractive architecture. 

Holidays to Vietnam can be a perfect choice if you wish to visit some peaceful places with lovely food. Statista states that significantly fewer people choose Southeast Asia as their prime travel destination. But beautiful countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos have much to offer you and make your trip memorable. 

You will bid farewell to these beautiful countries with beautiful pictures and many memories. A first-time traveller should consider specific details before visiting these natural beauty-laden countries. This comprehensive guide will help make your journey smooth and allow you to make your vacation joyous. 

What should you consider before traveling to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos?

1. Pack Light and Occasionally for Specific Destinations 

Roaming around a new destination with heavy luggage can be a bad start to a trip. It is advised to pack light and fewer clothes. Backpacks with lesser clothes are always comfortable to carry and are one of the best options for solo travelers. Buying clothes on the streets of Southeast Asian countries is also a cheap option. 

These countries are humid most of the time. Hence, packing loose cotton clothes is a preferable option. The countries are also filled with heritage and beautiful temples. Therefore, appropriate dressing options are also advised to avoid your entry being restricted to a temple during your holidays to Laos or any other Southeast Asian country. 

2. Carry Cash

Though digitization has reached every corner of the world, places such as markets and local vendors still need to cope with the technological trend. So, carrying cash for shopping in the streets and market is advisable. Local vendors may not be able to accept digital forms of payment. Carrying cash makes it easy for you to shop and eat delicious local food on the streets. 

3. Respect the Culture

Though Southeast Asia is a country with open-minded people, they are also serious about their culture and expect visitors to respect it too! Grabbing some knowledge about the culture of these countries is an advisable option to avoid any misunderstandings or petty issues. You can learn some common phrases in the local language to mix well with the locals and ask for guidance without hesitation. 

  • Dress appropriately before visiting a temple.
  • Avoiding staring at monks praying
  • Avoid clicking pictures of the monks without their permission
  • Always take off your shoes before stepping in a temple or where you are asked to do it

4. Carry Bottled Water

Tap water might not always be safe for your gut at such places. The last thing you want on your holidays is to become sick. So, you should carry bottled water to avoid infection that can spoil your travel experience. It is available easily at low prices and in different quantities.

5. Capture more Memories than Pictures

Taking pictures of scenic beauty and selfies has become mandatory while traveling. But, sometimes, people are more engaged in taking pictures rather than peacefully exploring beauty with their naked eye. 

Enjoying nature, beautiful forests, and mesmerizing architecture by yourself and being in the moment can help make your travel more memorable. Taking pictures is always the best idea to make your trip memorable for years, but experiencing the beauty and enjoying it without any camera is also an undeniable experience. 

6. Carry Comfortable Pair of Shoes

You might enjoy your organized trip by Cambodia tours in different buses and vehicles, so, comfortable shoes should always be your prime choice. 

Walking in forests, near a lake, or on a vast lawn might be uncomfortable in pointed or uncomfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes are the best for enjoying your trip and avoiding those irritating and trip-ruining shoe bites. 

7. Be Aware of Scams

Scams are found in every part of the world, and these Aouthasian countries are no different. It is always advised to stay alert while you travel to a new destination. Avoid currency exchange with a stranger; always prefer authorities assigned to the task.

Be aware of monks or kids asking for money from you or trying to bother you for the same. Secure your bag having your documents, cash, and cards. 

8. Enjoy Street Food 

If you want to know more about the cuisine of Southeast Asian countries, try their local street food. These countries are home to some fantastic and economical roadside food options. 

Enjoy everything on the boulevard, including snacks, munching, full-fledged meals, or dessert options. These delicacies have something to offer for people of all age groups with different taste buds. 

Consider the following points to make your culinary experience a paradise:

  • Cambodian dishes are less spicy than its neighbors
  • Vietnamese cookery is defined by its freshness, simplicity, and the use of all the correct herbs. Pho is the most well-known Vietnamese dish.
  • Lao cooking is comparable to Thai cookery in the north and is distinguished by fresh vegetables, sticky rice, and grilled fish or meat flavored with herbs and chilli.

9. Bargain Freely

Bargaining is an art skilled by very few people. But you can try your luck in these countries. The local vendors often may not quote a reasonable price to visitors; hence, haggling while shopping in a local market can help you maintain your travel budget.

It can help you buy the best dresses, footwear, small souvenirs, or attractive local products at a reasonable price. So enjoy street shopping with a little bargaining and a massive smile!

10. Try Local Transport

Local transportation options in Southeast Asia, like tuk-tuk, motorbikes, or taxis, can add to the excitement of your trip. They will quickly help you explore the culture of the city and also help you avoid lanes with heavy traffic. The experience will also help you communicate with locals and learn more about places to visit or delicious local food.

Pack your bags! 

Southeast Asia comprises beautiful countries, lush-green forests, fantastic food, and many smiling and kind people. Holidays to Vietnam or any other Southeast Asian country can be smooth and easy with the help of the points mentioned in the blog. 

The comprehensive guide is all about making your trip memorable, enjoyable, and full of joyous moments. The guide will also assist you in understanding the culture followed in these countries and exploring it more beautifully.