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The best egg coffee in Hanoi is hard to resist

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Egg coffee in HaNoi, one of Hanoi's specialties, highlights the capital's cuisine. When visiting the beautiful city of Hanoi, surely many people will want to try this special coffee to know the delicious and unique taste of egg coffee. Not difficult to drink like black coffee or brown coffee, egg coffee is a pretty easy coffee for everyone. However, to be able to make a delicious cup of egg coffee without being fishy is really not easy. Therefore, Threeland Travel will bring you the best egg coffee in Hanoi with extremely affordable prices through the article below, let's refer!


Origin of egg coffee

Egg coffee originates from Mr. Nguyen Van Giang (died in 1987), he used to be a chef in the famous French hotel Metropole at that time. When preparing drinks for foreign diners, capuchino dishes with ingredients such as coffee, milk, ice cream, etc., With a wish that Vietnamese people also enjoy this delicious drink. At that time, milk and fresh cream were very rare and expensive, so Vietnamese people could not buy them.

He immediately came up with a combination of coffee and eggs, he thought that Vietnam had a lot of delicious eggs, so why not take advantage of them. And since then, egg coffee began to appear at Giang coffee shop in 1946, a drink that was unique to Vietnamese people at that time but at a low price that all classes of people could enjoy.


How to make egg coffee in hanoi

Egg coffee is made from the simplest ingredients such as fresh eggs, coffee, sugar, milk and some other family secrets. Egg yolks will be hand-beaten with milk and sugar, then boiled coffee will be poured. So an egg coffee was created, then Mr. Giang served an egg coffee cup placed in a cup of hot water to keep the coffee warm and the white layer on top.

A cup of hot egg coffee, the layer of sweet and fatty egg foam on top combined with the bitter coffee below blend together to give users an unforgettable taste experience.

Since then, egg coffee has gradually occupied the hearts of Hanoians to this day. Nowadays, with advanced technology, beating eggs has become easier, eggs are beaten by machine to help keep the smoothness longer, so egg coffee has a cold version and many other combinations with cocoa or matcha,.. But for Mr. Nguyen Chi Hoa, Mr. Giang's youngest son, no matter how many dishes are changed, the quality of traditional egg coffee remains the same.


Top egg coffee shops in Ha Noi

Cafe Giang 

Cafe Giang Hanoi is considered a cafe that started the egg coffee movement in the capital Hanoi. The owner of this cafe is the creator of egg coffee, so the quality of the coffee here is excellent and known by many Hanoians.

Some famous drinks of the shop such as egg cocoa, egg matcha, egg coffee, .. all have a very strong taste of coffee and have a distinct aroma of egg yolk. Add to that a hint of creaminess. All of them create a distinct and distinctive flavor for Giang Hanoi coffee shop.


Cafe Dinh - Egg coffee in Hanoi is delicious and sad

Cafe Dinh is also one of the oldest coffee shops selling egg coffee in Hanoi. Starting business in 1990, until now, although it has been almost 2 decades, Dinh coffee still retains the taste of Hanoi in the old years. At first, Dinh coffee had another name, Bich cafe, but later because it was located on Dinh Tien Hoang street, the shop changed its name to Dinh cafe.

Located right in the old town area and with a balcony facing the Sword Lake, the old Dinh cafe still lies peacefully day after day welcoming many different guests. Here, the divine egg coffee is very popular because it has a very rich and different flavor because of the perfect blend of coffee, eggs and milk.

Unlike the source of inspiration for the egg cafe business in Hanoi, which is Giang coffee, at Dinh cafe the egg coffee cups will only be stored in a small cup, not in a bowl of hot water. It is for that reason that you should quickly enjoy a cup of egg coffee at Dinh cafe while it is still hot, so that the coffee flavor will be clear and delicious.


Having a beautiful location with a view overlooking the lake is extremely expensive, coming to Dinh cafe in addition to experiencing egg coffee here, you can relax and watch the streets in an extremely ancient and nostalgic space. Surely if you come to Hanoi, trying to go to an egg cafe in Hanoi is a must and Dinh cafe is probably one of the top suggestions.

Old Quarter Coffee - Experience the egg cafe in Hanoi right in the middle of the old town

It is no different from the cafes that take the theme of the characteristics and nostalgia of old Hanoi, coming to Old Quarter cafe will feel like returning to the old days in an atmosphere. gentle and quiet. Besides, with an extremely favorable location in the heart of the old town, guests visiting the restaurant can not only relax but also sip their coffee while looking at the street.

Although it is not one of the leading egg coffee shops in Hanoi, Old Quarter coffee is still attractive to visitors because of its own features and so it is still one of the most popular egg cafes in Hanoi. most sought after.

The main dish of the restaurant is none other than egg coffee. Here, the coffee is only served in a very simple glass cup, but the quality is excellent.


The layer of egg cream on top is whipped and fluffy by machine, after mixing with coffee, it will create a smooth brown and yellow mixture. In particular, when drinking hot, you can immediately feel the aromatic egg flavor and extremely dense coffee taste.

With its own characteristics that are enough to seduce and retain customers, Old Quarter Café is definitely an egg cafe in Hanoi worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you still don't know the famous egg coffee of Old Quarter cafe, don't hesitate to stop by the shop to enjoy!

Mrs. Khanh – Hanoi Egg Coffee

A place to enjoy the Hanoi egg coffee that is spread by young Hanoians is Mrs. Khanh's egg ice cream. Just a small corner of the cafe, but it has a strange attraction. In addition to the main dish is egg cream, the shop also serves a very special egg coffee, far different from other luxurious cafes. A cup of Hanoi egg coffee at the shop is prepared with quite a bit of pure coffee, on top is a layer of dark yellow egg cream covered.


The taste of egg coffee at Ba Khanh egg ice cream shop is quite sweet, suitable for those who have a sweeter taste. In addition, Hai Ba Trung Hanoi egg cafe also serves different drinks that are popular today for young people to enjoy. In the summer, you can also see Miss Khanh selling tea as well.

Loading T – Hanoi Egg Coffee


Loading T gives guests a feeling of nostalgia right from the moment they stand outside. This is a famous cafe located in an old building, probably from the French period. The ceiling is so high that it is possible to build a loft, the yellow outside of the shop makes people think of typical French architecture. Loading T also has a very warm and familiar feeling that not many places can bring.

Coming to the shop, customers can't help but be amazed by the taste of egg coffee. The coffee cup is beautifully decorated, attracting the view. The taste of coffee is mild, not too sweet, but not too bitter. The layer of beaten eggs is smooth, not fishy but also fatty and greasy. This is an interesting stop for those who love coffee.


Egg coffee in Hanoi is an extremely creative drink that is loved by many people because of its distinctive passionate and greasy taste that once drank once, it will never be forgotten. More specifically, this drink also represents the whole Hanoi cuisine, becoming a specialty that anyone coming to the capital must experience once. This article has introduced to you the top egg coffee in Hanoi with the best quality for you to choose more easily.