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Ba Na Hills travel experience from A - Z

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What is Ba Na Hills Vietnam? Sun World Ba Na Hills is one of the famous check-in places in Da Nang as well as the whole country, where it attracts tens of thousands of visitors every day. And if you have the opportunity to come to this beautiful coastal city.

If you have the opportunity to come to this beautiful coastal city, an extremely sincere advice is that you should not miss a visit to Ba Na Hills, it will be an extremely flawed point.
Below Threeland Travel will summarize some Ba Na Hills travel experiences from A - Z in Da Nang for your reference.


About Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Ba Na Hills is a famous tourist destination in Da Nang. This is a resort complex combining with the most classy entertainment in Vietnam located more than 20 km from the center of Da Nang city.

Sun World Ba Na Hills is known as the "land of fairyland", possessing a wonderful climate and amazing natural landscape. Danang to Sun World Ba Na Hills, you will experience the 4-season climate in one day with a variety of festivals, entertainment, and culinary activities.


How much does it cost to go to Ba Na Hills?

The price of the cable car ticket for adults is 750,000 VND / person, including lunch buffet at Beer Plaza restaurant

Ba Na Hills tickets for children from 1-1.4m for 600,000 VND, including lunch buffet

Children under 1m will be free of charge.

When should you travel to Ba Na Hills?


Consider what you like to choose the best time for the upcoming Ba Na Hills trip.

If you like crowded and bustling, come here around April to August because this time coincides with the long tourist season. This is the best time to travel to Ba Na Hills. So you are free to hang out from morning to night without fear of being "cooled down". If you like a quiet space, go in spring (January - March), or winter (October-December). This is the low season, the weather is cool, so you will have the opportunity to see the full beauty of Ba Na Hills.

Places to visit on Ba Na Hills

It can be said that Ba Na Hills travel is the pride of Da Nang - a tourist area with a very pleasant atmosphere, especially for those who like the romantic and classic European style. Let's go with Threeland Travel to take a look at a few places to visit on the top of Ba Na...

1. Golden Bridge | Golden Bridge - a super "hot" virtual check-in place

Ba na hills bridge that many tourists are most interested in, it is located right at the first cable car station, is one of the bridges with the most unique architecture in the world with the image of two hands lifting the bridge like a strip, so silk. A bridge does not need to cross any rivers, but lies above the clouds.

The railing is made of steel coated with shiny gold paint, and the bottom is also planted with colorful flowers that look extremely vibrant. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ba Na, do not miss this super hot check-in place. The best time to take pictures is in the morning, it will usually be sunny, and in the afternoon it will be very cloudy.


If you want to see the entire Golden Bridge in a peaceful and deserted atmosphere, take advantage of getting up early and moving to the Golden Bridge at 7:30 - 8:00. At this time, the bridge will be less crowded at 9-10am.

2. French Village | French Village – Soul of Ba Na Hills

Dubbed "miniature France" with Saint Denis Church in the center, the square, houses and hotels are built in the romantic European style. Stepping into the French village, every corner can be used to produce beautiful photos.

Ancient villages, palatial and magnificent castles with European style, all have created a very unique overall picture. The pointed roofs are adjacent to each other against the blue sky background, making us feel lost in the fairy world that only seems to be possible when coming to far away France.

Ba Na Hills French Village was designed by French architects as a resort paradise with 7 zones and 32 magnificent buildings. In addition, the system of 3-5 star hotels, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants... is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to explore ancient European architecture and wants to enjoy the service quality.


3. Fantasy Park - Great family fun spot

If you have children in your family, don't forget to visit this Park to satisfy your children's fun. There are many games suitable for both girls and boys such as ferris wheel, driving, racing, adventure games, dinosaur park...

4. What's there to walk around the French village?

St Denis Cathedral: a miniature of Denis Cathedral, France. This work vividly reproduces the Gothic architecture built in the French village of Ba Na Hills.

Chateau De Chenonceau: Castle Chenonceau has the full French name of Chateau de Chenonceau, one of the highlights of long-standing Celtic culture.

The village of Apremont sur Allier: boldly peaceful and simple of a French countryside.

The village of Brittany

Stopping in the village of Brittany, visitors will feel interesting things from Celtic culture. This place is known as the oldest town, famous for its sweet crepes or specially brewed beers. The town of Brittany in the French Village of Ba Na Hills is clearly represented by its steeply sloping roofs, wide courtyards and thick walls.


The village of Apremont sur Allier

The village is also a mini model bearing the French imprint in Ba Na Hills. Legend has it that, before the pristine beauty of this village, Pigneau gave up his role as a missionary just to become a pure farmer. Coming here, you will definitely feel like Pigneau, giving up everything to stay here "growing vegetables and raising fish".

5. Sun God Waterfall with 40 gold-plated statues

The Sun God Waterfall is a super beautiful newly completed work, artistically sculpted with the style of ancient Greek mythology, inspired by the Grand Casade fountain system at the more than 200-year-old Peterhof palace located beside the southwest coast of St Petersburg. You definitely cannot miss this place in your Ba Na Hills travel itinerary.

6. Debay wine cellar 100 years old

Debay ancient wine cellar is a unique work built by the French, dug deep in the heart of Ba Na mountain in 1923. This is an ancient wine cellar with a length of 100m and always kept the ideal temperature from 16 degrees to 20 degrees. Visitors will have new experiences and discoveries in a French cellar space when visiting Sun World Ba Na Hills.


7. The sacred Linh Ung Pagoda at an altitude of nearly 1,500m

Linh Ung Pagoda in Ba Na is one of three Linh Ung Self-made strong tripods to protect Da Nang along with Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra and Linh Ung Pagoda in Ngu Hanh Son. The pagoda is located in the Ba Na Hill tourist area. Located on beautiful and poetic terrain with an altitude of nearly 1500m above sea level. If you are a spiritual person, you cannot miss this point when Ba Na Hills travels.

8. The first Wax Museum in Vietnam

Proud to be the first wax museum in Vietnam, Ba Na Hills Wax Museum attracts a large number of visitors every year. Coming here, you seem to be lost in the colorful world with extremely famous characters in the fields of sports, music, cinema and politics…

The skillful hands of Italian artisans bring about exquisite and beautiful sculptures, which are exactly like the real life version.


9. Don't give up Linh Phong Bao Thap - 9 floors touch the clouds

The veranda in the middle of the clouds and sky in Ba Na is nearly 1,500m above sea level, 9 floors of Linh Phong Bao Thap Ba Na Hills have a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni completely made of white stone on all 4 sides East - West - South - North. Around the tower is the statue of the Four Great Heavenly Kings full of swagger, majestically guarding and protecting.

Each floor of the tower has 4 bronze bells hanging at 4 corners, implying the sacred reverberation of Linh Phong Bao Thap between heaven and earth. Ba Na Hills travelers should not miss this majestic spiritual place.


10. Colorful Le Jardin D'amour flower garden with 9 areas

Le Jardin D'amour flower garden is an area of ​​​​the public garden with a panoramic view of the majestic Ba Na, inside the campus planted with many kinds of precious flowers. 

Ba Na Hills has also invested in planting many rare varieties of inflorescences in the Morin rose garden, creating the most impressive rose road in the Central region. The garden at Le Jardin D'Amour is 9 interesting stories told by Ba Na Hills set in 9 different unique architectural styles with a variety of beautiful flowers.

Ba Na Hills Danang Travel is an ideal place to roam and visit. Ba Na is bustling, but still retains something very romantic and very "Europe". If you want to explore the miniature sky in Vietnam, then Ba Na Hills Travel is a great choice. Threeland Travel encourages you to add this place to your upcoming travel itinerary when visiting Vietnam.