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Impressed with the ancient and unique architecture at Thatbyinnyu Temple - Explore Myanmar

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Myanmar Travel Guide

Thatbyinnyu Temple has a unique architecture, looking like a Renaissance Christian monastery in Europe. This place is famous for being sacred and has undergone mysterious historical periods. Explore Myanmar temple with Threeland Travel

Thatbyinnyu Temple is located in Bagan city, Myanmar, which contains timeless beauty with many cultural and historical values. Especially, this is also a relic in Bagan archaeological site recognized as a world heritage site.

According to legend, Thatbyinnyu Temple is a treasure trove of mural paintings of Myanmar Buddhist art. However, due to the fluctuations of the times and many restorations, the frescoes have somewhat disappeared. This is still a project that brings many great values and is a tourist attraction in Myanmar.

To be able to easily admire the beauty of this temple, visitors can go through the stairs built quite nicely. Especially the staircase is located in the center, protected by two vertical figures.

The roof of Thatbyinnyu temple formed from a stupa named Sikhara. The top of the tower is designed with a gilded spire with a unique folding umbrella-like shape, showing the typical architecture of Myanmar's Buddhist land.

Inside the Thatbyinnyu Myanmar temple, there are many thin gold-plated Buddha statues with many poses and shapes. According to statistics, there are about 500 Buddha statues still in existence, giving a mark of reverence to the sacred space of the temple.

It may take you a long time to admire the beauty of this place, but the best is in the afternoon when the sun is gradually setting down, the sunset scene will appear. When the sun is still a little red behind the temple, it is the most special moment to adorn the picture in this Bagan land.

Thatbyinnyu Temple is a one-of-a-kind place that you should not miss when exploring Myanmar. Contact Threeland Travel to visit this wonderful place!