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Green sticky rice of Ha Noi - Memorable dish of Hanoi people

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When it comes to the most famous Hanoi delicacies, people often immediately think of green sticky rice of Ha Noi. This dish is considered a symbol for Hanoi's autumn. Green sticky rice of HaNoi has a strong and sweet aroma. The taste of green sticky rice always gives people an unforgettable feeling. However, not all diners can find the "real" addresses of the com village. So let's explore with Threeland Travel interesting things about green sticky rice of Ha Noi below!


Green sticky rice of Ha Noi

Green sticky rice of Ha Noi is a unique autumn gift of the thousand-year-old cultural capital. It is impossible to distinguish clearly whether it is the crystallization of nature or workers. Just know that that beauty is gradually infiltrated into the hearts of Hanoians and tourists every time they visit.

Green sticky rice of HaNoi are made from seeds when they are young or still milk. The interesting thing is that green sticky rice is created when people do not miss the waterlogged young rice. Fortunately, that unwillingness produces a strangely delicate flavor.


How to eat Com properly?

Gourmets never enjoy green sticky rice in a hurry. Com Hanoi should not be eaten with a spoon or jokingly. To enjoy the full delicious taste, the person who enjoys it must use his hands to pick up small handfuls and put them in his mouth.

Hanoi green rice has different ways of enjoying it depending on the time. Fresh rice cereal at the beginning of the season clearly shows the milky flavor from the new rice. By the end of the crop, the green sticky rice is older, thicker and more fleshy. Just picking up bananas bit by bit is enough for an entire afternoon.

Over the years, green sticky rice has also been transformed into many new dishes. The fragrance after processing has lost a couple of parts, but it is still very flexible and fleshy. On a humid day, a bowl of fried rice or green rice is enough to cool off.


Dishes made from Hanoi green sticky rice

Green sticky rice season starts in autumn around August and lasts from 4-5 months, enough for everyone to enjoy all the delicious dishes made from nuggets such as: sticky rice, sticky rice, rice cake,...

Perhaps many people when it comes to Com is still quite unfamiliar and will often ask Hanoi Com how to eat? Or do Hanoi nuggets make a delicious dish? Many questions are raised. Then follow 7 delicious dishes made from Hanoi nuggets to find the answer.

Green sticky rice

Traveling to Vietnam, you will no longer find it strange with typical dishes of Vietnam's four seasons. Che - is a name mentioned many times in Vietnamese cuisine. If you are looking for a real "cheese" dish, don't get used to the "green sticky rice" dish. The plasticity of the nuggets blends with the consistency of tapioca to create a cool, round taste for autumn. A little scent of jasmine, green beans makes the scent up attractive.


For those who like traditional flavors, lotus seed com, basic com is the best choice. For those who are hungry, sticky rice porridge is the most suitable filling and cooling dish. On the contrary, roasted banana rice porridge conquers sweet lovers.

Hanoi green sticky rice cake - a precious gift from God

When it comes to Banh Com, people will immediately remember the Wedding Ceremony, on this occasion, the groom's family will order cakes of rice cake to bring to the bride's house to ask for his wife, which is an indispensable gift in weddings in some localities. in the North. Or on the night of the full moon, the family gathers, reunites with the family to sip delicious, sweet rice cakes next to a cup of tea.


Fried egg with green sticky rice 

Simple ingredients that are easy to find, a super quick and convenient way to make a tray of rice on Mid-Autumn Festival is fried eggs with green sticky rice. The aroma of green sticky rice and fried eggs is very attractive, extremely attractive, bringing rice.

The bright yellow color of the egg, the green color of the nuggets blend together to make the dish become eye-catching. The fatty taste of fried eggs, the nutty taste of green sticky rice combine, just eat once and you will fall in love with this dish.

Coconut fried rice


There is nothing more suitable than a plate of fried rice with coconut to make the Mid-Autumn Festival more full of flavor. The scent of green green sticky rice of Ha Noi and coconut will make your whole family feel hungry and irresistible.

Soft, flexible nuggets mixed with greasy, sweet coconut rice. Eating a piece of green sticky rice of Ha Noi, sipping scented tea and sitting down to tell each other stories about everyday life, makes the atmosphere of the family reunion, full moon night celebration more happy and cozy.

Sticky rice with lotus seeds, coconut and green beans

The tray on the Mid-Autumn Festival night will not be complete without the traditional sticky rice dish. But it will be more delicious if you transform them into this sticky rice with lotus seeds, coconut, and green beans.

The scent of sticky rice mixed with fragrant pandan leaves makes everyone feel hungry right away. The green color of sticky rice mixed with the yellow color of green beans and lotus seeds is extremely eye-catching. Try a piece of sticky rice, you will feel the aromatic, sweet taste that the dish brings.


Talking with the whole family over a cup of hot tea, sipping a little sticky rice that is both sweet and fragrant will make your Mid-Autumn Festival more full of flavor and full of joy.

Flat rice mixed with flexible coconut

Fragrant, sticky rice with sweet coconut fibers and a cup of lotus tea, you will feel the whole autumn of Hanoi there. No need to be fussy in processing, simply bring flat rice mixed with coconut and you have an attractive dish to enjoy with your family.

Many people who are far from home or foreign tourists who have tasted this special dish will be fascinated and forever remember the sweet taste that Hanoi Com brings. The rustic and simple features of Hanoi are clearly shown through these dishes.

Banana with green sticky rice 


As a Hanoian in particular, Vietnamese people in general should at least once try this simple, rustic dish with banana pepper and green rice. The season of green sticky rice of Ha Noi is at the right level of ripe bananas and peppers, the combination of these two flavors makes Hanoi's specialty. When eating, slowly break the banana in half and dip it into the green sticky rice of Ha Noi and nahi slowly so that you can enjoy all the quintessential flavor from this dish.

The soft sweet banana blends with the soft aroma from the green sticky rice of Ha Noi, making every person who enjoys it feel the rustic herbal aroma of Hanoi's autumn. This way of enjoying green sticky rice of HaNoi also creates the elegant and elegant beauty of the Vietnamese people.

Where to buy green sticky rice in Hanoi?

Com Lang Vong

Address: No. 19, lane 85, Xuan Thuy street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.

Referring to the address of selling delicious nuggets in Hanoi, many diners will immediately think of the familiar name "Com Lang Vong" famous.Com Lang Vong is a long-standing traditional brand, with the craft of making nuggets handed down through generations.

Le Gia’s Green sticky rice

Address: No. 2 lane 59 Me Tri, Me Tri ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi.
Le Gia's carpentry nuggets trade in a variety of products made from green sticky rice, such as fresh green sticky rice, dried green sticky rice (250,000 VND/kg), fried coconut green sticky rice, lotus coconut sticky rice cakes (230,000 VND/kg), cakes Com (6,000 VND/piece), fried green sticky rice, rice wine, young green sticky rice sausage (220,000 VND/kg)...


Green sticky rice in Nguyen Ninh

Address: No. 11 Hang Than, Nguyen Trung Truc ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.

Diners who have been with Hanoi cuisine for a long time will probably know the famous Nguyen Ninh rice cake brand at store 11 Hang Than.

For more than 150 years, Nguyen Ninh has kept the secret of making green sticky rice and only passed it on to his descendants. The special thing is that the shell of Nguyen Ninh com cake is completely unmixed with flour, only made with pure and unmilled green sticky rice to avoid losing the characteristic flavor of the nuggets.