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Dalat Food - Top delicious dishes should to be tried

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Dalat food - What delicious food in Da Lat "famous" for the city of thousands of flowers? Which Dalat specialties should be bought as gifts? Read this article to not miss the delicious dishes worthy of the specialty of Da Lat, which can both be enjoyed along the journey, and conveniently brought back as gifts for friends and relatives!


Referring to Da Lat, it is impossible not to mention the rich and diverse culinary culture. The intersection of many typical regional dishes, interference between countries around the world.

Referring to Dalat food, people immediately remember this hot cup of bean milk, served with delicious sweet bread; Or choose cold rainy days to enjoy Da Lat grilled rice paper with toppings full of toppings. Whether it's a traditional Dalat specialty or an impromptu Da Lat street food, the local cuisine here still possesses an undeniable attraction. Let's explore with Threeland Travel about this rich cuisine!

Delicious food in Dalat - Dalat breakfast

Bread from the Windmill Bakery

This is a delicious dish in Dalat, have you tried it yet, it's delicious. The highlight of the shop is that all ingredients and cakes are processed on the same day, so it is very delicious and safe. You can freely choose the filling to serve with the richly seasoned sauce.
Come here, don't forget to check in the golden wall of the legendary Windmill Bakery! After enjoying a full loaf of bread, you can go to the opposite best coffee in Dalat to sip some coffee and chat.

Banh Canh - Quang noodles - Xuan Anh beef noodle

This is one of the dishes in Dalat Food that should not be missed. Can cake is crispy and hot, served with fish sauce or seasoned fish sauce are excellent, if you like, you can eat it with shumai. A super delicious dish like this is no wonder why so many people are addicted. So you have to hurry, the shop is a bit crowded, come late and that's it. 

Da Lat Phu Gia Noodles - Noodles

"Noodles" is a dear name that diners give to the restaurant because if you come here to eat without keeping the meaning, you will be kicked out or not received right from the door. The owners and staff are very enthusiastic and thorough in every step from preliminary processing to serving hot noodles to diners, which makes anyone who has ever come here feel that they are doing it with passion. It's not really because of making money, so you don't have to have money to eat. Therefore, this is a great choice for Dalat breakfast.


Except that the seats are a bit small (about 20 seats), everything is worthy of a delicious Dalat dish with a score of 10 for quality. A "big" note is that the shop only sells 4 days a week, which is Monday, June 4, and Sunday, the rest of the days are off because the pot of delicious and rich broth takes nearly 2 days to stew. Do not hesitate to visit one of Dalat Foods.

An snakehead fish soup

In Dalat food, An's snakehead fish soup is a delicious dish in Da Lat from the table in terms of freshness, from the stage of going to the market to choose vegetables, choosing fish to the stage of processing, marinating the fish, cooking the broth very carefully, creating the flavor. The unique taste makes the restaurant win great affection from Da Lat people as well as tourists.

Snakehead fish soup with bitter vegetables, snakehead fish is a nutritious food with bitter vegetables - it is a very good herb for health.


Delicious snacks in Da Lat

Tang Bat Ho Soy Milk

In the evening, Da Lat people often drink soy milk, sip cake and chat with friends after a working day. Soy milk in Da Lat also has many types such as soybeans, green beans, peanuts and added cow's milk or sugar. When traveling to Da Lat, don't forget to visit the shop!

Thanh Thao Butter Cream

Thanh Thao avocado ice cream is a familiar spot for avocado ice cream lovers in Da Lat. I come here to eat many times, but every time I have to wait for a while, because the customers are quite crowded. Not only locals but tourists also know this delicious ice cream shop. This is the best snack in Dalat.

The avocados are ripe, golden, and blended with a little milk. Because it is a ripe waxy butter, it will taste fatty when eaten, no longer acrid like when grinding unripe butter.


Steamed thin riᴄe panᴄake with chicken intestines 18

This delicious Dalat dish is one of the dishes you must try when you travel to Da Lat. The shop is located at 18 Tang Bat Ho, very convenient for searching and commuting. Although this area has a lot of cake shops with chicken hearts, these restaurants are still extremely crowded with the quality of the dishes.

Wet cake served with shredded chicken, chicken intestines, chewy chicken and fish sauce for nearly 1/3 of a bowl. This dish is cheap and delicious, only 28 thousand / bowl. Remember to order more dishes of the heart, eat ecstatically. The shop is open early in the morning, so if you don't know what to eat in Da Lat, just go to Tang Bat's wet cake shop. Referring to delicious restaurants in Da Lat without mentioning this restaurant is a huge omission.


Grilled rice paper – Da Lat snacks cannot be ignored

A Da Lat snack that you must definitely enjoy is grilled rice paper. Da Lat grilled rice paper is a delicious and very popular snack, a snack that is likened to "Vietnamese-style Pizza". This is also a popular snack in da lat street food.

Da Lat is probably the birthplace of this famous snack. Spreading to Saigon and many other provinces and cities, each place can vary depending on the taste of each region.

An ember oven with many different ingredients, spices and side dishes, waiting for about 5-10 minutes, you can hold hot baked rice paper in your hand and blow it and eat it.
The main ingredients are rice paper, butter, eggs (chicken or quail), onions, sausages, cheese, dried shrimps, etc. Depending on the choice, the price of each rice paper will vary, ranging from 15,000 – 30,000 VND.

Da Lat Custard Cake

One of the best snacks in Dalat that is both delicious and full of stomach that you should not miss is banh can. Da Lat Custard Cake is a "hybrid" of the main southern “Banh Khot” and Vietnamese meatballs bread. Calling that sounds really stimulating the curiosity about this mountain town snack specialty, doesn't it!

The main ingredients of Da Lat Custard Cake are a mixture of white ready-made flour, chicken eggs (quail eggs) mixed with whipped spices. The filling can include things such as shrimp, squid, meat, beef, etc. It depends on how each restaurant is processed and is still important to the needs of the diners.


Da Lat can cake will be served with a bowl of shumai soup, sweet and sour fish sauce or seasoned fish sauce depending on your preference. When eating, you will feel the aftertaste that is both hot and fragrant, sweet, spicy, and spicy of the mixture of banh can and shumai water.

Husband Wet Cake in Dalat

An extremely new and attractive snack that has just appeared in Da Lat is wet cake with husband. When you eat somewhere, the kitchen will pour the cake there, so the cake is always hot.

The wet cake at Da Lat's wet cake shop is poured with delicious freshly ground rice flour, so the cake is very flexible and fragrant. When eating, you will choose to add fillings such as grilled meat, spring rolls, spring rolls ...

The accompanying dipping sauce has 4 very special flavors, in addition to each of these snacks, there are also cucumbers, herbs and mango served.

Da Lat Che He - famous Dalat snack

It's evening, just walking around Da Lat market. Hey Che He Shop! Yes, this is a kind of Vietnamese bean dessert . Che He is the name of a famous Che He shop. So what are you waiting for, try "Che He".

Where does the word "He'' come from? This interesting name is due to the monopoly from a famous snack shop located at the beginning of 3/2 street near DaLat market. Because of the fear of the cold, the shop only opened its door a little to welcome guests, most of the patrons know where they just need to slip through the half-open door to sit down and have a cup of tea, especially right.


Da Lat Bloating Fern – Shaped Cake, Pancake

Along the journey to enjoy the scenery, visitors will inevitably encounter a few small shops serving Da Lat's Bloating Fern – Shaped Cake dish. These restaurants are simple but always crowded with tourists.

There are also many Bloating Fern – Shaped Cake discs in markets and tourist attractions. When visiting tired and hungry, you can sit down to make a few plates, a few cups, fill your stomach and then go on the excursion again.

Pancake is also one of the must-try snacks when coming to the foggy town. Served with green vegetables, mixed fish sauce.

Above is a list of delicious dishes in Da Lat that you cannot ignore. Hopefully with the above suggestions will help you have more great choices to have a delicious meal.