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Discover Heo Cave Nha Trang - A destination of 'thousands of people'!

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Heo Cave Nha Trang makes all visitors surprised by its picturesque beauty: rugged rock formations of all shapes running along the coast, immense sky and gentle waves.

Traveling to Nha Trang, tourists often visit famous "old" places such as Binh Lap island, My Khe beach or stone church... Recently, the "moving" enthusiasts have found a point. New arrival is both wild and poetic, called Heo Cave Nha Trang.


About Heo Cave Nha Trang

Owning a dark natural rock beach jutting out into the middle of the sea with all kinds of unique shapes, Heo cave captivates all visitors at first sight. Not only that, coming here you also find comfort and peace in front of the charming landscape, far away from the troubles and noise and dust of the city.

About the name Heo cave, local people say that every time they go back to sea, they see wild boar on the mountain of Co Tien come down to sleep overnight. So later on, people called this strait area as Heo Cave.

How to get to Heo Cave Vinh Luong in Nha Trang?


Finding the way to Heo Cave is not difficult, you just need to follow the road of Pham Van Dong beach. Going all the way to the last slope, you will come to Vinh Luong fishing port and see Heo Cave standing there.

Continue walking inside about 200m, you will encounter a majestic scene here: one side is Luong Son beach, the other side is high, thick rocks with all kinds of fancy shapes. Inside the breakwater walls is Heo Cave Nha Trang.

What is attractive in Heo Cave Nha Trang?

Discover the natural beauty of Heo Cave Nha Trang

The rocky beach in Heo Cave is thousands of years old, rough before time and sun, rain, wind and waves. Through the "hands" of nature, visitors to Heo Cave today can witness a rare and diverse range of rocks: small rocks, large rocks, vertical islands, mango islands, sharp rough places, smooth edges, peace.


However, Heo Cave Nha Trang is not alone with rocks. Thanks to the cool sea water, many families of creepers and mosses here have the conditions to "embrace" each rock block, creating a poetic scene that is difficult to describe in words.

The sea water here is also very clear and clean. In the afternoon, the waters of Heo Cave become a favorite bathing spot of both tourists and locals. Swimming in the cool water, listening to the waves crashing and discovering the beauty of hundreds of thousands of rocks here is enough to make your experience worthwhile!

Check in at Heo Cave Vinh Luong Nha Trang


With majestic and lyrical natural scenery, Heo cave rock beach becomes the ideal check-in address for all tourists. The best time of the day to take pictures is at dawn - waiting for the sun to "come" or when greeting the sunset - seeing the sun "return". The early rays of the sun shining on the sea surface or the "golden drops" in the afternoon always give the picture the clearest and most poetic definition.

And if you do not catch the above two times, a bright enough photo is enough to satisfy the joy of taking photos to keep memories. Heo Cave has a vast sky, blue sea waves and towering rocks, so that you can take a look at every corner and take beautiful photos.

Surfing the sea by water motorbike


Coming to Nha Trang Heo Cave, one of the activities that many young people love is surfing by jet ski and scuba diving to see corals. Immersed in the clear water, exploring the ecosystem in the most beautiful bay on the planet will be one of the unforgettable experiences for you. In addition to water motorbikes, visitors can also swim and fish in Hang Heo!

Sunrise hunting experience captures a beautiful moment

Sunrise and sunset are some of the most beautiful moments in Nha Trang Heo Cave. The time when the sun rises over the horizon or gradually descends the mountain when the sunset falls will make you feel surprised, fluttering and indescribable. Sitting on rocks of all shapes, watching the immense sea and sky, enjoying the cool breeze blowing in from the sea makes you feel extremely relaxed and comfortable.

Enjoy delicious popular dishes that please all visitors


What to eat in Heo Cave Nha Trang? Here, you can go along the small road leading to the nearby fishing village to enjoy Nha Trang specialties such as fish noodles, banh soup, pancake, banh can, ... and experience immersion with life. rustic, rustic of the people here.

Hear about the legend of Nha Trang's Heo Cave

According to people living nearby, about 15 years ago, when there was no Pham Van Dong street, Luong Son area, Vinh Luong was just a small fishing village located next to Highway 1A route.

The territory of Luong Son village only extends to Vinh Luong communal house. At that time people called this rocky area an island, also called Dong Be, with the area calculated from the mountain to the sea; This place has a small but very wild trail, very few people pass by, only people go to the fields.

The name of Heo Cave Nha Trang comes from the fact that when fishermen in Luong Son area come back from fishing, looking from the sea to the shore, they will see a lot of wild boars on Co Tien mountain pulling down here to sleep. It is thought that perhaps because these rocks are so secluded and the space is cool, they have come down here to stay safe.


Some notes when visiting Heo Cave Nha Trang

To have a complete visit to Heo Cave, please note the following issues:

Heo Cave Nha Trang has many rough rocks, not very suitable for the elderly or children;

Heo Cave is still unspoiled, the environment here is kept quite green and beautiful. Therefore, after having fun, especially if you have camping or enjoy BBQ, please return the original space;

Apply sunscreen every 2 hours to unleash in the golden sun and blue sea;
If you want to have a lot of commemorative photos, prepare a lot of beautiful things to take advantage of the unique background here.

In addition to Heo Cave, tourists visiting Nha Trang also do not miss the famous tourist attractions here such as Hon Chong, Van Phong bay, Hon Tam Nha Trang,... To have moments of comfortable and convenient schedule.


If you want to find peace in a wild, quiet setting, visit Heo Cave Nha Trang. This is a perfect choice for you, especially at the present time, when everything here still retains its inherent peaceful beauty. Hurry up to plan and go now!