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Da Lat tourist destination: Golden Valley - A fairyland that captivates travelers

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The Golden Valley in Da Lat is favored by many tourists as a "fairy place" because of its wild and fanciful beauty. Coming here, you will be able to explore the natural scenery and keep yourself chilled photos. 

Golden Valley - Dalat tourist destination gives visitors a feeling of relaxation and comfort while looking at the natural landscape. If you are looking for a peaceful destination, let's find out the location, transportation, services... of this resort with Threeland Travel in the article below.

1. Location of Golden Valley Tourist Area

With stunning landscapes and relaxing atmosphere, Golden Valley in Da Lat is an ideal destination for those who want to escape the urban rhythm and enjoy the beautiful nature. The Golden Valley of Da Lat city is located in the middle of a special pine forest with a height of 5-15m, so the scenery is very airy and the climate is cool.

  • Address: Lat Dong, Lat, Lac Duong
  • Opening hours: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Ticket price: Adults: 70,000 VND/person, children: 30,000 VND/person. The resort has a number of other entertainment services, if you join, you need to pay a separate fee.
  • Map of tourist areas: The map of Da Lat in general or the map of the Golden Valley tourist area in particular is very large and has many attractions. Therefore, before coming here, you need to learn the map in advance to visit many points, avoid wasting time. To the Golden Valley, to the right of the parking lot is a pine hill where you can camp and take wedding photos here. Going further you will see the rose garden and the great landscape. Going deep inside is the center of the tourist area - Golden Lake. Next, you can visit the bonsai garden, orchid garden and restaurant.

2. How is the way to the Golden Valley?

Golden Valley is about 14km from the center of Da Lat city, the way to this place is also quite convenient and easy to move for tourists from all directions. You can refer to the details of the way to the resort from Da Lat market as follows:

  • Route: Da Lat Market → Nguyen Van Troi → Linh Son pagoda intersection → Phan Dinh Phung street → Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street → Tung Lam 3rd intersection → Ankroet street → go straight to Golden Valley.
  • Suggestion: With the distance not too far, visitors can choose to rent a motorbike in Da Lat or take a taxi. These are two popular means of transport in Da Lat with reasonable prices for tourists. Motorcycles are for those of you who like to go and enjoy the scenery on the roadside. Also, taking a taxi is suitable for those traveling in groups to save money and safety.

Đường đến khu du lịch Thung Lũng Vàng

3. What services does Golden Valley Resort have?

What does the Golden Valley have besides beautiful natural landscapes that visitors can explore? This is a question asked by many tourists when they intend to come here to visit. In addition to sightseeing, the resort will have more services to meet the needs of visitors such as:

  • Games for kids and adults
  • Team building games
  • Go fishing
  • Ethnic makeup
  • Picnic
  • The guesthouse can accommodate up to 100 guests
  • The restaurant can accommodate 350 guests with diverse culinary cultures: European, Asian, Central Highlands...

And many other interesting and attractive services that only when you come here you have the opportunity to experience.

4. Top experiences not to be missed in Golden Valley

In recent years, when traveling to Da Lat, tourists often come to the Golden Valley to immerse themselves in nature and the typical climate of the foggy city. This place has green lawns, romantic pine forests, clear blue lakes… All of them are in harmony with each other to create a beautiful and lyrical picture of nature. When coming to the tourist area, there are certain experiences you should not miss below.

4.1. Walking in the vast green pine forest

There are many pine forests in Dalat, but each location brings a different beauty. In the Golden Valley, too, walking in the pine forest here really makes people excited and passionate. With vast pine forests covering a large area, this place becomes a mysterious and romantic paradise. The landscape of the pristine pine forest, with soaring pine trees, bringing shade under the crept sunlight, creates a ravishing image. When immersed in this space, visitors will feel the most relaxed and comfortable.

4.2. Admire the peaceful Dan Kia lake

The center of Golden Valley tourist area is Dan Kia lake. Dan Kia Lake is an artificial lake, bringing in its peaceful beauty and creating a dreamy part for the tourist area. In addition to providing domestic water for the surrounding areas, Dan Kia Lake is also a place that attracts tourists by the harmony of the landscape. On the shore of the lake, there is a lonely pine tree that spreads out in a large space, accompanying the lake for decades. Around the lakeside, there are small wooden houses with lovely thatched roofs, creating an interesting space for visitors to sit and enjoy the food.

4.3. Admire the pink grass hill in the beautiful and poetic Golden Valley

Review of Da Lat about new and interesting things that attract tourists cannot help but mention the pink grass hill in the Golden Valley. Da Lat's pink grass hill creates a beautiful natural picture that makes any visitor admire and praise. Pink grass only grows in November, so if you want to admire the beauty of pink grass, you should come to Da Lat on this occasion because in December the pink color will disappear.

Pink grass in this tourist area not only grows in individual clusters but sticks to the ground to help the whole valley be covered in the gentle pink color of grass. Especially when the morning dew is covered with grass, the whole hill of pink grass looks like a fairyland.

4.4. Check-in the brilliant flower gardens

This tourist area also contains not one, but many flower gardens and large Bonsai gardens. Like a beautiful natural picture, each flower garden, each tree species, and each layout in the resort make this place look like a dreamy fairy garden, appearing only in beautiful dreams. In addition to the flower gardens that shine all year round, the resort also displays rare plants such as juniper bud, pine conifer, etc., which increases the richness and attractiveness for visitors.

4.5. Fishing, camping Golden Valley

What does Da Lat have to do to both enjoy the beautiful scenery and participate in fishing or camping activities? Visitors do not miss the Golden Valley where all your needs can be met. You can fish right at Dan Kia lake, the lake has many different types of fish: tilapia, carp… To experience fishing, you need to register with the resort to be provided with fishing rods and bait. . This is an elegant hobby as well as a favorite of many tourists.

In addition, visitors coming here can bring tents or rent tents from the resort to camp. You will have a great picnic if you and your friends and relatives camp here.

4.6. Join the campfire activity

In the cold weather of Da Lat, there is nothing better than sitting with friends by the fire. At the resort will provide firewood with the rental price of about 500,000 VND / pile for visitors. If there is a need, you can rent firewood for the campfire, this will definitely be an interesting experience for your trip.

5. Useful travel tips for Dalat Golden Valley

To make your trip to Dalat Golden Valley the most enjoyable and memorable, here are some useful notes that you should immediately take into account:

  • Find out the way to the tourist area in advance to save time.
  • Pay attention to moving, traveling carefully because the tourist area has quite a lot of steep hills and deep abysses.
  • Prepare food and drink to bring.
  • Prepare extra long-sleeved clothing or insect repellent.

Da Lat is full of beautiful scenes that you will probably need to spend more time exploring. If you are a travel enthusiast, do not hesitate to join your "team" to "bombard" Da Lat and many other provinces in Vietnam. Including Nha Trang - a beautiful coastal city that you can combine tourism with Da Lat - Nha Trang. Because to get to Nha Trang from Da Lat you only need to travel about 3 hours with a distance of nearly 180km. Convenient distance, easy travel will help you admire the wonderful scenery in Nha Trang.

Through the above article, you certainly have an overview of the Golden Valley to have detailed plans for your trip. Come here, don't be too busy watching the scenery, participating in interesting activities, but forget to save beautiful "virtual life" photos. 

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