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Reusable Water Bottle In Vietnam Travel

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Responsible Travel Advice

Plastic pollution is a serious problem around the world, did you know that it takes one plastic bottle up to 1000 years to degrade in a landfill?

Plastic pollution at sea

Plastic pollution at sea

Disposable plastic is everywhere, especially it’s extra wretched in some Asian countries. We know that it can be really hard to avoid them even you try your best to keep off. Just go to the convenience store like Circle K, Vin-mart, 7 Eleven, buy a bottle of water or some snacks, it is contained in a glossy bag, with a plastic straw in its. Plastic exists in every corner you walked through. Vietnam is well-known as a King of Street Food, due to that reason, it’s inevitably the food is served in small plastic bags. 

The ocean is polluted by single-use plastic

The ocean is polluted by single-use plastic

Every year, billions of pounds of waste discharge in the oceans, a vast majority of this trash are plastic, meaning it will take thousands of years to decompose. So, why buy bottled water when you can refill instead? Reusable water bottles are advantageous and environmentally friendly. According to statistics, you can save up to 100$ per year just by not using single-use water bottles. Change to a reusable bottle would sure decrease the oil used, greenhouse gasses emitted, and bottles thrown away, reducing pollution threefold.


1.    The Environmentally Friendly Bottle

The USA uses over 17 million barrels of oil to provide fifty billion single-use plastic water bottles each year. Just one out of five square measure properly recycled. You'll be able to place a direct stop to your own contribution to the current environmentally damaging waste of resources by owning a reusable bottle.

An environmentally friendly bottle

An environmentally friendly bottle

2.    Control the water source

By using a reusable bottle, you can know exactly where your water comes from and what you are putting in your body. No matter where you go, there is almost always somewhere to safely fill your bottle. 

3.    Long-lasting durability

Reusable water bottles are stainless steel and structured for backpacking, camping, or travel and will still be when taking a punch – a fall. You'll obtain a reusable bottle nowadays and still exploit it a decade or 2. And you'll be able to apprehend sure as shooting that it'll not bend or break in your backpack and leak everywhere.

Using a reusable water bottle for travel

Using a reusable water bottle for travel 

4.    More convenient

Reusable water bottles are so much more handy for everyone. If you've got one, you'll perpetually keep in mind to use it whenever you would like or some other person's desires and additionally you’ll recognize exactly what it contained and utilize it once more and more. Properly cared for, a top-quality bottle could be a lasting investment in your daily-life


It’s super easy to wash your reusable drinkware. You will need soap, baking soda, vinegar, and patience to induce your bottle's squealing clean.

Some of you will recognize that lots of reusable water bottles are unsafe to clean with the handy household appliance. That’s the reason we have to read carefully the user manual before cleansing.

Clean a reusable water bottle

Clean a reusable water bottle

The Cleaning Process:

Now that you simply have everything you need to know, let’s get started. Follow these straightforward steps and your drinkware will seem like it’s brand new in just a few minutes!

• Step One: Add vinegar or baking soda into hot water
• Step Two: Pour the liquid into the bottle.
• Step Three: Let the bottle leave for 15 minutes.
• Step Four: Clean it with a sponge and hot water

We all recognize that avoiding plastic isn’t continually straightforward, however with a little bit of preparing, you will be able to make it happen by using bamboo straws, saying NO to disposable plastic. A reliable, smart water bottle is a necessary addition to any traveler’s packing list! Not only does a reliable water bottle save your budget, but it also helps save this planet from single-use and needless plastic waste. 


- Although refill water is not easy in Vietnam because we don’t have tap water available, guests can refill at the hotel you stay to bring along the tour. You can take your glass water bottle to replenish.

Don't forget to

Don't forget to "go green" at the destination you go

- Threeland Travel Company as a member of the refilled water bottle program, tourists can find stations like travel agencies that are members of this organization to refill water if you travel through those areas.

Let's ban single-use plastic bottles, nationwide!

Let's ban single-use plastic bottles, nationwide!

- At each Vietnam Tours, in the car, the hotel is available water, avoiding litter, you can pour water into your bottles and leave plastic bottles in the car or hotel.

Now, I hope all the information above can help you with a memorable trip with your family by using a reusable water bottle. Do not hesitate to contact local Threeland and tailor-made your Vietnam tour via email [email protected] or What’s App: +84342620068 or call +842439262056