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Visit Indian temples imbued with Hinduism in Saigon

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Ho Chi Minh ( Saigon )

Located in the heart of Saigon, Indian temples with impressive Hindu architecture are always attractive tourist destinations. Not only is it known for its impressive design style, but it is also a sacred place for people to pray and worship. When traveling to Saigon, you must definitely visit the 3 famous temples below!

1. Ba An Temple - a famous Indian temple in Saigon

Address: 45 Truong Dinh, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh

When talking about Indian temples in Saigon, you certainly cannot ignore Ba An temple, also known by another name, Ba An temple. The pagoda was built by Indians in the early 20th century and has been preserved until today. Possessing unique architecture, this ancient temple is one of the spiritual tourist attractions in Saigon.

1.1. Who is Goddess Mariamman?

The original name of this pagoda comes from the name of the goddess Mariamman - the incarnation of the god of Rain - the god symbolizing fertile land and bountiful harvests. Goddess Mariamman is an extremely beautiful young woman with a red face, a red outfit, and many arms, symbolizing boundless strength.

In addition, Hindus also believe that she has the ability to cure all diseases and help people "make their wishes come true,"  so Ba An Pagoda in Saigon is famous as a sacred ancient temple. This place attracts many tourists to worship and pray. Statues of the goddess Mariamman in Indian temples are often carved in a standing or sitting position, holding a bowl of rice in one hand and a trident in the other.

1.2. Architecture of Mariamman temple

Ba An temple in Saigon is uniquely designed in a U shape and divided into three main spaces. The main hall is the place to worship the goddess Mariamman and her relatives, on both sides are the two relatives, Pechiamman (right) and Maduraiveeran (left). On both sides of the U-shaped wall are statues of 18 gods, representing the 18 wishes of the people.

In front of the goddess's shrine door are two sets of yoni - lingam. One is floating on a low stone pedestal, and the other is located in a recessed square under the brick floor with a height of more than one meter. To limit the movement of pilgrims, the linga - yoni is surrounded by a bronze fence.

The roof of this Indian temple's shrine is covered with concrete, and above it are two towers with bright colors, covered with extremely sophisticated statues and carvings. On each floor of the tower, each statue represents the different worldviews and lives of the ancient Indians. From the position of statues, reliefs, color schemes, and carved lines... everything is very unique, hard to find in any temple.

The fence on the roof of Ba An temple is also carved with statues, covered with reliefs, and decorated with many sophisticated patterns and motifs. These motifs describe the journey of cultivating and searching for truth to enlighten Hindu believers.

1.3. What do you pray for when you go to Ba An temple?

Indian Pagoda - Ba An temple is a famous place to pray for money, health, fame, or children. According to the experience of many tourists, if you press your head against the stone slab in the temple and sincerely pray, all your prayers will come true. The stone slabs at the temple originate from the high mountains of South India, were brought here and carved.

In addition, Ba An temple in Saigon is also a famous and sacred temple for praying for love. At the beginning of the year, many young men and women visit this ancient pagoda to pray for luck and soon find their lover. Those who go to the temple after completing the rituals will receive blessings from the goddess Mariamman. Usually, fortune at the temple is a bit of salted rice or flower petals wrapped in red paper, symbolizing fullness and prosperity.

2. Mr. Subramaniam Swamy temple (Ong Temple)

Address: 98 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh

Ong Temple is the most unique and ancient Indian temple in Saigon. The pagoda is located in District 1, was built in the 19th century, and is a place to worship God Subramaniam Swamy. This is a powerful deity and is the son of Shiva - the supreme God in Shaiva Hinduism - one of the five primordial forms of God.

Subramaniam Swamy Temple is one of the Indian temples in Ho Chi Minh City that owns a large main hall. In the temple, there are also images of linga and yoni protected by the snake god Naga, in addition to gods Lakshmi and Vishnu. In particular, Ong Temple has an altar of nine guardian stars - this is a special project built by Shavaliy - a Cambodian official.

3. Sri Thenday Yutthapani Temple

Address: 66 Ton That Thiep, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh

Sri Thenday Yutthapani is also one of the famous Indian temples in Vietnam and attracts many tourists to visit and worship. People in District 1 are often used to calling this temple by the name Ong Pagoda. The temple was praised by the website of the international Hindu community Shaivam as one of the "treasures" of Hinduism.

3.1. Origin of the name Sri Thenday Yutthapani Temple

The name of this Indian temple is named after the god of war in Indian culture - Thenday Yutthapani. Accordingly, this god is the ruler of the heavenly army in heaven to fight against dark and evil forces. In the southern region of India, the god of war is extremely worshiped by many people. For them, Thenday Yutthapani is the god who protects justice, fairness, and a peaceful life. In particular, businessmen consider this deity to be the god of commerce, helping their businesses run smoothly and sell well.

3.2. Architecture of Sri Thenday Yutthapani temple

Sri Thenday Yutthapani Indian Temple possesses unique architecture. The main altar is where the god Thenday Yutthapani is placed. However, believers are not allowed to get close to God; they must all go through an intermediary class of monks. Only monks are allowed to approach the worship area to perform rituals. Outside, opposite the statue, is a peacock with its head facing the statue of the main god. In addition to the peacock, this Indian temple also worships two other sacred animals: horses and cows.

To the left of the main hall are walls covered with ceramic tiles brought from India. In the main hall and the four surrounding sides of the pagoda, many images of great men of India and Hindu gods are hung. On the left side of the main hall is a two-horse carriage carved with intricate patterns and reliefs, and on the carriage is a statue of the god Murugan. On the rooftop is a tower with four sides decorated with many meticulously carved statues.

4. Things to note when going to Indian temples in Saigon

In addition to visiting and admiring the unique architecture, when going to Indian temples in Saigon, you also need to pay attention to some specific rules of Hinduism to avoid actions that may be inappropriate:

  • Hindus highly respect the Cow God, so when going to Indian temples, you need to avoid wearing costumes or accessories made from leather. In addition, you need to keep your body clean.
  • When offering offerings at the temple, besides the offerings, you need to prepare a marigold wreath.
  • After the ceremony, Indian temples will often distribute offerings to pilgrims. When receiving the offering, please receive it with your right hand and enjoy it after leaving the temple.

With unique architecture, Indian temples in Saigon are an interesting stop that you cannot miss. In addition to admiring the architecture, checking in with many beautiful scenes, visitors can also burn incense, worship, and enjoy the pure space.

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