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Cherish the Untamed Natural Beauty at Si Phan Don via Laos Tour Package

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Laos Travel Guide

Sounds like an unbelievable story that Laos – a landlocked country in Southeast Asia has a clutch of islands. Trust it from now on and cherish the Untamed Natural Beauty at Si Phan Don via Laos Tour.

Where is Si Phan Don?

If you have a Tour Package to Laos, you may know that it is a country without coastline in Southeast Asia. It seems like a joke when saying that  it has islands, yet actually, Laos is the hometown of Si Phan Don Islands, literally meanning “Four Thousand Islands” in Laos language.


                                                        Don Khone Island

Si Phan Don is located in Champasak Province in southern Laos. As running across the border between Laos and Cambodia, Mekong River splits into many branches and creates these islands. Due to its location, culture and history here are affected by both countries. The biggest one amongst “Four thousand islands” is Don Khon and the second one is Don Det. Because literally not many people know the existence of Si Phan Don, it still remains its untamed natural beauty so far. 

It is an ideal spot to escape from society, mobile phone, internet or facebook and contemplate stunning picture created by nature.  

Attractions and things to do in Si Phan Don 

Thanks to geography, Si Phan Don is home of many impressive waterfalls such as Li Phi falls located on Don Khon island, Khon Pa Soi Falls which is one of the prettiest waterfalls in Si Phan Don, and don’t forget the largest falls in Southeast Asia – Khone Phapheng falls. The sound of water flow can be heard from miles, the majestic view is unforgettable, all combine into a masterpiece. This magnum opus will soothe your mind and refresh your soul from the heat of the summer sun. The entrance fee to access these falls is around 35000 – 55000 kip (4 – 7 USD) including some special activities. 


                                                         Khone Phapheng waterfall

Furthermore, what is better than diving in the cool water of Mekong River? There are a lot of beaches around Si Phan Don Islands and small jetties located in front of the main guesthouses. This is an amazing opportunity to go swimming here. The water is so crystal that you can see the bottom, and if lucky, you may explore a range of marine life under the water, including colorful indigenous fish. But beware of danger as some places are not safe for swimming, better to follow the instruction of the locals and watch out for warning signs.  


                                                                         Boat tour

Kayaking is also a recommended activity to enjoy your Laos Tour in Si Phan Don. Exploring the secret islands with your own kayak is a challenge for those loves adventure and discovery. Rentals cost 80000 kips (around 10 USD) for a day. If you love animals, don’t miss out the chance to watch gorgeous Irrawaddy dolphins – one of the precious species of the world in Si Phan Don. You can also take a boat tour instead to take you to the spot where the dolphins swim by or suddenly meet on your kayak journey.

Still, there are more special things to do in Si Phan Don, yet isn’t it better that you come and experience it on your own and have memorable memories. Get your valise out and take a Laos Tour Package to Si Phan Don right now to enjoy your summer.