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'Losing' love in the highlands of Y Ty

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In addition to the "hunting" season for clouds, the terraced fields in the rainy season or the ripe rice season are also the time to beckon young people and tourists to come to Y Ty. In autumn, Y Ty is dreamy and beautiful with iridescent golden fields, the scent of ripe rice spreads gently into the space. If you intend to find a place that is peaceful, clear, sunny, windy, especially with a billowing ocean of clouds… then Y Ty will unleash you to find the corners that fill your empty heart. It would not be an exaggeration to consider Y Ty a paradise, and the "wheel in you" will again begin to move, ecstatically rolling on the winding roads of the highlands of Y Ty.



Y Ty is located about 70 km from Sapa. This is a primeval forest that still preserves mysterious natural beauty like no other. Y Ty has about 1000 households in 16 villages and 4 ethnic groups: Hmong, Ha Nhi, Dao and Kinh. The cultural identity and cuisine here are therefore also very diverse and unique.

According to Y Ty travel experience, when you come here, you will be immersed in the poetic landscape with terraced fields stretching endlessly and majestic mountains in the distance. Buried in the cloudy nature, all problems of life here almost disappear. So what are you waiting for, just pick up your bag and experience it right away!



Passing hundreds of "kilometers" from Hanoi to Y Ty, the highland Y Ty is a picture of the same message. The road to Y Ty is quite zigzag, but the scenery of hazy clouds around the mountain, houses looming in the clouds is a worthy reward for anyone coming here. Like many places in the Northwest, Y Ty has a majestic, wild beauty...

What to do in Y Ty when it's raining? You can freely explore the architecture of the house here. The walled house is an extremely unique architecture of the same ethnic groups in the North Pole. While the houses of the Dao and Mong people are rectangular in shape, and those of the Ha Nhi people are square, with very thick walls and small windows to keep warm in the cold winter and cool in the summer. The house is very dark, there is always a smoldering fire all year round, so there is always a tall pile of firewood in front of the house. Girls who have a big pile of firewood in front of the house are noticed by many boys.



Y Ty weather in spring, floating clouds and peach trees blooming on the porch, in late spring and early summer, it has a very fanciful beauty. For a moment, the roof of the Ha Nhi people sometimes disappears in the floating white clouds, sometimes disappears like pretty mushrooms in the middle of a fairy garden. All those moments happened very quickly, then engulfed everything in the white color of the clouds.

In the "cloud hunting" season, Y Ty always seems to be in the sea of ​​white, floating clouds. Swinging mountains, floating clouds. White clouds spread across the valley, wrapping around mountains and hills, white clouds also playfully brushed the long hair of a traveler from afar. A vast valley surrounded by towering undulating mountains. The higher you go, the more heaven expands, the morning sunlight flows through the mountains and forests, the whole sea of ​​clouds is filled with sunlight.

The trail zigzags through the hill and then sinks into the sea of ​​white clouds and villages. What followed was a moment of racing against time to catch up with the sun, hurrying as if in a moment I would never see its splendor again. Feeling like you are struggling in the clouds, breathing deeply the scent of the earth, of the sky, of the sea of ​​clouds floating in vain.



A Lu - Y Ty vietnam

According to Y Ty travel experience, locals here often use the idiom Doc A Lu - Fog Y Ty to describe the difficulties of walking on A Lu. The road to A Lu from asphalt to dirt road, sometimes suddenly disappears taking you through all levels of emotions.

A Lu's topography is very special, divided into high and low hills. Traffic here is also very difficult. Therefore, it has brought magnificent natural beauty to A Lu.


Ngai Thau - Y Ty

Ngai Thau is a place not to be missed in Y Ty tourist destinations. Ngai Thau looks like a beautiful painting when viewed from above. Ngai Thau is also one of the best places to watch clouds in Y Ty due to its mild climate and year-round cloud cover.

The Valley of The Pa

The Pa valley means basic foothills or fields in the local language. The Pa valley has thousands of winding terraced fields, stretching more than 5km from Choan Then to Thien Sinh bridge, cultivated mainly by the H'mong and Ha Nhi ethnic groups. And this place is recognized as a national monument.


Lao Than - roof of Y Ty's house

At an altitude of 2,860m, ​​the top of Lao Than is likened to the roof of Y Ty, with a solid mountain position, pyramid-like shape rising above the clouds. This position helps capture the ideal “chase in the clouds” moment. The road to Lao Than is not too difficult, but it also requires preparation in terms of health and fitness.

Hong Ngai Village

Hong Ngai village is the farthest village of Y Ty town, located along the Lao Cai border at an altitude of more than 2,000m above sea level. There are more than 50 Hmong households living here. Although this is the most remote area, the craft village is relatively stable because there are a lot of cardamom, an agricultural product of high economic value.

Lao Chai village – Ta Van


Lao Chai - Ta Van is the home of ethnic minorities, about 7 km from the center of Sapa city. From Sapa city center, walk down Cau May street and then Muong Hoa street. Lao Chai - Ta Van is surrounded by valleys surrounded by terraced fields stretching green clouds.

These fields have been around for a long time and have been remodeled by farmers here into vast fields. At each harvest, the whole field is dyed with the yellow color of ripe rice. So this time many people come to Y Ty to see this beautiful image.

Sim San Village - Y Ty tourist destinations


After Lao Chai village, you will come to Sim San 1 and Sim San 2 villages, where there are about 100 households mainly Red Dao people living. Due to the high altitude, Y Ty weather here is quite cool. Come to Sim San village to experience the herbal bath service and enjoy Sim San wine specialties. It is a kind of wine cooked by the Dao people, very delicious and has a unique taste.

A light and airy poetic Y Ty is welcoming many tourists. Come here to feel the fresh air, the freshness, watch the peaceful life and let your soul into the wind.