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Dalat in April - The month of flower seasons

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Da Lat in April is the time to welcome a lot of tourists. At this time, Da Lat is brilliant in the purple color of lavender, purple phoenix and the fresh yellow color of sunflowers. With cooler and warmer air, traveling to Da Lat in April is a completely reasonable choice. Follow Threeland Travel to discover the land of these flowers!


How hot is Dalat Vietnam in April 2023?

Da Lat is a land with cool temperatures in Vietnam. Da Lat in April has a temperature that makes any visitor have to enjoy it. In general, during the year, the climate of this land is divided into two distinct periods. Dalat in April weather is the rainy season and the dry season. April is the last month of the dry season in Dalat. Therefore, the atmosphere at this time has many obvious changes. In other words, it bears the imprint of the weather at the change of season.


Dalat climate at this time is quite pleasant. During the day it is sunny. Unlike this time in other provinces, it is often hot and sunny, the sunshine of Da Lat in April is gentle. Yellow enough to make good pictures but not too harsh and not hot at all. On the contrary, you can also wear thin autumn shirts.

At night, the temperature will drop a bit and there will be dew. That's why the weather is cold. This is really perfect for you and your group of close friends to take a walk around Xuan Huong Lake or find a barbecue restaurant to sip. The temperature in April of Da Lat is usually at 20 degrees C - 28 degrees C. Night will drop below 18 degrees C. This is the ideal time to travel to Dalat in April.

What is the best time to visit Dalat Vietnam?

Is Dalat worth a visit?. April in Da Lat is a time of clear season change, a harmony between the cold weather that is so familiar with this city with the hot and cold features of summer weather. Because of the changing season, the flowers here are also very rich.

Da Lat purple phoenix flower season


At the end of March and early April, the purple flower buds are showing off again in the cold sun of the highlands. More than half a century ago, an engineer brought this seed from faraway Americas, planted it and then replicated it by the people here. Now when it comes to Da Lat, people often refer to the purple phoenix flower season.

Traveling to Da Lat in April, you will surely be surprised by the purple color of the phoenix flower season. Unlike the red phoenix of school age - brilliant as an arrogant queen bathing in the blazing sun of the southern summer. Da Lat purple phoenix is ​​gentle and timid like a beautiful girl covered with the thin mist of Da Lat weather. Every street, street, even the color of the sky is dyed an impressive purple heart color.

Da Lat sunflower season


If you travel to Dalat in March, you will see the remaining cherry apricots, then in April, the sunflower season will bloom. April is the month when sunflowers are in full bloom. The fields of sunflowers filled with the golden scene under the soft golden sunshine of Dalat weather are easy to make people fall in love.

As its name suggests, sunflowers always face the sun. That's why people often liken this flower as steadfastness, always looking forward to the future. Just point towards the sun, the shadow will be behind you. The hills of yellow sunflowers are bright in a corner of the sky, sunflower trees are not higher than a person's head, but it is easy to immerse ourselves and forget the way back.

Lavender in Dalat


Traveling to Da Lat in April will suggest you one more flower that blooms in April - Dalat climate is also extremely attractive. That is lavender, also known as Lavender, originating from Europe.

If the red rose - the flower of the aspiration for sincere and intense love, the lavender symbolizes a faithful love, despite having to go through many hardships. Because of its special meaning, this flower is very popular with young people when coming to Da Lat.

Da Lat travel April - the month of blooming hydrangeas


Hydrangea is a flower that blooms all year round in Da Lat, you can easily come across endless fields of hydrangea flowers in any season, especially when you come here this month you will feel Dalat in April weather.

Hydrangea has many different meanings. Some say it symbolizes coldness, indifference, others say it symbolizes falsehood. Or for couples in love Hydrangea symbolizes sincere apology, perfection in love.

With my April trip to Da Lat, although it has many meanings, good or bad, hydrangea still stands proudly in the sun and wind of the plateau, beautiful flowers still show off in endless fields. 

White reed grass - Dalat in april


Although this is only a wild flower, when you look at the whole road, the hillside filled with white reed flowers will surely make you immersed in the poetic beauty!

Reed grass begins to bloom in early April, most concentrated on road 723 connecting Da Lat and Nha Trang, grass hill located in Tuyen Lam lake area, road to Clay Tunnel. Only 5km from the center of Da Lat.

Dandelion season

Dandelion flowers are loved and welcomed by many young people when Da Lat is in April. You can easily see the bright yellow dandelion flowers with long, dark green leaves on the hillside, the roadside, the shore of Xuan Huong Lake, the fence of the Palace 2 Dalat, Robin Hill, the Valley of Love, …


At all times of the year it is beautiful, each time has its own beauty. The above article has provided you with information about Dalat tourism in April of the year. Da Lat in April is the season of many colorful flowers. Hope this article helps you if you are planning to travel to Dalat in April this year.