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Top 5 Nightlife Activities To Enjoy Sapa

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Have you ever been to Sapa - a scenic destination with verdant rice paddies, the highest mountain peak and colourfully-clothed hilltribes?

Unlike the majestic beauty with mountains sparkling in sunlight in daytime, Sapa by night is getting more glamorous in the blurry light of the small stalls of local people and the layers of the gentle mist. At that time, every corners of Sapa becomes very animated and crowded with tourists joining intriguing activities. 

Going shopping, wandering on the sloping beautiful streets and taking impressive photos in some attractive spots in downtown are the best way to enjoy “the town in the clouds” by night. Besides, you will experience hundreds of compelling things and freely enjoy specialities only available in Sapa like roasted corn, baked eggs beside charcoal fire.

If you are searching for unique experiences in the spectacular landscape of Sapa, follow Threeland tips for top 5 nightlife activities in Sapa below and delight yourself in its awe-inspiring beauty in your own way!

Love Market

Being a unique culture in Lao Cai, Love Market in Sapa should be put on top must-visit list when travelling to Sapa. 
Like the love market in Khau Vai (Ha Giang) and Moc Chau ( Son La ), Love market in Sapa used to happen once a year, exactly after Tet holiday. Nowadays, it takes place on every Saturday evening, attracting not only domestic visitors but also foreign ones. This market is the place where young people, mostly the H'Mong, the Dao, come to find their partner and express their affection for whom they love. It is always bustling by the charming heart of village boys and pretty girls in their colorful embroidered costumes with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headwears. The girls seek for the boys who are wearing indigo clothes, the same-colored towels and the cattsette on their shoulder.

Some boys gathered around a girl and put their cattsette near the girl to record the confession songs in ethnic languages to confess their love and give her a gift. If the girl agrees, she will give back to the boy whom she chosen a present such as a ring, a bracelet or a comb. Then the couple will go to wherever they want. Many of them later get married and live happily together.

In other corners, visitors can see a few groups of youngsters playing lip trumpets, singing and dancing. Their performances were full of romantic melodies expressing wishes for an eternal love. Tourists also come to Love market to satisfy the curiosity about a strange market of ethnic minorities in the Northern Vietnam.

Location         : In the square near the Sapa Rock Church
Opening hour : From 06:00 PM to midnight.

Follow some tips suggested by Threeland for the best experience at Love Market! 
-    Tourists should visit Love Market on the weekends since the market  is held weekly on Saturday. Visiting the market at this time, you can both join traditional activities of ethnic minority people and savor specialties here.
-    A wide variety of souvenirs are offered that you can refer such as chestnuts and fruits like peaches, plums. You had better bargain to get the products with the reasonable price.
-    If you wanna take a picture with ethnic minority children, you should purchase a souvenir that they sell. Pretty small items are not too expensive, so you can try it.

Sapa night market.

The next destination that should not be missed on your Vietnam tours is Sapa night market. With a variety of items and delicious dishes, it is an ideal place for visitors to explore the traditional and unique features of ethnic minorities here. The Sapa night market takes place from 04:00 PM to 10:00 PM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the campus of the Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Centre.

Here you can enjoy delicious dishes, mostly grilled or roasted skewers. Travelling to Sapa without trying grilled meat or veggetable skewers is a great pity. Let’s take a food tour along Sapa night market and enjoy “ culinary heaven” in the Northwest Vietnam.

Specially, the market seems to wear a glamorous dress at night with sparkling lights from small stalls of the H'Mong and Red Dao people and the charming fog. Strolling around and purchasing some handmade items such as clothes, shoes, hat, necklace for your beloved people are the best way to discover the colorful picture of lives of local people.
If you visit Sapa night market, you will certainly have a great memory only in Sapa.

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The H’mong sisters Bar

Right on the little town Sapa, The H'mong sisters bar is exactly an ideal place for tourists who are seeking for late-night drinking.
Decked out mainly in Pomu wood and decorated with handicrafts of ethnic minority people, this bar creates cosy atmosphere, making a great space to chill out. On the second floor, a wide range of drinks are offered to visitors. Here you can choose for yourself some favorite beers, all at reasonable price and enjoy a fascinating playlist of rock music, which separates you from the busting downtown outside.
In addition,  the Hmong Sister restaurant offers Pizza with some coffee for breakfast. Some other must - try dishes are suggested for great meal for the very first time in Sapa : Blue cheese burgers, Red wine,  Mojito,  Daiquiri Fresh lime.
Location            : 31, Muong Hoa, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Opening hour   :   04:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Sapa Stone Church

Located in the heart of Sapa town, Sapa Stone Church is a not-to-miss destination when travelling to Sapa. 
This ancient church was built in 1895 by the French colonizers, becoming the only architectural work of the French in Sapa that remains entirely intact.

The church has the total area with 6000m2 and divided into many compartments such as the church area, the monks' houses, the angel house, the parish house, breeding house, fences and the holy garden. It was designed according to Roma Gothic architecture represented in its pyramid- shaped roof, domes and bell tower. The church site covers more than 500 m2, consisting of 7 compartments and a 20m-high bell tower in which there is a 500kg-weighed bell with a height of 1.5. The most outstanding feature of this church is its main material – the white stone which creates a unique natural attractiveness for it.

Visiting this famous destination at night, tourists can savor the stunning scenery of the church dimming in the thick fog, which is defenitely the most fascinating experience on your Sapa tour. Specially, you will have an opportunity to join in a festive atmosphere at Love Market - one of the most well-known cultural activities of ethnic minority groups in Sapa if you drop by the church in Saturday evening.
Don’t miss the chance to discover the alluring beauty of the Church and enjoy the most memorable moment with your beloved ones with Threeland today!

Opening hours    : 6:00 am to 8:30 pm
Entrance fee        : Free visiting
Visiting duration  : one and a half hour

Strolling around Sapa Lake

If you are seeking for a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of life, Sapa Lake will be an indispensable option on your tour. 
For travellers who once visited Sapa, the enchanting and peaceful beauty of this lake always leaves them with a deep impression. When the night falls, the surface of Sapa lake looks like a flat mirror reflecting a harmonious combination of the sparkling lights and slowly trembling willows in the wind. 
Wandering around Sapa Lake and "chilling out" in a misty evening in the mountain is wonderful moment with your lover in the night time.

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