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Dalat Travel - Top places to hunt beautiful clouds

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Dalat travel is not only beautiful because of the poetic scenery of the pine forest, the houses of French architecture or the food. This is also a place for young people to hunt clouds, stand on the top of the hill and watch the clouds floating. The answer has been gradually revealed, Da Lat is famous for its dreamy, floating clouds. Follow Threeland Travel to discover beautiful tourist destinations in Da Lat to hunt for clouds here and check our exclusive tour package for vietnam.

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What is so attractive about the place to hunt clouds in Da Lat?

Dubbed the city of fog, it is surrounded by clouds all year round. Traveling to Da Lat, you will see the muse visiting Da Lat street for a walk. Traveling to Dalat will bring you a scene that is both poetic and majestic, a charming scene.

That is why, Da Lat travel has become one of the famous "cloud hunting paradise" of Vietnam. Da Lat has become a famous tourist destination for many tourists who love the dreamy sky like paradise. You will be captivated when you drop your soul into the beautiful white clouds of Da Lat.


To have a great trip to Dalat. Specifically, hunting clouds. Then you have to find out in detail about the weather, time as well as an attractive place to hunt clouds. And all will be introduced to you by Threeland Travel right here!

What should you prepare before traveling to Dalat?

Let the cloud hunting journey go smoothly and successfully. Don't forget to learn the Dalat travel guide to have the best Dalat travel journey!

According to Dalat Travel guide, For photographers, preparing a camera, lens, and filter is also very important to hunt beautiful clouds. If you use a phone, make sure it is always fully charged.

Remember to check dalat weather before going. Always prepare warm clothes, because the weather in Dalat early in the morning is very cold. Clothing should also be neat for easy movement.

In particular, it is recommended to wear dark, anti-slip shoes to move easily on dangerous and foggy roads.


What is the best time to visit Da Lat Vietnam?

In order to have a successful cloud hunting trip, visitors must carefully check the Dalat weather forecast of the Dalat cloud hunting location before coming. 

Hunting clouds in Dalat in any season is beautiful. In autumn and winter, when the weather is cold, you can hunt for pictures covered with clouds, then in the summer in June and July, you can hunt for pictures of clouds with the glimmer of sunlight. .

Dalat weather in the summer is not too hot, gentle and chilly in the afternoon and evening. Therefore, a lot of tourists choose to hunt rattan at this time. This is the time when there are many advantages, clouds covered with frost are still there but not too cold. Taking pictures of hunting clouds at this time, you can wear attractive floating skirts and still be bright and bright by the sun.


The experience of hunting clouds in Dalat, Vietnam in the summer is that you should get up early every morning. Summer afternoons in this foggy city often have sudden rains, followed by dew all over the road. Taking pictures with dew in the sunset is also very beautiful, but the best is still in the early morning when the sun is rising and the trees are dry, the weather is cloudy without worrying about being wet.

Top places to hunt clouds in Dalat

Hon Bo moutain

If you are someone who likes the cold feeling in the wild pine forest rustling with the sound of the wind playing the harmony, but it takes a lot of time to contemplate you to be able to fully feel the whisper of nature. Stop right at Hon Bo on the way to Dalat travel.

Hon Bo is most beautiful at dawn, when the golden rays of sunshine begin to shine down on the tall green pine trees, puffing up their chests to catch the fresh breath of the new day. Then, gradually, the color of the sun stretched up to the pine hill, making the mist indifferently leave his friend and return to the wonderful sky. The whole thing is like a vivid picture and vaguely illusory, like our footsteps are about to enter another world when we pass through that curtain. This is also an ideal place for dalat camping.


Discover Pinhatt Cheo Leo Peak

True "cloud hunting" believers will not be able to ignore Pinhatt Peak, where you can embrace the clouds and grass of Da Lat in your heart when standing on the top, zooming in on the magical world. With an altitude of more than 1,600m, Da Lat travel will have the opportunity to capture more moments of the city known as the land of this fog.

A large Tuyen Lam lake when standing on the ground gradually becomes small and lonely when surrounded by all the surrounding hills and pine forests. The mist like a band of clouds that brought the fairy to earth to find a place to cool off appeared in her head, real but dream, dream but real. An indescribable feeling that makes people fall in love, makes people forget the way back.

After enjoying the scenery in the clouds of the city on top of Pinhatt, Da Lat tourists also have the opportunity to visit the famous Elephant Mountain base during the anti-French-American era of Lam Dong, a few hundred meters walk away.

Enjoy yourself with Lac Duong


For those who can't get up too early and climb the mountain to see the dew, don't be too depressed. Because it is not far from Da Lat city, Lac Duong with lush green vegetable gardens shimmering with clear dew drops in the morning sun will also bring dalat day tours more interesting.

Standing at the farms, visitors can both feel the fresh taste of green vegetables and lean into the distance, where there are houses built in the ancient style suspended in the pine hill, which are accidentally covered by silk ribbons. Who inadvertently caught up and hid, making the heart keep curious, keep sinking.

Self-loving with Ho Xuan Huong

No matter how many times we travel to Dalat, we still want to visit Xuan Huong Lake for a while as a confidant that cannot be stopped. For many years, Xuan Huong Lake has always kept its quiet and peaceful features. Despite the hustle and bustle of people, despite the golden sun or purple sunset, Xuan Huong Lake still has a quiet space for itself.


Xuan Huong Lake in the early morning, although there is not a lot of dense fog like other places, but because of the characteristic cold, a little white and silver color gently rising from the lake bed, travelers still like to enjoy the full taste. The pleasure of Xuan Huong Lake when the dawn is still "lazy" and has not yet woken up.

Romance On The Road In The Cau Dat

There is nothing more romantic than standing in the fragrant green tea hill, stroking each drop of glittery dew on the young leaves, facing up to the sky, drinking a little night dew left in the heavenly place. Cau Dat is always favored by Da Lat tourists as the road of love because of the romantic and beautiful scenery here.

In the early morning at Cau Dat, visitors can hunt clouds as much as they like, the milky white color covers the pine forest, revealing only a few hilltops like small islands in the middle of the sea that stir up waves.

Hunting clouds on Da Phu hill


Da Phu Hill Da Lat is located about 10km from the city center. Visiting Da Phu hill, you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the suburbs and see a peaceful Da Lat from above. This is considered one of the most ideal overnight camping and cloud hunting sites. Try the feeling of a night outdoors watching the lights from the gardens of Dalat camping, roasting chicken, singing under the moonlight and waking up early in the morning with flying clouds!

Hunting clouds at Panorama Cafe with great view

Another place to hunt clouds in Da Lat, Vietnam with a great view is Cafe Panorama Da Lat. Panorama Cafe is a place designed with many glass windows for you to comfortably view the outside space. Come here in the evening to watch the clouds drifting outside the window and catch the moment of lighting up the shimmering lights of the greenhouse below.


Above are the top list of the most beautiful Dalat,Vietnam cloud hunting spots. Which you have researched and experienced. The above Threeland Travel sharing will partly help you to choose the most beautiful and satisfactory cloud hunting places possible. Hope you will have a memorable experience when you visit this dreamy mountain city.