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A Green Travel Guide to Eco-friendly Vacations in Vietnam

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Responsible Travel Advice

Tourism for a decade has been the cornerstone of economy for the developing country of Vietnam. Such rapid economic development of tourism has put the country’s natural environment and biodiversity at risk. However, if tourism is developed in a sustainable manner, agencies become eco tourism company and people are well educated enough to have environmentally friendly travel, tourism has huge potential to contribute not only economically but also to environmental sustainability. And every single traveler, including YOU, play an essential part towards the a positive change by having a sustainable travel. Let’s do our best to save the beautiful destination of Vietnam with the following comprehensive eco freindly travel guides.

1.    Save energy and water while travelling in Vietnam

Energy and fresh water are scarce; they don’t last forever as you might think. Many places in the world, electricity is insufficient for the most essential activities such as studying or manufacturing, and many people are struggling to find drops of fresh water to drink. It has been recently reported that the average energy and water consumption by a traveler is 8 times as higher as that of a local. Be aware that you have such a privilege to access to abundant energy and water resources, and be a mindful consumer to protect those invaluable resources for the future travel generations including your children and grandchildren. Because saving the necessities first hand is the first step to have a sustainable trip.

At the hotel
-    Turn off all electric equipment whenever you are going out!
-    Use the air-condition sensibly. Use the fan as an alternative at night if the weather condition allows!
-    Avoid heating the water if you can actually handle the cooler water. And as proved by science, cool shower can help invigorate your blood circulation!
-    Water is precious! You can help to save water by refusing to have your towels and linen changed daily if they are still clean enough to reuse!
While on the road
-    Nicely ask your driver to switch the engine off whenever you make a stop, or suggest them to open the windows instead of using the air-condition in rural places where the air is fresh!
-    Avoid as much as possible the fossil-fuel generated vehicles such as cars or motorbikes. Instead, walk, cycle, or take the riskshaw for best sight-seeing experience!

2.    Anti-plastic consumption in Vietnam tours

Plastic pollution is the major problem in Southeast Asia generally and in Vietnam particularly. Vietnam is listed on the top 7 Asian countries in the world that dump more plastic to the ocean THAN THE REST OF THE WORLD. It has been negatively affected the livelihood and health condition of many, especially those living near the polluted rivers or other disposal areas. Minimizing, or if possible, consuming ZERO plastic will not only help to improve the local environment by also help to PROTECT YOU, as plastic has been scientifically proved to be one of the cause for cancer and many other health problems!

-    Bring your reusable bottles instead of purchasing plastic bottles. In Vietnam you can find many refill stations with good quality water in the mobile app “RefillMyBottle”. It helps save the plastic pollution and also your budget!
-    Say no to straws, especially plastic ones when ordering a drink! If you are well prepared enough, you might want to bring your own cup throughout your travel just in case you are up for a drink!
-    Bring your tote bags or any kind of reusable bags and refuse the plastic bag from the vendors when shopping!
-    Bring your own toiletries and refuse to use the plastic mini toiletries provided by hotels. They will never be recycled and will be thrown to the environment after one use. If you plan to stay overnight in naturally sensitive areas such as national park or nature reserve, you are strongly advised to bring your own toiletries and towels so that your travels don’t put pressure on the most vulnerable ecosystem!
-    Avoid wrapping your luggage at the airport with meters of plastic. Use the safety locks instead and bring the precious items with you!

Cu Lao Cham Island in Danang is one example to say "NO" to plastic materials in their tourism activities. Visit Cu Lao Cham Island and book Vietnam tour package now.

3.    Protect wildlife and flora in Vietnam Tours

The wildlife and flora are most fragile when it is exposed to human activities. If your trip includes visit to national parks or nature reserves, bring back only memories, and leave nothing but your footprint that can easily wash away. Just look by your eyes and leave things as they are when you first come. 

-    Generally respect the rules of national parks!
-    Keep distance with endangered species, don’t try to approach, make noise, and disrupt them, just watch them free and happy in their wild life from afar!
-    Say NO to elephant ride or any kind of animal circus as those creatures belongs to nature, and in order for elephants to perfume those unnatural activities such as painting, cycling, playing football, or for travelers to be able to touch/ride them, they have been going through cruel torture to adapt with human!
-    If you wish to connect with wildlife in a meaningful way, check it out the Yok Don National Park – the only place in Vietnam so far that preserves 3 elephants living healthy and happy in nature and is committed to Responsible Tourism Elephant!  
-    Trading products made from endangered species is illegal. Refuse to by irresponsible souvenirs made from protect species or report to local police if you notice any illegal animal trading activities!
-    Never touch or collect plants, trees or coral reef on land and underwater, since human body oils discolour and hinder their growth. It took thousand years for those valuable green creatures to grow, survive, protect our planet, and shape into what you can see today!
-    If possible, you are always welcome to donate to the reliable environmental projects/ organizations who are making clear effort to project Vietnam’s biodiversity!

4.    Plan your travel sensibly in Vietnam

We understand that you have the right to travel any way you want, to any place you wish, to do anything you feel free to. However, your travel matters to the local environment and if you can do just anything to make a positive change by planning your travel thoughtfully. This is not only beneficial to local environment but also to YOU. As a right plan will absolutely make you feel more restful and fulfilling. 
-    Extend the length of your stay. Travel less, but for longer period if you can. Less travel means less CO2 footprint. It also helps you to truly relax when you have more time to engage with a destination rather than rushing moving from place to place!
-    Stay off the beaten track whenever possible. You can definitely play your huge part in easing the problem of over tourism in many places in Vietnam by traveling off the beaten track. By avoiding the crowds and concrete, you are taking yourself away from noise, pollution, and truly engaging in authentic Vietnam. You might be interested in Threeland’s list of off-the-beaten-path destinations here!

5.    Choose responsible providers/operators in Vietnam

Choosing a responsible supplier is an essential part of your Vietnam green travel. Those suppliers including hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, outlets, travel agents, tour operators, visitor centers....By joining the right organizations who are doing right things, you are contributing massively to the local environment and community. YOUR CHOICE MATTERS!

-    Stay at hotels that are committed to strict environmental policies. Check this stylish eco hotel list to have some idea of what makes an environmentally friendly hotel in Vietnam!
-    Choose tour operator, travel agents, restaurants, cafe, souvenirs shops which provide responsible services and products that leave only possitive impacts on local community!

-    Fly on the sustainable airlines that use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)—such as carbon-reducing aviation biofuel, rather than original fossil fuel.

Threeland Travel is proud to be one of few companies in Vietnam that offers leadership towards sustainable tourism development. We commit to provide ethical tour products and services, co-operate with eco hotels, restaurants and other responsible suppliers. We help to protect our nation’s biodiversity and wildlife by rejecting any unaware requests from clients including elephant ride, animal circus,...and constantly educating our clients about protecting Vietnam as a green destination throughout the consulting process and throughout tours. Book Vietnam Tours with us HERE or contact our travel guru at [email protected] who are expert at designing the most memoriable and responsible Vietnam travel FOR YOU!