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Top things to do in Halong 2022/2023

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Ha Long - the most popular tourist destination in Vietnam, consists of a series of amazing limestone islands, which is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are about 2,000 islands located in Ha Long Bay, most of which are uninhabited and covered with beautiful lush vegetation. Many islands are also home to famous caves, Ha Long Bay can be crowded with tourists in high season but there are still some deserted spots to explore if you want to go sightseeing. You have the opportunity to enjoy seafood barbecue, sea kayak, scuba diving, basket boat ride, visit fishing village, etc. Follow Threeland to don’t to miss the things to do in Ha Long.
Threeland will explore with you some interesting things about Ha Long Bay in the article below!

1.Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay possesses majestic and poetic natural beauty of thousands of large and small islands and many unique caves. The bay is also recognized by UNESCO as a natural wonder of the world, attracting a large number of tourists every year with beautiful destinations such as: Dragon Eye Island, Ti Top Island, Con Coc Island, Ngoc Vung Island, Sung Cave. Fever...


2.Visit at Quang Ninh Museum

Covering an area of ​​24,000 squares meters in Ha Long City, this combination of museum, library and exhibition space offers a collection that includes sailboat models to related items, related to Buddhist culture and resistance efforts against the French Colonial Empire.


Although the exhibits are clearly marked, this is not a typical museum where you can find large collections organized into specific groups, but rather an insight about the land and people (including ethnic minority groups) of Ha Long Bay.
In addition to a large collection of books, the library also has a screening room, theatre, coffee shop and bookstore. With reading rooms, special children's rooms and rotating exhibition areas available, this is a great complex to learn more about the city, but also a good place for a quiet getaway from the heat when you’re outside.

3. Best way to see Ha Long Bay 

One of the most interesting activities when traveling at Ha Long is flying sightseeing by helicopter. Helicopters will fly at a low altitude, move flexibly, to be able to admire the tourist attractions clearly, while still being able to cover the whole scene.


This method is likened to bird's-eye view of the landscape with the eyes of birds flying in the sky. With flight routes, diverse flight times as well as reasonable service rates, Ha Long scenic helicopter service has helped elevate your travel experience to a new level. 

4. Halong bay cruise 

Buy a cruise on the Halong bay tour is one of the activities that many people recommend to trying when coming to the bay. When sitting on the boat, visitors will be taken to visit many islands in the area , watching different limestone blocks lying on the water . Day cruises are the most experienced activity by tourist .


Many of the boats used are built in the traditional style and are known as 'canopy boats' . Depending on tour operator, you can also enjoy a buffet meal as part of the cruise or even stay on the boat overnights for a completely different Halong Bay experience , in the frame scene " only the golden moonlight and the silver color of the water " 


5.Take a cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay

Since the waters around Bai Tu Long Bay are not crowded around large ships, you can easily and safely explore the area by kayak. Bai Tu Long has a number of caves that are only accessible to the water, as well as hidden beautiful untouched beauty of almost every corner.


The island itself is covered with rainforest and mangroves, and is home to several endangered species, including leopards and large Indian civets.

6.Adventure climbing experience

Answering the question about what to play in Ha Long, climbing in the sea is said to be a risky but very interesting activity. This natural sport is extremely suitable for a place with many large and small islands like Ha Long Bay. There are hundreds of climbing points of easy about difficult to help you test your ingenuity, conquering nature.


With sea climbing, the aim at this game is to climb the cliffs in the sea and jump into the water when the climb is completed. Therefore, when participating athletes don’t need ropes, belts or mattresses, but only a pair of climbing shoes. Despite the protection for the blue sea, climbers must ensure that they are good swimmers and climb at an acceptable height. If you want to challenge yourself about a more difficult level, you must have a belt to ensure safety.
Besides, Ha Long is also famous for Bai Tho mountain climbing. This is not only an opportunity for you to challenge your health but also an opportunity to discover the majestic natural beauty. From the top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy the full panorama of Ha Long Bay and take photos of a lifetime.


7.Visiting natural caves

Ha Long Bay is blessed with countless caves, providing visitors to many ideal opportunities to explore. Describing the caves here as nicely formed into many interesting tunnels. Some of the destinations he suggested are Sung Sot cave, Dau Go cave, Thien Cung cave, Trinh Nu...


8.Bai Chay beach - Ha Long tourist attraction

Bai Chay beach is an artificial beach located right next to Ha Long Bay. This is the most beautiful beach in the city with clear blue water, fine white sand stretching nearly 1,000m. Here you will be spoiled for swimming, check-in and have fun.



9.Cua Van fishing village

With the Ha Long travel experience of many tourists, if you have not been to Cua Van fishing village, you will not fully enjoy the beauty of this place. Cua Van is an ancient fishing village on the bay with a very unique lifestyle of fishermen in the sea. Coming here, you will discover interesting activities such as fishing, squid fishing, boating... and enjoy delicious seafood right at the boat.

Threeland hopes that with the above sharing, visitors will have more useful knowledge when traveling in Ha Long. We are always ready to assist you whenever you need it.