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Ha long bay day trip - admire the paradise bay in Vietnam

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Favored by nature with many beautiful landscapes, Ha Long attracts tourists from the moment they set foot in this beautiful land. Are you passionate about travel, love to explore the majestic landscapes of Vietnam? Are you looking for an interesting destination with family and friends for your upcoming vacation? Without thinking much, HA LONG will be a destination that will surely meet all the requirements for a perfect trip.

For a meaningful, safe and convenient journey to discover Ha Long Bay day trip, don't forget to refer to the article below and equip yourself with the most complete Ha Long travel experience.


Ha Long Bay day tour should go?

Ha Long is the most chosen destination by tourists on their family trip to Quang Ninh. However, visitors only have 1 day to explore this place, because the time is quite short, so choose the famous destinations that you feel most interested in. There are many ideal places for you to fully experience the fun and relaxation time in Quang Ninh. Here are the top tourist attractions in Ha Long that you can refer to.

Ha Long Bay - attractive destination in halong bay tour from hanoi

Ha Long Bay is one of the best halong bay day tours that you must visit during your trip to Quang Ninh. This bay has the advantage of nature, poetic and lyrical scenery, thousands of large and small islands with unique shapes, standing tall with heaven and earth, making many tourists fall in love when visiting.


A complete Halong Bay day tour, don't forget to explore the beauty of the scenery here, enjoy the special dishes and experience the cruise to explore each island of the wonder bay!

Bai Chay Quang Ninh - ha long bay tours

Bai Chay Quang Ninh - the ideal place for a 1-day Ha Long trip you should refer to. Coming to Bai Chay Quang Ninh, you will be really surprised, because this place has many attractive destinations waiting for you to explore. This is one of the must-see places in ha long bay day trip from hanoi

Quang Ninh Beach - Bai Chay Beach, Bai Chay Bridge, Old Quarter, West Street will be the check-in places you should not miss. Especially, in Bai Chay Quang Ninh, there are quite a few very chill cafes designed with a very impressive and unique style, don't forget to visit with your close friends to enjoy a short trip to the fullest.


Cuisine and specialties in Bai Chay Quang Ninh are also quite diverse, the dishes that you must try are: porridge, fried snails, cockles, sea sam, fried squid with fish sauce, ... you can visit any restaurant here to enjoy. Besides, when coming to Bai Chay, don't forget to buy the specialty squid cake here as a gift.

Quang Ninh Museum - ha long bay tours

Quang Ninh Museum is known as the "mystical black pearl" by the heritage bay - where many exhibitions on Vietnamese history, culture and nature take place. This work has an extremely impressive architecture designed by a Spanish architect.

Coming to Quang Ninh Museum, you will be able to see firsthand the models recreating the formation and development of many marine species. Many images clearly show the life, material and spiritual, the flood of Quang Ninh miners in the most authentic way. At the same time, you will also gain more knowledge about the history of the development of the mining industry of our country.


Quang Ninh Museum is one of the places not to be missed in the itinerary of a ha long bay tour. Visit and take pictures of really chill memories here!

Reu Island - the ideal place for a day Quang Ninh tour

Reu Island in Quang Ninh is a tourist destination that should not be missed for tourists who love to explore nature. The island of Reu possesses natural beauty, diverse flora, and many rare and precious flora and fauna live here.

Coming to the beautiful Reu island, you can not only discover beautiful nature. It also has super delicious food, a very attractive resort, a white sandy beach and clear sea waiting for you in the halong bay tour package.


Bai Tho Mountain

Coming to Bai Tho mountain, visitors will admire the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay with immense sea and islands. This mountain with a poetic name has made many curious tourists certain to explore in a day Ha Long tour.

Although Bai Tho Mountain is not the highest in Ha Long, when you come here, you will admire the beautiful bay panorama, all worries and fatigue in life will be completely dispelled. Standing on the highest position and checking-in a commemorative photo will be one of the most memorable experiences. However, Bai Tho mountain climbing has been suspended due to safety concerns for visitors, instead you can visit and admire the scenery below. Please carefully update the information from the local government before planning a specific schedule for your halong bay tour from hanoi!


Ha Long travel experience 1 day self-sufficient

Means of transport to halong bay tour from hanoi 1 day

For the most convenience for a 1-day Ha Long trip, you should choose Hanoi as the starting point, because here there will be more means of transportation to choose from. The time to go to Quang Ninh will take from 3 to 5 hours with a distance of about 180 km.

Visitors can choose to travel by private vehicle, bus or train.

Bus: The schedule will be from bus stations such as My Dinh, Luong Yen of Hanoi to Bai Chay Ha Long bus station. Fares will range from 100,000 - 200,000 VND/passenger/trip depending on the type of vehicle operating, which can be a sleeper or a seat car.


Personal vehicle (motorcycle, private car): You move along Highway 5 - Sai Dong fork - Road 18 - Pha Lai - Chi Linh - Uong Bi - Ha Long. Along the way, you can admire the scenery on both sides of the road, stop to take pictures. This is a suitable vehicle for active young people who like to explore on their own.

Train: Departing from Yen Vien station (Hanoi) to Ha Long (Quang Ninh) with a fare of about 80,000 VND/person/trip.

Ha Long Bay day tour will be one of the memorable experiences for you. Come to the beautiful city of Ha Long to treat yourself to the most complete holiday if you do not have much time to travel. Hopefully, the detailed Ha Long Bay day tour itinerary above will help you explore more conveniently and easily.