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How to get from Hanoi Old Quarter to Noi Bai HAN Airport

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How to get from Hanoi Old Quarter to Noi Bai HAN Airport? This is the common search for any tourists staying in the old quarter during their travel time in  vietnam tours. The Noi Bai airport HAN is located about 35km outside of Hanoi – sounds not so far, right? But don’t be tricked by that number as the transportation here is unlike in your country. Carefully check ahead how long to reach Noi Bai airport if you don’t want to miss your flight. 

1.    Airport Minibus


This is the most popular way that tourists come to Hanoi usually take to get to the airport from the Old Quarter. Located in Quang Trung street, Hoan Kiem district, you can easily get there and book a ticket to the airport.

- Address: no 1 Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem district
- Ticket price: 40.000 VND/ person/ one-way (around 2 USD)
- Duration: 40 – 60 minutes depending on traffic
- Route: Quang Trung street – Nhat Tan bridge – Vo Nguyen Giap street – Noi Bai Airport.
- Minibus: 16 seats
- Phone number for booking: 02438250872

2.    Taxi


If you don’t like to go with the others and want to take a private journey, taxi is the best choice for you. You can ask your receptionist at your hotel for booking a cab. No need to go far, your cab will be waiting for you in front of the hotel and take you to the airport immediately. But remember to ask the price before getting in avoiding price increase or the driver takes a long distance for the meter runs over the fares you should pay.
- Price: 300.000 VND – 400.000 VND/ 4-seat car (10 – 20 USD) depend on your location and taxi brand
- Duration: 1 hour 
- Prestigious taxi brand: Airport Taxi (02438866666), Noi Bai Taxi (02438868888), Mai Linh Taxi (02438222666), etc

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3.    Booking app


Recently, booking app has become more popular in Vietnam, specifically, in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Not is only getting around the city anytime you want, you can get to the airport cheaper than traditional taxi thanks to promotions.
- Price: 180.000 VND – 350.000 VND (8 – 17 USD)
- Popular app to download via Appstore: Grab, Be, Taxi Xanh SM from Vingroup

Tips: check license plates and driver’s face carefully avoid getting in the wrong car. 

4. Hanoi city buses


This is the cheapest way on the list to go from Hanoi Old Quarter to Noi Bai Airport. Catch the bus #7 (route: Cau Giay – Noi Bai), #17 (route: Long Bien – Noi Bai), #90 (route: Kim Ma – Noi Bai), or #86 (route: City centre - Noi Bai)  the bus cost 9,000 dong ($0.40) per person and will take you some an hour to reach Noi Bai airport from Hanoi city center.

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However, for the bus 7,17, and 90, you have to transfer from bus to bus because they don’t include stops inside the Old Quarter zone. I recommend you to take the bus #86 if you stay in the Old Quarter. You could take the #86 bus at the stop in Ho Guom (Sword Lake) zone. Anyway, remember to search the route carefully before heading if you don’t want to get lost and miss your plane. 

Tips: The buses run 5am-1opm and roughly every 15-20 minutes. The buses will be much crowed at rush hours, from 8 a.m to 9 a.m, and from 4 p.m to 6 p.m are the worst hours to take a bus, try to avoid these time.

Please be aware that Vietnamese taxi drivers mostly can’t communicate in English, then you’d better ask your hotel receptionists to help you. Or else, you can book a transfer service at very good prices offered by travel agents.