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Night tours should be experienced when traveling to Hanoi

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Hanoi's thousand years of culture always impress visitors with its traditional beauty combined with modernity. Tourists are often impressed with the beauty of Hanoi during the day, but few people know that Hanoi at night is still sparkling, magical, and rich in traditional historical values. For those who love the beauty of the capital at night, please visit the 4-night tours that should be experienced when coming to Hanoi.

The Hanoi night tour gives visitors an exciting and profound experience of the unique beauty of this historical capital at night. With a harmonious combination of modernity and antiquity, Hanoi shines with its unique cultural, historical, and culinary characteristics.

Temple of Literature night tour

For those who are interested in learning about education and are passionate about finding teachers to study religion, the Temple of Literature is a great destination for tourists when traveling to Hanoi.
The night tour at the Temple of Literature—Quoc Tu Giam—recounts historical stories about the exam hall, scholars, and anecdotes related to Vietnam's oldest universities.

Instead of performing on stage, Temple of Literature—Quoc Tu Giam uses light technology to create an impressive space. From the main gate, visitors will be "guided" by sound and light to Khue Van Cac. In addition, 3D mapping performance technology was also demonstrated at the Thai Hoc stage.

When night falls, the space around the Temple of Literature becomes more peaceful and solemn. The shimmering lights flicker, highlighting the ancient architectural features of temples, monuments, and historical walls. This is the time when visitors have the opportunity to see statues of famous people, stone stele engraved with the names of cultural idols, and senior scholars—part of Vietnam's long educational history.

The Temple of Literature-Quoc Tu Giam night tour gives visitors new experiences, different from visiting the monument during the day. The entire relic space is "transformed" by the lighting system and 3D mapping technology, creating a new, shimmering, magical appearance.

Accordingly, typical works of relics such as Khue Van Cac, Doctor's Stele Garden, Thien Quang Well, Bai Duong Area, etc. are effectively exploited in conveying the values and meanings of mysticism.

Not only is it a place to preserve cultural heritage, but the Temple of Literature is also a quiet space, suitable for those who want to find peace in the heart of Hanoi at night. Feeling the purity, visitors can stop at the temple corners to pray for luck, knowledge, and success in life.

Each ancient corner at the Temple of Literature contains a story, a part of the country's history, that is very unique for you to participate in.

Night tours are held every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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Night bicycle tour Thang Long - Hanoi

The National Museum of History also opens a night bicycle tour called Thang Long-Hanoi Night. When participating in this night tour, visitors can travel by bicycle for about 90–120 minutes, passing through the remaining vestiges of ancient Thang Long and admiring the appearance of Hanoi in the early 20th century.

Tourist attractions include the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi Flagpole, Imperial Citadel, Ba Dinh Square, National Assembly Building, Quan Thanh Temple, Ngu Xa walking street, North Gate Citadel, Quan Chuong Gate. , Tonkin Palace, and Hanoi Opera House. Among them, visitors will stop and eat specialties at Ngu Xa.

Program "Legends of Youth"

Similar to the National Museum of History, the Vietnamese Women's Museum launched the program "Legends of Youth.". By participating in the program, visitors will have the opportunity to better understand the nation's heroic resistance journey, especially the image of young Vietnamese girls during wartime.

The special art experience program "Legends of Youth" recreates the fierce battlefield space using imaging technology, 3D effects with bomb craters, A-shaped bunkers, key roads, artillery battlefields, and images of convoys carrying goods and troops to battle...
The audience has the feeling of sitting in the middle of a space recreated like the battlefield of Dong Loc Junction. This is part of the program in interacting with the actors when the surrounding sounds are filled with the sound of troops marching, the sound of vehicles accelerating, the sound of bombs exploding, and echoing the lyrics of the girls' pioneering songs.

Old quarter night tour

According to information from the Hanoi Department of Tourism, the old town night tour titled Hanoi Night: Touching Point of Emotions will be available to tourists in November 2023 at the Cultural and Arts Center 22 Hang Buom.

The highlight of this event is the launching ceremony of the night tourism product, "Hanoi Night: Touchpoint of Emotions.". Here, the public will enjoy traditional music performing arts programs, watch product introduction clips, visit the tea party art space, and experience lighting shows combined with music. In addition, the organizing committee will launch the travel photo contest "Welcome Hanoi City.".

The Hanoi night tour not only takes visitors through famous landmarks but also brings a new perspective on the historical beauty, culture, and nightlife of this thousand-year-old capital of civilization. If you are traveling to Hanoi, please visit the capital's night tours. If you are looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable travel service, give Threeland Travel a call. We can take care of every detail, including purchasing your tickets, planning your lodging and transportation, and adjusting your itinerary to suit your requirements and financial constraints. To find out more about our special offers and packages, please visit our website or get in touch with us right away. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Hanoi with Threeland Travel.