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There is more than one reason for Sapa to become the top destination of travel enthusiasts. Not only famous for its beautiful scenery, cool climate and unique culture. Sapa is also a culinary paradise in the Northwest with many unique and strange dishes of the people here. Coming to Sapa, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, you must definitely try the traditional dishes that Threeland Travel brings through the article Sapa food tour to taste all the flavors of this land.


What are the best dishes on the Sapa food tour?

Ha grandfather Con Sui - Heirloom restaurant in Sapa

Ha grandfather Con Sui is an extremely famous Sapa restaurant that is rated as the restaurant to enjoy the most. The effervescent cup comes out hot, fragrant just remembering it, it is very attractive.

Besides, there are many other dishes such as pho tiu, wonton noodles, dumplings, ... you can also enjoy. When it's cold weather, there's nothing better than enjoying a steaming bowl of steamed rice.


Sturgeon hotpot

Coming to Sapa, Y Ty or any other place of Lao Cai, visitors can easily enjoy the famous sturgeon hotpot. This is a suitable dish in the cold weather in the evening of the highlands in Sapa food tour. Some of the restaurants selling dishes made from sturgeon are Tinh Tue restaurant (Lao Cai city), Y Ty Dai thousand Homestay (Nhi Co San, Bat Xat) or Cau May 2 (Sapa). Each meal costs about 100,000-200,000 VND per person. At some restaurants, salmon is also served together when guests order sturgeon hotpot.

Horse meat with garlic and green pepper - Sapa food tour

Besides the famous Thang Co dish, horse meat in Sapa is also processed into many delicious dishes such as charcoal grill, foil grill, stir fried. In cold weather, visitors can enjoy horse meat with garlic and green pepper. After preliminary processing, the horse meat is grilled over charcoal to have a crispy outside and rare inside. The chef will marinate the meat with satay sauce, garlic, minced dried onion, green pepper, then wrap it in foil and grill it over hot coals.


Thang Co - the quintessence of the mountains and forests

One dish that contributes to making the Sapa Food Tour more unique is Thang Co. Thang Co Sapa is a specialty of the Mong people. Pieces of horse meat along with internal organs such as intestines, horse blood, heart and liver. And 12 traditional spices make up the soul of this dish.

Thang Co is meticulously processed. This dish requires the patience of the cook. Thang Co is more delicious when served with green vegetables. The combination of horse meat and vegetables with a little corn wine will dispel the cold and troubles and worries in you.


Charcoal barbecue - Sapa street food tour

At the restaurants near the Sapa market and the church, visitors can use tongs to choose the skewers they want, then give them back to the owner to bake. It will take about 5-10 minutes for the vegetables, chicken, pork and sausages to cook. At this time, you can enjoy hot food, dip it in salt and pepper and enjoy the night view of the town.

Each skewer costs about 10,000 - 20,000 VND for vegetables, chicken, pork, sausage. Beef jerky, frog, pork armpit and chicken thighs are priced from 25,000 to 50,000 VND per skewer. The favorite dishes of tourists are Northwest sausage, grilled pork belly, pork roll with cabbage, dried buffalo meat...

Salmon salad

With a cool year-round climate and a cold winter even with snow, Sapa for many years has been a place to raise salmon. Fish with firm meat, firm texture, no fat, bright pink, soft and sweet, is suitable for processing into many different dishes, most notably salmon salad, salmon hot pot, grilled salmon.


The experience of Sapa food tour is that when choosing a menu, you should order from two to three dishes, eat without getting bored and can taste the salmon longer. Combining salmon with cold vegetables and a few cups of corn wine from Bac Ha or Muong Khuong will bring you a delicious meal to remember for a long time.

Armpit pork

Armpit pork is made from a breed of pig raised freely of the Mong ethnic group, which has a modest size of only 5kg to 6kg each. At fairs, people often "steal" pigs to sell. That is also the origin of this strange and lovely name. A unique dish only available in Sapa food tour.

Talking about the taste of Sapa armpit pork, there are only four words to describe it: "small but with a shell". Due to the frequent running and movement, the pork is tough and firm with the meat - fat alternating, the best is when grilled on embers until the skin is golden and crispy. Being around the fire, enjoying pork under armpits and drinking apple cider is a refreshing hobby of the locals.


What to buy as a gift when choosing Sapa food tour

Sapa Food Tour – Buffalo meat in the kitchen

The pieces of fresh buffalo meat are carefully selected, marinated with rich spices according to a separate recipe. From lemongrass, ginger, garlic, dried chili to crushed mac Khen, all contribute to the unique feature of Sapa kitchen buffalo.

The marinated spices are fermented, plus the temperature of the wood stove smoke makes the buffalo meat cook slowly. Strong aroma of kitchen smoke, sweetness in every fiber of meat. Plus the aroma of spices has contributed to the attractiveness of this typical dish. You will hardly be able to refuse them and even want to buy them as gifts for relatives and friends.

Sticky rice cooked in bamboo


Food Tour Sapa cannot be without sticky rice cooked in bamboo. Sticky rice cooked in bamboo tubes are put into bamboo tubes, cooked to look at the outside. It is very attractive. The rice put into the bamboo tube is rice harvested from the terraced fields of the mountainous people.

When cooked, sticky rice cooked in bamboo has a characteristic aroma. The blend between the aromatic taste of rice and the sweetness of water will make you fall in love. Sticky rice cooked in bamboo is even more delicious when served with meat and sesame salt.

To make the dish more attractive, the locals add the water of the leaves. This dish is dipped with sesame salt, crushed peanuts or served with grilled pork. Sticky rice cooked in bamboo is best eaten when grilled hot on the spot, you can also buy it as a gift for 80,000 VND a bunch of 10 tubes.

Muong Khuong chili sauce


Muong Khuong chili sauce is made from a small type of chili, known locally as rice chili, with a pungent taste and wonderful aroma. Dill seeds, coriander seeds, doi seeds and cardamom seeds are roasted and then poured into a puree with a mixture of garlic, chili, wine and salt water to create the characteristic flavor of Muong Khuong chili sauce.

Chestnut cake

Sapa street food tour is indispensable for chestnut cake. The rustic aroma has made Sa Pa chestnut cake become one of the favorite dishes of tourists in recent years. The outer part of the cake is made from flour; The filling is pureed chestnuts, mixed with a little sugar and then fried until golden brown in an oil pan.

Sapa-street-food -tour

Cross occipital salt

This is considered a specialty of Sapa that many tourists choose as a gift when they go on a Sapa food tour. Because cross occipital salt is made from salt combined with some typical spices such as mac Khen, cardamom, chili, ginger, ...

Diagonal salt is an indispensable part to use with chicken, pork or fruit dishes. At the same time, this salt is also used to process dishes such as baking or stir-frying, which bring a unique flavor.

O mai

When coming to Sapa street food tour, you cannot ignore the specialty of O mai filling. Because this is considered a snack with a unique flavor and suitable for many people's taste.


This dish is loved by many people because it has a combination of sour, salty and salty with the characteristic and natural aroma of the filling. This is not only an attractive snack but also used to cool down and reduce the amount of fat inside the body.

Coming to Sapa, in addition to traveling and sightseeing, don't forget to enjoy the food here. The Sapa food tour that Threeland Travel has just brought above will be a suggestion for you. Enjoy and share your experience with us.