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Salted coffee – One of unique specialities in Hue

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If iced milk coffee is popular in Ho Chi Minh City and egg coffee is Hanoi's specialty, visitors to Hue cannot ignore salted coffee.

For coffee addicts, salted coffee is a novel variation. Since 2010, a couple from Thua Thien-Hue has been creating this drink. More than 10 years have passed, and its taste is still the same as in the early days. Coffee is brewed through a filter and poured into a cup of condensed milk and fermented fresh milk below. When using, diners add ice and salt and stir well. The coffee cup is blended with a thick, light brown color that stimulates both taste and smell as well as sight.

The first sip had the fattiness of milk, the salty flavor of salt, and the slight bitterness of coffee. A good cup of coffee has the proper amount of coffee and salt, as well as a balanced ratio of all ingredients. Slow sips of salted coffee, like the calm and leisurely temperament of Hue people, are the best way to appreciate it.

Salted coffee ranks with Hue beef noodle soup, banh bot loc -  translucent Vietnamese dumplings, and Hue royal tea on the list of must-try dishes when visiting Hue. Many residents fall in love with the cafes and become frequent clients. 

1. Origin of Salted Coffee in Vietnam 

Salted coffee was first known in Hue. This coffee flavor is said to be a special recipe of a garden cafe located on Nguyen Luong Bang Street. Until now, many people still do not have much information about the true origin of Hue salted coffee, as well as the inspiration to create this unique way of making coffee.

According to research, the couple who produced this coffee did not disclose the full recipe in order to maintain a distinctive aspect of Hue cuisine. Perhaps not only because of the addicting taste, but also because of the tranquil, poetic, and peaceful environment typical of Hue.
Coffees, by definition, have a bitter taste. However, the amount of bitterness depends on the mixing procedure used by each person. Salt, like milk or sugar, is a condiment used to help users ease the bitterness of coffee. Furthermore, adding salt to coffee aids in the release of sodium ions. This element serves to minimize the bitterness of coffee while also arousing the flavor, making the drink more pleasant and appealing.

Salted coffee, when served, will include a cup with condensed milk underneath, adding fermented milk and salt. Coffee flows into the cup through a traditional filter placed on top. The color will change when the coffee is mixed with the ingredients in the cup; just stir and enjoy. Salted coffee can make first-timers find it strange or difficult to drink because of the combination of salty, sweet, and bitter flavors. 

2. Where to taste Hue salted coffee? 

Apart from the two original stores on Nguyen Luong Bang and Dang Thai Than streets, it appears that all cafes in Hue sell salted coffee at the moment.

More shops may be found in Truong Dinh, Dien Bien Phu, Nguyen Hue, Le Huan, and Pham Ngu Lao. A cup of salted coffee costs between 15,000 and 25,000 VND.

Salted coffee is now available everywhere, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, and Da Nang. Each location has its own distinctive flavor, yet all keep the same combination of sweet, salty, and bitter qualities, giving them a distinct character.

You may taste Hue salted coffee at some of Ho Chi Minh City's top coffee shops, including Coffee Hut, Allure Coffee, and LiHu Garden's Bakery, Coffee, and Workshop.

3. How is Hue-Style Salt Coffee Made?

If you want to try making it at home, then to get a good cup of salted coffee, you need to follow the following steps:


- 25g of whole coffee (approximately 3 teaspoons)
- 25 ml of condensed milk
- 100 ml of water boiled at 95 degrees Celsius.
- 200 ml cream made from vegetable fat
- 5g coarse salt
- Ice.


Step 1: Use boiled water to rinse the filter. This will help reduce the temperature difference during the brewing process. Moreover, when using boiling water to rinse, it will help keep the filter warm. This factor will cause the coffee powder to expand evenly, which will make a cup of coffee with the most delicious taste.
Step 2: Put 3 tablespoons of pure coffee powder into the filter. Place the filter on top of the glass. Squeeze the coffee powder with moderate force.
Step 3: Pour about 45 ml of boiling water into the filter to brew coffee for about 2 minutes to allow the coffee powder to expand evenly. Continue to pour another 50 ml of boiling water into the filter. Wait for the coffee to drip until the water in the filter runs out.
The steps for making salted coffee are similar to filter coffee.
Step 4: While waiting for the coffee to drip, add 5 g of salt to 200 ml of vegetable fat cream. Use a mixer to whip the mixture for 2–3 minutes.
Step 5: Put 25 ml of condensed milk into the brewed coffee. Then add 15–20 ml of the salted cream mixture to get a finished cup of salted coffee.

4. Note to have a delicious cup of  Hue-style salted coffee

Making salted coffee can be said to be simple, but not everyone can get the delicious drink they desire. You should take note of the following details while preparing.

4.1. Coffee ingredients

Whether it's coffee mixed with salt, milk, or sugar, the ingredient factor always plays a very important role. The taste of coffee is really delicious, and whether it is pure or not will be determined by your choice of quality coffee. You should choose pure coffee. It is best to use coffee beans.
Use pure coffee from reputable suppliers for a better cup of coffee.

4.2. Tools and water for making Hue salted coffee

The taste of salted coffee will be greatly influenced by the coffee-making equipment. Especially for the stainless steel device called a phin, it is best to use an aluminum one. Phin can be found at any market, and they make a great souvenir of a tour in Vietnam.

You need to prepare an aluminum phin and use filtered water to make the best cup of salted coffee. In addition, the water used to make coffee should be boiled and filtered.

In fact, the way to drink salted coffee is not much different from coffee with milk or sugar. You can choose to drink it hot right after making it. You can add a few ice cubes to get a delicious and cool drink.

It can be seen that salted coffee is a typical drink in Hue. However, up until now, this brewing method has been the choice of many coffee lovers. For those who love coffee and want to discover new coffee flavors, it will be difficult to refuse this special type of coffee. Although simple, the combination with salt will help the coffee have a unique character in both flavor and taste. If you'd like to taste this unique speciality, feel free to contact Threeland Travel to find the best Vietnam Travel Packages deal!