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What to eat in Hue? Let's discover Hue food tour !

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Hue has a lengthy history in addition to its diverse culinary offerings. Have you ever had trouble locating information about where to dine in Hue? Threeland Travel aware that choosing will be incredibly challenging because we have personal experience with it. Let's proceed in our footsteps to address Hue food tour using our experiences !

Brief introduction to Hue cuisine

Hue is regarded as a historical cradle. being honored as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and giving the Vietnamese people pride. Because of this, Hue's cuisine has a distinctive flavor.

When visiting the ancient capital, "Hue specialties" or "What to eat in Hue?" are undoubtedly the two topics that most visitors are searching for. with more than 1700 items, ranging from basic fare to more opulent fare. It demonstrates how diversified and picky Hue is when it comes to food.

What to eat in Hue – Most famous specialty dishes

Have you ever encountered a problem like: “What to eat in the morning in Hue? – What to eat for lunch in Hue? – What to eat at night in Hue?” Not yet?. Definitely yes, we will choose for you 10 specialty dishes in Hue!

1. Beef rice noodles "Me Keo" 

  • Address:  20 Bach Dang, Hue City
  • Opening hours: 6am - 11am 

What should I eat while I'm in Hue? Therefore I'm certain that beef noodle soup belongs on this list and is essential. When visiting Me Keo's beef noodle shop, numerous shops are open for sale even though they offer beef noodle soup. My mother's dish of vermicelli made me taste "bold from the bone, sweet from the meat."

2. Mussel rice Hoa Dong 

  • Address:  64/7 Kiet Ung Binh, Vy Da, Hue city
  • Opening hours:  9am to 9pm

Even if the meal is quite unnatural, it may be argued that it is too ordinary. Tourists still associate it with an unforgettable memory, though. rice mixed with different vegetables, roasted peanuts' mild nutty flavor, the crispness of pig skin, the heaviness of "rui" Hue, and the tongue's spicy flavor. These were blended with fried mussels to provide an odd and unusual flavor.

3. Hong Mai Cake

  • Address: 110 Dinh Tien Hoang
  • Opening hours: 9am to 8pm

A dish somewhat similar to banh xeo of Southern people, but with the inside of this cake will be shrimp, lean meat, eggs, served with some vegetables and broth. A sauce made from peanuts and some other additives, that is the difference of the dish.

4. Huyen Anh grilled pork vermicelli

  • Address: 50 Kim Long, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 8am - 7pm

Adding to the list of what to eat in Hue, it is impossible not to lack Huyen Anh grilled meat vermicelli. The feat of this dish is the process of marinating the meat so that it is both flavorful and rich, grilling the meat so that the meat is cooked and golden evenly, but there is a bowl of Hue-standard grilled pork vermicelli.

Especially the accompanying dipping sauce is quite important, each restaurant will have its own recipe, with the sauce having a little sour taste, a little sweetness mixed with the spicy taste of chili and the saltiness from fish sauce.

5. Spring rolls Tai Phu

  • Address No. 2 Dien Bien Phu
  • Opening hours 10am to 7pm

The name sounds strange but that's okay, the dish is still attractive that no one can argue. Lean meat is brought together with some other ingredients, then tightly tied to the lemongrass tree. This dish, served with vegetables and spring rolls.

6. Mo Ton Dich Sweet Soup 

  • Address: 20 Dinh Tien Hoang, Dong Ba, Hue city
  • Opening hours 17h-22h

What else to eat in Hue? Have you ever heard the phrase "Hue royal sweet soup"? I will give 10 points for the roasted pork wrapped powder  here. The sweet taste, the flexible crust, and the moderate saltiness from the pork inside.

7. Rice dumpling cake Ba Do 

  • Address: No. 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Phu Hiep, Hue city
  • Opening hours: 9am-20pm

This cake is wrapped with dong leaves or banana leaves, wrapped with these two types of leaves because when the cake is cooked, the cake will have a light aroma. As for the filling of the cake, including meat and shrimp, it is processed with sweet, salty and greasy taste from the meat. Feel the sweetness of the lean shrimp, the crust is not too thick.

8. Hanh Hue Bloating Fern 

  • Address: Pho Duc Chinh Street, Phu Hoi, Hue City
  • Opening hours: 9am-20pm

The cake is poured right at the shop, the preliminary processing of ingredients is made by hand. So when I eat the cake, I feel the softness of the cake, the sweetness of the shrimp mixed with the crunchy, fatty taste of the deep-fried pork skin, rich with sweetness, a little spicy.

9. Nam Pho soup cake – O Thu Hue

  • Address: 374 Chi Lang
  • Opening hours: 8am-12pm

What to eat in Hue? Then please have the famous cake soup of Nam Pho village. I'm sure this dish will be different from the taste of banh cuon in your mind. Because of the combination of broth and flour, it all comes together, adding a bright red color from lean and shrimp.

10. Salt Coffee

  • Address: 142 Dang Thai Than, Thuan Hoa, Hue city

A drink imbued with the soul of Hue. This dish has a slight bitterness from the coffee flavor, accompanied by the salty taste of salt mixed with the greasy cream.

With passionate souls and want to explore cuisine. The above list of what to eat in Hue will solve a lot for you. Each dish will have a different taste and processing, but all just want to give the other diners an unforgettable taste when traveling to Hue once.

Hope this article of Threeland Travel will contribute some useful information to you to prepare your Hue food tour !