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Ha Long Bay Weather - The Best Time To Visit

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Every morning, when you awake from the dream of distant lands, perhaps you will immediately open your phone, search for a destination you've never set foot in, and start to grasp all the information about that place. If this year, the destination you selected was charming Vietnam, the first question that came up to you would be:” What is the best time to admire this beauty?” 

The scenery of Ha Long Bay

The scenery of Ha Long Bay

There are a ton of evaluation criteria to take into consideration when choosing your travel through the year. For some people, they must arrange travel time to balance their own business and the children's schedule. Still, others would rather focus on Mother Nature’s cycle of weather patterns. If you love freezing, traveling in the winter is a great choice for you. In the meanwhile, swimming and sunbathing are all summer activities. Other travelers may determine based on its cost-effectively or just avoid the crowded tourist season. Therefore, when visiting the captivated land of Southeast Asia, expats should consider clearly the ideal time to travel to Ha Long Bay. This article will give you detail information about Ha Long Bay Weather for your Vietnam Vacation.


Ha Long Bay has been renowned as “The Bay wherever the dragon descends” and located on the Western side of the Gulf of Tonkin in Northern Vietnam. This bay is one of Vietnam’s most prized treasures is featured more than one thousand magnificent limestone karsts and islands of various sizes and shapes along the coastline of Halong Beach. For many tourists, Halong is just like a brilliant “movie”. Not only possess a copious amount of biodiversity but also publicize the surrealistic scenery in the endless movies.

Sailing through the limestone karst with your honey / Source: Nguyen Duc Son

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, the breathtaking scenery Ha Long Bay won’t let you frustrated at all. Wake up in the sunrise and immerse yourself in the tranquil vibe of the landscape while standing on the sundeck, you will feel the serene blue sky and sea mingle into one like an extraordinary watercolor painting. When the nightfall, set your mind free in euphonious musical notes under the shimmering moonlight on the bay and sink into the picturesque scene.

Spring in Ha Long Bay (February to April)

What’s the weather like?

To be honest, early spring is absolutely a great time to visit Halong Bay. With this type of climate, the temperature ranges from 19 to 24 degrees Celsius, you are very likely to observe spring drizzle and early morning mist. It sometimes dips to 15 degrees Celsius at nights, you cannot stay tune without feathery clothes or wooly pyjamas, just bear in mind to bring along your own umbrella, comfortable shoes in your luggage. Let’s start off your lunar new year with a panoramic flight over this charming city, contemplate all the quintessential UNESCO World Heritage Site with your buddies, why not?  

Stunning view from the boat / Source: Thảo Thu Nguyễn

February – April: Vietnamese Traditional New Year – The Best time to visit

Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the most popular and renowned festival in Vietnam according to the Lunar Calendar – from the first day or the first Lunar month to at least the third day. During this time, people will be allowed to have 6-8 days off from work and go back to their hometown to make merry throughout the family reunions. It often takes 10 days to do the household and relish in the specialistic cuisines such as sticky rice cake, spring roll, lean pork paste, pickled onion, five-fruit tray in this holiday.

In HaLong City, you can have a chance to see the numerous exchange activities at the local market or at shopping malls like the Vincom Shopping Center where many people head to buy new kinds of stuff and decorate their sweet home. Besides, if you visit Halong in March, don’t forget to delight in the Cherry Blossoms Festival which is occurred at Halong Square annually when the flowers are in bloom. You will be able to take participate in a variety of hilarious festivals from March 17-21. At night, it often organizes the music shows with the appearances of celebrities from Japanand Vietnam to attract audience fancy.

Enjoy the exciting Carnaval Festival 

If you are under the impression of tranquil vibe here, March is an ideal time to cruise Halong Bay. In the foggy days, Halong Bay looks like the fanciful watercolor painting, you can inhale the precious air in your lungs and feel the fervent love of the ocean when cruising over this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore, March is also high season for you to experience all the activities here meanwhile water activities can be limited due to the weather. And when it comes to April, you can say this is one of the most fantastic times of the year! 

A breathtaking seascape in spring / Source: Thảo Thu Nguyễn

Not too hot and not too cold, April is in the period between spring and summer, which means you can be easily entertained by in-outdoor activities in Halong Bay without any disruption. When coming to Halong, it’s missing if you don’t visit Titov Island which is renowned for its golden-gilded sand beach and shallow waters. Waking up early in the morning and beholding the panoramic views from the top, I bet your camera will not stay still. In this season, you can enjoy many exciting water-based activities, including canoeing, kayaking, and swimming.

Moreover, keep in mind that at the end of April, there will be slightly crowded due to the Carnaval Ha Long at Sun World Halong Complex, where take place with spectacular performances of art, music, and lighting.


Let's get crazy with tons of adventurous amusement at Sun World Ha Long Complex / Source: Bùi Ly

On unseasonably cold days, we provide with you a few indoor attractions to visit, including the Quang Ninh Museum with an entry fee of just 30,000VND (1,50 USD) per person for a deep-understanding about the province of Quang Ninh. Another activity to try is the scenic flight over Halong Bay, the views are extremely resplendent on sunny days. Flying in a seaplane is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so remember to book out soon and witness the magnificent seascape.


Summer in Ha Long Bay ( May – August)

What’s the weather like?

Starting from June to the end of September is the rainy season with a higher chance of storms and typhoons. It’s also quite difficult to predict the forecast weather. Rainfall will suddenly come and go at times with the intense heat and muggy atmosphere. With temperatures around 30 degrees Celcius, it may make you sometimes unease at all. But don’t worry too much, the rain doesn’t last long so you can relax at your homestay or hotel for a day and keep following your schedule with a cheerful smile.

Ha Long Bay in summer / Source: Vũ Hoài Long

Conversely, summertime is also ideal for those who are adventure-seeker. The temperature is quite hot average of 29-32 degrees Celcius so you can swim whenever you want. Take advantage of the laid-back weather and sunny skies, summer is the high season for domestic tourism in Halong Bay. So, be careful to plan a voyage in this season. 

June is considered to be the best month to travel to Halong Bay for expats. Expect larger domestic tourism during summer as local families go on vacation with their children, prices can be higher during these months as it is peak travel season.  Also, the weather is magnificent for practically any and all activities in Halong Bay from water sports like swimming, kayaking, to indoor activities. If you plan a vacation is this summer, bear in mind to bring sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen against the heat and searing temperatures.

Kayaking to explore Ha Long Bay / Source: Thảo Thu Nguyễn

July – September: Storm Season

August tends to rain the most but don’t worry too much. Some activities can be put on the back burner because of the bad weather (storms, flood,…), so it’s a smart decision if you prepare yourself a surrogate way in advice to avoid any gap during your vacation. You can stroll to the local markets, buy souvenirs or join the Sun World Halong Complex instead, which makes for a great summertime outing.

Autumn in Ha Long Bay ( September – October)

What’s the weather like?

Fall is absolutely a wonderful time to travel! Temperatures fall from 28C to about 22C,the cooler temperatures and fewer domestic tourists that make Halong becoming an ideal autumn honeymoon destination. Many honeymoon couples and family are planning a trip to witness the magnificent caves or just simply relax on the sundeck and immerse in the chilling atmosphere.

Dating in the romantic scenery on cruise / Source: Hoàng Tuấn Anh

October – April: Peak Season

Autumn can bring valuable experiences lwith a much smaller number of visitors. You can also learn about floating fishing villages and local cultures without having to worry that they are on Tet holiday. Visitors can also witness the moment of changing seasons from above the seaplane, zooming in the view and taking in the panoramic views of Ha Long's nature below. The most important thing is that while the majority of tourists are busy back to work or to prepare for the exam, no longer being the peak tourist season, allowing you to enjoy a charming, open space of Ha Long. 

Witness the serene of Ha Long 's first dawning / Source: Vũ Hoài Long

Moreover, clear skies are wonderful to take a photo in Halong, meanwhile, it’s also an ideal time for many couples to take wedding photos in and around Halong Bay. As the weather is pleasant and much cooler than summer, expats can easily enjoy being outdoors and taking part in different activities such as kayaking, hiking.


Winter in Ha Long Bay ( November to January)

What’s the weather like?

Say goodbye to Summer and Autumn, let’s jump into the freezing atmosphere in Winter. The average temperature is about 17 to 19 degrees Celsius, and during this time, you will have a chance to discover a different Halong Bay – a tranquil creature, so don’t forget to bring a warm jacket. Planning a trip to Halong Bay in December, you can avoid the bustle-hustle of tourists, and the weather also brings along hazy, misty morning skies. And the early morning mist makes for excellent photos and sets a mysterious mood.

Gorgeous panorama from above / Source: Vũ Hoài Long

November – January: Low domestic tourism

November is the transferring time between autumn and winter, you can enjoy the cool autumn breeze with bright sun. I advise you to bring along some light winter clothes such as cardigan or silk scarf just in case you may get a cough.  Regardless of the cold weather, you may feel ungratified if you want to take a dip in the sea. Alternatively, there are lots of activities to do on and off the cruise ship, incorporate hiking, watching the bay from a seaplane, waking up early for a Tai Chi session on the deck-boat, exploring some Halong’s stunning caves, or simply enjoying a lazy breakfast. 

Similar to January, December is a peak tourist season in Halong Bay. Being an international tourist, you’ll likely join the winter holidays including Christmas and New Year’s. On 24th and 31th December, most cruises also organized their parties and GALA Dinners on board to give you significant experience in here.  

Stir up your joyfulness with your buddies during the vacation 

Winter is also considered to be a wonderful time for leisure travel. So, don’t be shilly-shally to plan a trip here, experience the captivated beauty of this splendor bay, delight in extravagant festivals and get ready to be wonder-struck! 

If you ask me: “What’s the best time to travel to Ha Long Bay?”  There is no exact answer for this wonder, it’s up to you and your timeline, so just relax and decide wisely due to our post. Some people like to laze on the beach in summertime, others like to immerse in romantic season, but for me, to avoid the crowd and have an affordable trip to Halong, the best travel time to Halong Bay is from March to May, or from September to October – perfect for wandering with pleasant weather, affordable prices and tourist activities.