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Laos or Cambodia – Compare To Make A Wise Decision
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Laos Travel Guide

Should I visit Laos or Cambodia? This is a popular question amongst travelers, especially those who are planning a long-haul trip to Vietnam and Laos or Vietnam and Cambodia. We know that due to the tight time, you can’t do all three countries in your itinerary. Let’s compare Lao vs Cambodia and make your choice.

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Round 1: Weather – The best time to visit

The first and foremost thing to make your decision is the time you travel. Check out how the weather is in 2 countries before you go.

1.    Weather in Cambodia

This tropical country is one of Asia's simpler weather systems with a fairly consistent climate making it a year-round travel destination. Cambodia is generally warm all year, with two distinct seasons: dry and monsoon (some say cool and hot period).

In general, the whole nation is in similar climate designs, basically because of the moderately uniform height and scope all through Cambodia Tour

Cambodia seasons

December to February is the best time to go to Cambodia. Not too hot or rainy, this temperature is perfect to bask in the brilliant sunshine on the beach, or to hike through the jungles of Cambodia, or ake a Mekong River cruise and enjoy the stunning view of Cambodia.

April and May are usually the hottest months of the year in Cambodia, when temperatures climb to 40°C in recent years with extreme heat and humidity. 

The rainy season in Cambodia spans between June and November, rains can happen up to 20 days in a month. However, the showers generally last for less than an hour and predictable, usually happening in the afternoon that brings some relief from the heat in July through September.

Moreover, this is not Cambodia’s peak tourism time, so you can avoid crowds during exploring temples, appreciate the magnificent greenery of the country.

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2.    Weather in Laos

Basically, the weather in Laos is fairly similar to Cambodia with 2 main seasons: dry (October to late April) and wet (May to late September). However, the whole country is not in general climate pattern. Temperatures throughout the country are greatly affected by the altitude of each region.

As a general rule north, central and eastern regions are at a higher altitude than those in the south, where at its lowest, in the Mekong River valley, humidity is higher and temperatures may hover over 35°C between March and April. Visit Laos in March and April, you also may experience heavy smog due to farmers setting fire at rice fields after the rice harvest time. It may become really irritating to your eyes.

Laos weather

Laos weather

At the end of the year (November–February), it’s the best time to visit Laos as it’s cool and dry. During this time, you’ll enjoy low temperatures and clear skies, particularly in November and December, which make your trip more pleasant and restful. The rivers are also high enough to make a river cruise. And for sure, this is the peak season for travelers in Laos.

The wet season from May to late September in Laos are characterized by a downpour for a few hours each day. In general, the higher you are, the more rain you get, and the towns along the Mekong River south of Vientiane get the least rain. You should not travel to the mountainous regions during this season due to landslides commonly happen, the roads are severely rutted.

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Round 2: Tourist attractions

1.    Cambodia tourist attractions

This apple-shaped country depends hugely on agriculture and textile production. However, it has now become a major tourist destination in Asia with fast-growing in tourism. Cambodia is a place where ancient and modern sits side-by-side with numerous attractions dotted throughout the country.

Cambodia Tourist Attractions

Cambodia tourist attractions

-    Angkor Wat: This man-made wonder may be the main reason that captivates tourists’ attention to Cambodia. Angkor Wat is the most stunning of all the temples in the world with incredible details. It would be a big miss if you skip this site from your Vietnam – Cambodia tour.

Angkor Wat
-    Siem Reap: This is a modern city, yet has its own unique charm. The city is not only home to the world-famous temples of Angkor Wat, but also it’s the commercial hub of northern Cambodia and the surrounding areas of the Mekong Delta. Siem Reap offers you everything from a wide range of local and international cuisine to the relaxing and spiritual spas.

-    Phnom Penh:  Packed with well-organized streets, charming old houses alongside new modern buildings, hectic river ports, stimulating night markets and restaurants of various cuisines, Phnom Penh poses as a typical growing Asian capital.

-    Sihanoukville, Kep, Koh Kong, Koh Rong: These places are home to the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia. They can customize all types of travelers from backpackers to those who prefer a high-end vacation. 

Koh Rong

Koh Rong Island

-    And more: an ancient and friendly Battambang, a historical Preah Vihear, a tranquil Kratie. 

2.    Laos tourist attractions

Shaped a little like a bending palm tree, this small, landlocked nation entice tourists by its full of charm and beauty in an old-fashioned way. Thought Laos has no sandy beach, it is known for its spectacular limestone mountains, off-the-beaten paths into the forests and waterfalls. 

Laos Tourist Attractions

Laos tourist attractions

-    Vientaine: Vientiane is the charming capital of Laos, but it’s not so bustling like as other capital in Asia. This capital still feels like a small town in slow-paced life. As waliking around you will find a plethora of French inspired architecture such as a Laotian version of the famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris known as Patuxai.

Patuxai, Vientian

-    Luang Prabang: Lying on the mighty Mekong and Khan river, Luang Prabang is known as the serene heart of Laos. At this place, you will find gorgeous temples all over the town, trek to Kuang Si Waterfall for basking in the clear and cool water.

Luang Prabang 
-    Vang Vieng: Sitting between Vientiane and Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng has recently risen as a significant site amongst travelers. People love Vang Vieng because of its stunning Nam Song River, the lush jungle scenery, and the tranquil ambience.

-    Pakse: is the capital of Champasak Province and one of the largest cities in the southern part of Laos. Pakse is a must-visit place for culture and history lovers. It’s also famous for its delicious seafood as well as herbal saunas.

-    And more: the rural Phonsavan, the gorgeous Khmer temple Wat Phu, the mountainous Luang Namtha, the amazing gibbon experience through Bokeo Nature Reserve, and so on.

Stay tune to keep update for the next rounds of “Lao vs Cambodia”. 

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