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Head in the clouds in the top cloud-hunting Da Lat spots

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Fall and winter are the best seasons for Da Lat cloud-hunting. People from the lowlands travel to Da Lat on sunny summer days to enjoy the cold air of the highland heaven and earth in the rain of love, which is lovely and dreamlike. Then, as the season changes to autumn, the heart is filled with longing to put all the trash in the drawer, leisurely cross the pass, and journey to Da Lat, bathed in the silvery white mist across the sky. Standing on a high hill in the early morning, watching the clouds fly beneath your feet, is a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

1. Top popular hill spots to cloud-hunting in Da Lat

1.1. Hon Bo Hill 

If you enjoy the sense of cold in a wild pine forest rustling with the sound of the wind playing harmony, yet it takes a long time to contemplate, you may truly feel nature's whisper. Stop at Hon Bo on the route to Dalat Travel to look for clouds.

Hon Bo is most lovely early in the morning, when the golden rays of sunlight begin to fall down on the tall green pine trees, puffing up their chests to catch the fresh breath of the new day. The sun's color gradually reaches up to the pine hill, causing the mist to abandon his friend and return to the lovely sky. The entire scene is vibrant and strangely deceptive, as if our steps are about to enter another universe when we pass through that curtain.

Pass Da Lat Station towards Huynh Tan Phat Street from the town center, and you will notice the campsite and a junction. Follow the path to the top of the hill. If you don't want to incur the danger of riding on the trail, park and walk up. 

1.2. Pinhatt Mountain Peak

True "cloud hunting" enthusiasts will not be able to overlook Pinhatt Peak, where you can embrace the clouds of Da Lat in your heart while standing on the summit and zooming in on the magnificent world. Da Lat tourists will be able to photograph more moments of the city known as the "land of the fog" at a height of more than 1,600 m.

Standing on the ground, a large Tuyen Lam lake gradually becomes smaller and more lonely as it is surrounded by hills and pine forests. The mist, like a band of clouds, that drew the fairy to earth to find a place to cool off appeared in her thoughts, real yet a dream, a dream but real. an unexplainable sensation that causes people to fall in love and lose their way back. 

After taking in the views of the city from the top of Pinhatt, visitors to Da Lat can stroll a few hundred meters to the famed Elephant Mountain base during the anti-French-American era of Lam Dong. 

1.3. Lac Duong Town

Don't be too downcast if you can't get up early and climb the mountain to view the dew. Lac Duong, which is not far from Da Lat, will make visitors' trips more attractive because of its verdant vegetable gardens that sparkle with clear dew drops in the morning sun.

Visitors can enjoy the fresh taste of green vegetables while standing at the farms and looking into the distance to see houses built in the ancient style suspended in the pine hill and accidentally covered by mist silk ribbons, who caught up with and hid, keeping the heart curious and sinking. 

1.4. Ho Xuan Huong Lake

No matter how many times we visit Dalat, we always want to stop by Ho Xuan Huong Lake for a bit. For many years, Ho Xuan Huong Lake has maintained its quiet and tranquil characteristics. Despite the buzz and bustle of people, the bright sun, or the purple sunset, Ho Xuan Huong Lake offers a tranquil spot all to itself.

Ho Xuan Huong Lake in the early morning, even though there isn't as much dense fog as in other places, travelers still like to enjoy the full flavor because of the characteristic cold, a little white and silver color gently rising from the lake bed. The pleasure of Ho Xuan Huong Lake when the dawn is still "lazy" and has not yet woken up. 

1.5. Cau Dat Tea Hill

There is nothing more romantic than standing at the fragrant green tea hill, stroking each drop of glittery dew on the young leaves, facing up to the sky, and drinking a little night dew that remains in the heavenly place. Cau Dat Hill is always favored by Da Lat tourists as the "road of love" because of the romantic and beautiful scenery here. Visitors to Cau Dat can hunt clouds Dalat as much as they want in the early morning, when the milky white color covers the pine forest, revealing only a few hilltops that look like small islands in the middle of the sea. 

Park your vehicle outside and take the bus here. The tea hill is located on Highway 20, in the Xuan Truong Commune, some 25 kilometers from Da Lat's center. 

2. Cloud-hunting at coffee shop in Da Lat 

2.1. Binh Yen House Da Lat 

To get to Binh Yen House in Da Lat, you move from the center of Da Lat city and run along Hung Vuong Street in the direction of Trai Mat down to Xuan Tho commune, where Binh Yen House is located. Binh Yen House is suitable for those who have a soul that loves silence and wants to find comfort after a long day of hard work. Imagine waking up every morning, opening the window to welcome the sunrise, and watching the clouds fly halfway up the hill.

Address: Group 7, Da Loc village, Xuan Tho commune, Da Lat

2.2. Gio Cau Dat Coffee Da Lat

Gio Cau Dat Coffee is located right on the way to the tea hill, 20 kilometers southeast of Da Lat city center and a few hundred meters from the tea hill. The shop has a two-story design that is very airy and has a quiet space. In particular, the restaurant has a balcony with tables and chairs and some background to take virtual pictures for visitors when coming here to visit. The best time to visit the cafe is early in the morning, around 6-7 a.m., to enjoy the most beautiful cloud-hunting Da Lat space.

Address: Highway 20, Xuan Truong commune, Da Lat

2.3. Horizon Coffee Da Lat

Horizon Coffee is a cloud-hunting cafe that many tourists have ever visited and is rated as the most beautiful among the cloud-hunting cafes in Da Lat. The shop is located on a high hill, so your view will include a whole pine forest. Because Horizon Cloud Hunting Cafe is located at the top, when you sit and enjoy coffee here, you can watch the clouds and the pine trees below. This is the place you should try if you have the opportunity to come to Da Lat. This place has gradually become a place to hunt clouds that many tourists choose for their trip to Dalat.

Address: 31/6 3/4 Street, Da Lat Ward 3

2.4. Panorama Cafe Da Lat

Panorama is one of the cafes on a high hill in Da Lat that is popular with tourists and an ideal place to hunt clouds. The best time to hunt clouds at the panorama shop is in the evening from 17:30 to 18:30. This place is especially lovely in the evening, when you can see not only the flying clouds but also the beautiful city shimmering in the lights. Panorama Cafe is 8 kilometers from Da Lat's city center. You can combine attractions near this cafe, such as the Cam Tu Cau flower garden and the Linh Phuoc pagoda.

Address: Roundabout 723, Trai Mat, Da Lat

3. Da lat hunt clouds tips 

3.1. When is the best time to go cloud-hunting in Da Lat?

The best time to go cloud hunting in Da Lat is when there is no wind and the temperature is between 15-20 degrees. According to Threeland Travel's experience, if the wind is strong, there is no fog, and the sky is clear at the moment you are ready to begin cloud hunting, the risk of cloud hunting failure is greater than 95%.

Furthermore, you must pay attention to the weather forecast so that you do not get caught in the rain when camping overnight in conjunction with hunting clouds. On the other hand, safety is quite crucial, so choose locations near the city or trustworthy hunting Vietnam Travel Packages

3.2. Time to go cloud hunting in Dalat

It is ideal to get up around 4:30 a.m. and depart at 5 a.m. You don't have to get up between 2 and 3 a.m. because the coldest and cloudiest part of the day begins around 5 a.m. The bright sky allows you to glimpse the sunrise.

Clouds can be of many varieties, such as thin or thick ones, and will begin to evaporate around 7 p.m. The best time to search for clouds in Da Lat is between August and December. Da Lat City frequently experiences colder weather than other months during this time of year, and it is gloomy. cloudy.

3.3. Da Lat Costumes for Cloud Hunting

In addition to the beautiful and shimmering costumes for you to take virtual pictures with your friends, you should also prepare clothes to keep your body warm, such as shoes, towels, gloves, waterproof shirts,... The reason is because of the weather. Dalat weather in the early morning is quite cold, only about 14–15 degrees, so keeping warm to protect health is the most important.

Furthermore, the locations for cloud hunting are frequently high, slippery hills with a lot of fog, so shoes with a good grip should be your first choice.

4. Notes for the Da Lat Cloud Hunters

- Do not go too early because if you are not used to the cold of the plateau, it is easy to catch a cold, but do not go too late, losing the opportunity to hunt clouds in Da Lat trip.
- Da Lat travel luggage made of hunting clouds is always packed with essentials such as jackets, snacks, drinking water, good-grip shoes, and the ideal travel companion.

Above is a summary of the most famous Da Lat cloud hunting places that Threeland Travel has suggested for you. Hope the above information is useful for tourists who are intending to go cloud hunting in Dalat at the present time. To make the trip complete and go well, quickly contact Threeland Travel to book the best tour in Vietnam according to your needs and preferences.