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The best 8 vegetarian dishes from Hanoi

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The best 8 vegetarian dishes from Hanoi

These numerous eateries provide Hanoi's delicious vegetarian food to suit every taste. Check out Hanoi food tour with Threeland Travel in this article! 

1. Vi Lai

In Hanoi's vegetarian community, Vi Lai is a well-known treasure known for its attention to design and architecture that blends with nature.

The four levels of the restaurant at 67 Ly Thuong Kiet Street in the Hoan Kiem District each have a different theme. Many customers particularly like the opportunity to dine on a lotus platform floating on the water, among these possibilities.

With meals costing roughly VND100,000 ($4) per plate, Vi Lai belongs to the high-end category and is an excellent option for entertaining friends or celebrating important events. Pasta with rose and peach, bamboo shoot rolls, lotus root shakes, and bread with artichoke are a few things you must try.

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2. Chay Co Dam 

The architecture of this restaurant, which is located at 68A Tran Hung Dao Street in Hoan Kiem District and has ornate arches and red bricks evocative of Champa temples, captures the attention of onlookers. Terracotta components, including old patterns and reliefs, were crafted by artists from the province's center Ninh Thuan, an area with a sizable Cham community.

With premium ingredients like truffle mushrooms, Chay Co Dam provides both short and long set dinners for VND680,000 ($28) and VND880,000 ($36.50) every set.

3. Uu Dam Chay 

Uu Dam Chay became well-known for its stunning surroundings, convenient location, and delectable cuisine. The eatery moved from Hang Bai Street to 55 Nguyen Du Street in the Hoan Kiem District in early 2022, but it kept its distinctive northern architectural features, including as pillars, yin and yang tiled roofs, and Buddhist-inspired accents.

In addition to hot pot selections costing more than VND300,000 each pot, Uu Dam Chay provides à la carte eating with rates ranging from VND60,000 to VND200,000 ($2.50 to $8.30) per dish.

4. Sadhu

Sadhu, a popular option for vegetarians in Hanoi, has two locations: one in Udic Complex on N04 Hoang Dao Thuy Street in Cau Giay District and the other at 86 Ly Thuong Kiet Street in Hoan Kiem District. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with wooden pieces that emphasize Buddhist iconography to create a serene and personal atmosphere.

Sadhu runs on a buffet model and charges around VND290,000 ($12) per person—prices that are less expensive than those of certain other businesses. It is a terrific option for hosting guests and group meetings since diners may place direct orders from the menu and enjoy table service.

5. Cai Mam Bistro

With its deep brown wooden furnishings, carved mirrors, wall paintings, wooden stairs, and yellow wall colors, Cai Mam Bistro at 7 Luong Van Can Street in Hoan Kiem District imitates the atmosphere of an ancient Hanoi house.

Cai Mam Bistro offers à la carte selections with meals costing between VND85,000 and VND149,000 each serving as well as set menus with prices ranging from VND149,000 to VND360,000 ($6 to $15). A variety of wines are also available at the restaurant to go with your meal.

6. Wai Thai 

The first Thai restaurant in the city to specialize in vegetarian cuisine is Wai Thai, located at No. 14, Alley 36 Dao Tan, in the Ba Dinh District. Wai Thai provides a unique alternative to conventional vegetarian meals. A wide variety of Thai and fusion cuisines are available for guests to sample.

Prices range from VND49,000 ($2) to VND399,000 ($2), making it affordable for parties of all sizes. Options like grilled hot pot are priced at VND399,000.

7. OBOK Vegetable

Korean vegetarian cuisine is being pioneered by OBOK Veggie. The restaurant, located at No. 11, Alley 143 Trung Kinh, Cau Giay District, serves a vegetarian lunch buffet with 12 unlimited side dishes and five main meals for VND143,000 ($6).

Evening meals are also available á la carte at OBOK Veggie.

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8. Veggie Castle 

Vegetarians in Hanoi who are on a tight budget frequently visit Veggie Castle, especially among the younger set.

A daily-changing menu of roughly 15 vegetarian meals are available at Veggie Castle, which has five locations in Hanoi and one in the surrounding Bac Ninh Province, for about VND90,000 ($3.70) per person. Updates are provided on their web page.

Hanoi center has many great vegan restaurants to choose from. You can enjoy authentic, casual, or fusion food in a variety of settings and prices. To make your trip to Hanoi more enjoyable and hassle-free, book your tour with Threeland Travel. Check out our tour now and start planning your tour to Hanoi!