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Explore Myanmar culinary culture

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Myanmar Travel Guide

Exploring cuisine is a way to better understand culture. Traveling to explore Myanmar cuisine is also a trip that young people are choosing. In addition to exploring the temples, a tour to explore Myanmar is indispensable for culinary experiences. Myanmar's culinary culture is made up of many different elements. There are two main issues: Chinese culture and Indian culture. In Myanmar, the culinary culture is mixed quite creatively but still retains its own unique features. Typical issues include: 

How to arrange the dining table

Perhaps you don't know that issues such as the height and shape of dining tables in Myanmar follow international standards. This will help all members enjoying the meal have access to all the dishes on the table.

The table commonly used at Burmese meals is a round table, and it is extremely low. That's why you have to eat meals while sitting on the floor or on a thin cushion.

Cuisine on the Myanmar table

The absence of appetizers or wine means that this restaurant or hotel lacks sophistication, or, in other words, lacks hospitality. Once the food is on the table, you can pick up any dish on the table.

Unique features of the processing method

In the beautiful country of Myanmar, the most popular dish is probably fried fish or meat cooked with dried onions, garlic, ginger, chili, etc. Here, the most popular dish is spice made from shrimp or fish.

Myanmar's snacks are all made from flavorful rice varieties, typically sticky rice. Mohinga is a popular dish at every breakfast or other special occasion.

Eating culture of Myanmar people

As far as Threeland Travel knows, people in Myanmar often eat with their hands, and they only use spoons when eating soup. Because of this, they always have the habit of cleaning their hands before eating.

Every time they finish enjoying any dinner, Myanmar people often leave some fresh rice behind. This is an expression of the wishes of the Myanmar people.

In Myanmar, rice dishes are always used with curry dishes. As for soups, you can eat them whenever you want, without restriction.

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After enjoying the meal, you will enjoy dessert with tea leaves or fruit juice, you can choose,...

In Myanmar, there is a custom of respecting the elderly, so the elders at the dinner table are often served first. When that person is still alive and not present at the dinner table, the family still has to scoop rice into a bowl to set aside for them.

People in Myanmar mainly enjoy food with their right hand. They often wash the rice into small balls, then mix it with the sauce before starting to eat.

For noodles or salads, they often have to use chopsticks or spoons to enjoy them. As for knives and forks, they will be used on special family occasions, such as having guests or at large restaurants. Drinks are usually not on the table when they are eating, only soup. Drinks will be served at the end of each meal.

Main food commonly eaten in Myanmar

In Myanmar, rice is the main food, accounting for 75% of dishes. These starchy dishes are often used with meat dishes, salad soups, or vegetables.

In Myanmar, there are many different types of rice. Typically white rice, fragrant rice, and sticky rice. White rice is the most popular and essential type of rice in Myanmar; fragrant rice is also a popular type, but the price of this rice is quite high; and sticky rice is also popular.

Myanmar's culinary style

Myanmar food is divided into two main types: cold and warm. This assignment is based on their own effects. This division is quite similar to the Chinese division.

Some moist foods that you can refer to are: chicken, squash, durian, mango, chocolate, or ice cream. Some refrigerated foods are pork, eggplant, dairy products, cucumbers, and radishes.

Above is some information about Myanmar's culinary culture that you can refer to when coming to Myanmar. We hope this information will be useful to everyone. If you plan to explore Myanmar in 2024, we hope this information is helpful and useful. You will undoubtedly have a terrific day there, learning a lot about Myanmar's history and culture through the cuisine. If you want a reliable and competent travel firm to assist you in planning to explore Myanmar, we recommend the best travel agency in Vietnam. We can handle everything, including ticket purchases and hotel and transport arrangements, based on your tastes and budget. Find out more about our excellent prices and packages by visiting our website or calling us right now. The opportunity to travel to Myanmar with Threeland Travel is one not to be missed!