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Hanoi weather in September - fall in love with the romantic and love seasons

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Hanoi weather in September is fresh and cool, full of color and style. This is the ideal time to deploy exciting plans to explore all over the Capital.

Hanoi weather in September is very suitable to fully enjoy the beauty of Hanoi. This month, Hanoi tourism also boomed with thousands of visitors from all over the world. Let's explore specifically the weather in Hanoi in September and fun activities not to be missed at this time.

1. Is Hanoi weather hot or cold in September, is it beautiful?

If you are wondering where to travel in the North in September, don't hesitate to come to Hanoi right away. As the summer sun gradually becomes softer, the chill of autumn also begins to pass through the bustling streets of the city.

Hanoi weather in September brings Hanoi a new atmosphere. The sultry summer is gradually replaced by gentle winds from the northeast. Light drizzles have also become familiar "friends" of Hanoians. On the streets of the city, trees and flowers also have a clear transformation.

If you don't know if September is cold in Hanoi, don't worry, Hanoi's weather in September is fresh, cool and more pleasant than the previous months. The temperature fluctuates between 26 - 31 degrees Celsius. The weather in Hanoi at the end of September will still be the same. Therefore, this is one of the most loved months of the year.

2. What is the suitable weather in Hanoi in September?

Hanoi's weather conditions in September are very suitable for outdoor activities, enjoying the beautiful natural landscape, immersing in the fresh and romantic atmosphere of autumn.

2.1. Watch the flag raising ceremony - lowering the flag in front of Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

Visitors to Hanoi not only enjoy visiting Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, but also very excited to see the Flag Raising - Flag Lowering Ceremony in front of the mausoleum.

Since May 19, 2001, the flag raising ceremony has become a national ceremony taking place at Ba Dinh square. Since then, regardless of rain and wind, at 6:00 a.m. in summer and 6:30 a.m. in winter, Group 275 of the High Command to protect the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum has conducted the flag raising ceremony, starting a new day on the strip. S-shaped land. This sacred ceremony has become an emotional moment that many residents and visitors expect to witness.

After the flag raising ceremony ended, the team of soldiers marched around the entrance of Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum and then returned to the original position, marking the end of the flag raising ceremony. At 9pm every day, the flag-lowering ceremony is performed by the army team in the same way as the flag-raising ceremony.

2.2. Enjoy Hanoi autumn specialties and buy them as gifts

Com Vong village has long become one of the typical gifts indispensable in Hanoi's autumn cuisine. The fragrant Hanoi nuggets have a sweet, delicate and gentle taste like colostrum.

Traditional nuggets are wrapped in lotus leaves, tied with straw to create a gentle fragrance. From com, Hanoi people have created many different gifts such as com, sticky rice, com, and com.

2.3. Wandering, taking photos on the streets covered with yellow leaves

Roads covered with yellow leaves are not uncommon in Hanoi in September. September weather in Hanoi is neither too sunny nor too wet.

This is the time of season change, the weather is gradually turning to winter, the leaves are also gradually turning yellow and starting to fall. That romantic scene makes young men and women everywhere fall in love to check in and take pictures.

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2.4. Inhale the scent of Hanoi's passionate milkwood pine flower

The scent of milkwood pine flower is a typical scent on the streets of Hanoi at the changing of seasons. At the beginning of September, the passionate scent of milk flowers filled the space, the pure white flowers also began to creep in each foliage.

Milkwood pine flower have become a typical symbol of the city, bringing a delicate, elegant and romantic beauty. If you want to capture those beautiful scenes, go to famous milk flower roads such as Nguyen Chi Thanh, Le Duc Tho, Trung Hoa, Tran Duy Hung, Duy Tan...

2.5. Explore the old town at night in cold weather

Tay Ta Hien Street is the most vibrant and bustling nightlife destination in Hanoi. The weather in Hanoi in September when the night falls is a bit chilly, very suitable for sipping a glass of draft beer by the roadside, grabbing some bait and enjoying the catchy tunes from the minibars. 

If you want to experience a more bustling atmosphere, visit the night market on the old town on weekend evenings to enjoy Hanoi's specialties. Or simply walk on the street, admire the beauty of the ancient city, enjoy the peace in the mild cold weather.

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2.6. Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake in the windy autumn afternoon

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi in autumn always makes people's hearts flutter by its calm, gentle beauty full of emotions. The trees on the lakeside changed from bright green to bright yellow and red colors. When walking around the lake, you can enjoy the colorful autumn scenery and enjoy the romantic natural scenery.

If you want to explore more, stop by The Huc Bridge and Ngoc Son Temple on Ho Guom lake. With ancient and unique architecture, this is a place where you can enjoy peaceful moments amidst the noisy turns of the city.

2.7. Cycling to see the romantic West Lake

Early morning and late afternoon are two perfect times for cycling to admire the West Lake. Hanoi weather in September is pleasant and cool, you can comfortably enjoy a relaxing moment when cycling, watching the beautiful sunset and sunrise on the lake. Besides, you can also stop at any time to enjoy delicious dishes such as Ho Tay shrimp cake, sticky rice ice cream, salt and pepper toast, rice paper, beef...

2.8. Embrace the beauty of sunset on Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge is considered the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Hanoi. Besides, Long Bien Bridge is also a place to relieve stress, relax and let go of all worries.

The golden sunset and the ancient brown color of the ancient bridge create an unforgettable romantic scene. This is also a place that attracts many photographers and tourists to visit to save memorable moments.

2.9. Treat your taste buds with delicious Ha Thanh dishes

Hanoi cuisine is always attractive, but perhaps autumn is the most special and rich time. When visiting Hanoi in the early autumn days, the weather is still a bit chilly, sitting slurping a hot bowl of Hanoi Pho, inhaling the fragrant aroma of bun cha, enjoying the hot noodle soup with shrimp paste, sip a cup of greasy egg coffee, taste the fragrant taste of Lang Vong rice ... there's nothing like it.

3. What should you pay attention to when traveling to Hanoi in September?

Here are the things you need to keep in mind to have a complete and memorable trip in Hanoi in September.

  • Plan your trip in advance: The first is to list the places you want to visit. Then find a suitable place to stay for convenience.
  • Follow Hanoi weather forecast in September: September weather in Hanoi is usually quite cool and pleasant, so you don't need to worry too much. Just remember to bring a light jacket to avoid the wind in the early morning and late at night. You should also bring a hat and umbrella in case of sudden showers.
  • Bring appropriate clothes: September in Hanoi is the beginning of autumn, the natural scenery is full of romance and dream. You should bring light, elegant items with warm tones to check in.
  • Convenient payment: You do not need to carry too much cash because now online payment has become popular and easy at many locations in the capital.
  • Transportation: Hanoi has a full range of public transport such as tram, bus, taxi, traditional motorbike taxi and technology motorbike taxi. Besides, you can also rent a motorbike to enjoy sightseeing around the city.

In short, the weather in Hanoi in September is very favorable for travel, picnics, outdoor activities. It is neither too sunny nor too cold, the air is fresh, the natural scenery is poetic, the cuisine is rich and unique. If you want to travel to Hanoi, September is a great time. Contact Threeland Travel for preparing your plan to have holidays to vietnam