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Hon Mun - The most experienced must try Nha Trang

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Nha Trang -Travel Tips

If traveling to Nha Trang, don't hesitate to try all the experiences at Hon Mun such as scuba diving, bottom boat rides, glass boats, squid fishing... to make your vacation more complete and have many memorable memories.

Known as one of the most beautiful islands in Nha Trang, Hon Mun is a tourist paradise that attracts sea lovers because of its poetic and charming appearance. Having the opportunity to come to this island, visitors will find it difficult to resist the green sea water, smooth white sand, windy space and a beautiful coral paradise under the sea. Check-in and try out all the super interesting experiences at Hon Mun. You will have an emotional trip with attractive and extremely valuable activities, let's explore together.

1. Scuba diving to see coral to explore the ocean

Surely this will be an experience at Hon Mun that is hard for anyone to miss because this island is known as one of the most beautiful coral viewing paradises in Nha Trang. There are two popular forms of scuba diving in Hon Mun: snorkeling and scuba diving, visitors can choose the most suitable form. Diving tours in Hon Mun all have professional guides to guide tourists on diving techniques. Diving beaches in Hon Mun have a depth of 6-12m, usually if you dive deep, there will be an accompanying guide.

Under the clear water of Hon Mun beach, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the colorful ocean, admire the splendid coral reefs and extremely interesting colorful marine creatures, there are about 2,000 corals and 1500 sea creatures. In addition to admiring the colorful ocean world, visitors can take check-in photos while experiencing this activity. Scuba diving ticket price at Hon Mun Nha Trang ranges from 450,000-1,400,000 VND/time depending on the time.

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2. Take a glass bottom boat

Going on a glass bottom boat is a very interesting and unique experience at Hon Mun. This activity will help visitors explore and admire the beautiful ocean world without diving. Accordingly, visitors will be able to check in on ships with glass on the floor. When they arrive at the coral area, they can see through that glass.

Hon Mun is home to many species of coral, fish and rare marine species. Because the marine ecosystem here is very diverse, glass-bottom boat activities here are also extremely busy. Through the 5m long transparent glass, visitors will see a vast ocean world with splendid coral growing close together, schools of hundreds of fish swimming...

The most ideal time to experience a glass-bottom boat ride in Hon Mun is from January to August, at this time Hon Mun's sea is very clear, warm sunshine, and gentle waves. The ticket price for a glass bottom boat to see coral is only from 50,000 VND to 60,000 VND/person.

3. Have fun at floating bars on the beach

Having fun at the floating bars on the beach is an extremely interesting experience in Hon Mun that is loved by many tourists. When the ships go out to sea, they will anchor next to each other to form a U shape. Tourists wearing life jackets can jump into the sea to participate in swimming, playing, and swaying to the vibrant music.

Tourists can not only immerse themselves in the blue sea and music, but also enjoy extremely attractive fruits, wine and cool beverages right on the sea surface. The experience of having fun at bars on the beach often accompanies tour activities to explore Hon Mun, so visitors should not miss the opportunity to participate in this activity.

4. Check-in at beautiful beaches

Like other islands in the coastal land of Nha Trang, Hon Mun possesses the wonderful poetic beauty of blue beaches and smooth white sand under the golden sunlight. There is nothing more wonderful than immersing yourself in the clear blue sea water, gazing at the vast ocean and sky in a relaxing way, sipping some typical delicacies of this coastal region or basking in armchairs. Sunbathe, walk on the fine sand, admire the scenery, participate in activities and sports on the beach such as paragliding, jet skiing...

5. Enjoy seafood at Hon Mun

After experiencing diving, swimming, and playing sports, visitors can recharge with fresh seafood dishes on the island. Although the food service at Hon Mun is not as developed as other tourist destinations in Nha Trang, visitors can still enjoy fresh seafood caught and processed on the spot by fishermen. On the beach at Hon Mun, there are also bars selling cool fruit dishes. Tourists can rent tents to enjoy seafood, fresh air, sightseeing and chill, which is also very interesting.

As one of the four most beautiful islands in Nha Trang today and considered a beautiful aquarium in the heart of the East Sea, Hon Mun will be a wonderful paradise for tourists to find and explore. If you have the opportunity, don't forget to enjoy the above interesting experiences at Hon Mun. By choosing Threeland Travel to be your travel partner, we bring all this experience to the truth.