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Explore Nha Trang Double Cape - An attractive destination in the easternmost part of the country

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Nha Trang Double Cape is famous as the place to welcome the earliest dawn in our country, possessing beautiful scenery. This is also a destination that attracts backpackers by many attractive activities.

Nha Trang Double Cape or called "Mui Doi" is located on Hon Gam peninsula, in the territory of Van Phong bay, Van Thanh, Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa province. With beautiful scenery in harmony between the mountains and the sea, green nature, fresh climate - this is considered a self-sufficient tourist destination in Nha Trang suitable for traveling believers. Let's explore it with Threeland Travel

1. What's interesting about Nha Trang Double Cape? 

1.1. Trekking from Dam Mon to Mui Doi, discover your limits

For those who like experience activities and challenges by going to the forest, wading streams, Mui Doi is really a tourist destination in Nha Trang worth choosing. Here, you can conquer the trekking distance from Dam Mon to Mui Doi, which lasts for more than 8km.

Throughout this road are clear streams, immense sandy slopes and also quite narrow and difficult roads. So this is considered an activity for you to challenge yourself.

1.2. Experience the earliest sunrise in Vietnam at Mui Doi

The reason why Nha Trang Double Cape is famous and known by many tourists is because this is the coordinate to welcome the earliest dawn in our country. The early morning scene with gentle sunlight, in harmony with the clear blue sea water creates a poetic beauty. If you have the opportunity to visit this place, remember to wake up early to catch the first rays of the day and don't forget to save yourself beautiful "virtual life" photos.

1.3. Extremely chill camping on the extreme East Beach


In fact, Hon Doi Cape is still a pretty wild place, not much tourism exploitation. Therefore, this location does not have any restaurants and bars. Visitors here can bring tents, snacks, and barbecue to organize an outdoor BBQ party with their companions. The poetic, fresh scenery of nature here will give visitors a feeling of peace and relaxation.

1.4. Conquer the big rock 6m high, touch the tip of the East Pole Double Cape of the country

If you like to conquer impressive tourist landmarks on the S-shaped strip of land, don't forget to explore the 6m high rock and check-in at the tip of the East Pole Double Cape of the country. For "backpackers", this is considered one of the journeys worth experiencing. From this position, you can save yourself "virtual life" pictures between the sky, the sea and the magnificence of the mountains and rocks.

1.5. Enjoy check-in Mui Doi with many beautiful virtual living corners

Mui Doi is also listed by many tourists as one of the most beautiful places to check in Nha Trang. This is a location that has a harmony between the beauty of nature, fresh and airy air. You can check-in on the beach, rocks, stretches of white sand…

2. Guide to Nha Trang Double Cape

2.1. The road to Mui Doi

Starting from Nha Trang city center, you can choose to take a motorbike or taxi to Dam Mon, the distance of these two places is about 60km. For tourists traveling from Nha Trang station, the distance is about 135km.

From Dam Mon to Mui Doi, most tourists choose to walk. However, you should also note that this route is 12km long, many of the walks are quite difficult. Therefore, you need to carefully consider your health to be able to conquer. Although there are familiar trails that you just need to follow, however, do not forget to bring a GPS navigation device to ensure your safety. At this place, there are also some people leading the way, visitors can contact for directions.

2.2. Sea route to Mui Doi


For tourists whose health is not too good but still want to conquer Nha Trang's Double Cape, you can travel by boat. Boat rental from Hon Ghenh to Bai Rang wharf fluctuates around 1,500,000 VND/2 way. However, for this vehicle, when the sea is rough, the big waves will not be able to move. Besides, the area of Mui Doi also has a lot of reefs that make it difficult for boats to move.

3. Experience going to Nha Trang Double Cape

3.1. When should you go to Mui Doi?

Each season, Mui Doi has its own unique beauty, so you can visit this place at any time of the year. However, if you want to explore many activities such as backpacking, trekking, camping, etc., you should come here around January to June every year, this time the weather is mild, less rain will be more convenient for the outdoor experience.

3.2. Some notes when going to Khanh Hoa Double Cape

As a quite famous check-in place in Nha Trang, however, to be able to conquer the easternmost point at Mui Doi, you also need to note a few information as follows:

  • If you want to camp overnight, prepare essential items such as tents, sleeping bags, lighters, food, food, water ...
  • Bring long pants, sunscreen, sports shoes, sunscreen…
  • In case of rain, you can also prepare a large plastic bag or a set of rain clothes
  • Prepare backup batteries for electronic devices if you stay overnight at Mui Doi
  • Bring mosquito spray, insect repellent…
  • If you choose to walk, you need to hire people to guide you for more convenience and avoid bad situations

Unlike the busy tourist destinations near the city center, Nha Trang Double Cape is still very unspoiled. However, the beautiful natural scenery here brings visitors excitement, curiosity, and likes to conquer new things. In addition, the peace from the sky, the sea also creates a feeling of relaxation for anyone who visits. This is really an ideal stop for your Vietnam tours