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Noted down gorgeous photo backgrounds when travel to Hue
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Hue-Travel Tips

When we think about travel to Hue, we imagine a variety of historic architectural structures and picturesque natural settings with lyrical and endearing elements in the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the former imperial capital. Because Hue has so many gorgeous photo backgrounds, there is no need to laboriously "build sharpness" or edit complicated photographs. Simply raise your phone and click the crackling button to instantly have a "virtual live" shot with 1000 likes. Check out those gorgeous photographic backgrounds when you travel to Hue 

1. “Tuyet Tinh Coc” Lap An 

Lap An lake, which is nestled between the peaceful Lang Co and the magnificent Bach Ma mountain range, never fails to surprise tourists with its magnificence. Many "quality than distilled water" photographs have been created here because to the attractive scenery.

The phrase "watercolor painting" is devoted to this location. Upstairs is a layer of jade clouds, sky, and jade; underwater is a clear swimming fish; behind are mountains of the same message; and in front is a foggy mist. 

   2. Ru Cha primeval forest    

Ru Cha primeval forest is a "virtual living" location that not everyone is aware of when visiting Hue. It is regarded as a masterpiece in the middle of nature in the historic city of Hue. The only primary mangrove forest still present in Tam Giang lagoon is the Ru Cha mangrove forest, also known as the Ru Cha primary mangrove forest.

Recently, Ru Cha has been conducting "virtual life" hunts because, even if you become "lost" in the forests, you will soon come across sparkling picture shoots that you must be aware of!

3. Go back in time with The Imperial City of Hue

For people who love to travel and experience Hue, this is a very "familiar" spot. "Virtual living" in the Citadel will offer you "fancy" images with the historic, solemn appearance of the old capital.

When you visit, you may not only take "so deep" images but also learn about the nation's history and architecture during the Nguyen Dynasty.

4. Hue High School for the Gifted.

The age of Hue High School for the Gifted is now 123. But in the "youth" photos of the numerous young people that come here to check in, the charming and romantic beauty of this red school is still there.

For many young people, the red wall in front of the school gate represents their "virtual living" area.

5. Peaceful Tam Giang Lagoon

One phrase may be found in the folk song:
 "I love you, and I want to come as well.
 Frightened of Tam Giang being destroyed and of the Ho family ".
Although it was anticipated that breaking Tam Giang would be incredibly difficult, the reality was rather different. The Tam Giang Lagoon is the biggest lagoon system in Southeast Asia, and visiting here will let you witness a peaceful, calm, and lovely dawn and sunset.

Hue seemed to have retained its beauty from that day, despite all the ups and downs that time has brought. The Huong river continues to flow smoothly and endlessly, the temples and palaces are still standing, and Hue's people are still kind. People always want to remember this highly lyrical and romantic sight, and everyone wishes to travel to this stunning country at least once. When travel to Hue, everyone starts whispering to one another about the really sparkling locations there, places where you can visit once and post images for the entire month. Why don’t you contact Threeland Travel for travelling to Hue and see all amazing place by yourself !