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Weather in Cambodia by month and How to travel properly?

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Cambodia weather overview

If you are planning to escape a freezing and snowy winter, you are going to love Cambodia. This tropical country is one of Asia's simpler weather systems with a fairly consistent climate making it a year-round travel destination. Cambodia is generally warm all year, with two distinct seasons: dry and monsoon (some say cool and hot period). 

Cambodia Weather

Cambodia seasons

At a glance, Cambodia has 3 seasons: cool season, hot season, and rainy season. In general, the whole nation is in similar climate designs, basically because of the moderately uniform height and scope all through Cambodia. 


Phnom Penh Avg Temperature ()

Phnom Penh Avg Rainfall in (mm)


79 (26)

0.3 (7)


81 (27)

0.4 (10)


84 (29)

1.6 (40)


88 (31)

3 (75)


86 (30)

5.3 (135)


84 (29)

6.1 (155)


82 (28)

6.7 (170)


84 (29)

6.3 (160)


82 (28)

8.9 (225)


81 (27)

10 (255)


81 (27)

4.9 (125)


79 (26)

1.8 (45)

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How to travel around Cambodia in each season?

1.    Cool season: December – February

The weather in December and February is pleasant; January is the coldest month of the year. Temperatures can start to rise by the end of February. During the cool season, the average temperatures range from 20 to 30 Degree Celsius.

-    Pros: This is the best time to go for holidays to Cambodia. This temperature is perfect to bask in the brilliant sunshine on the beach or to hike through the jungles of Cambodia. Not too hot or rainy, the cool season is also the best time to take a Mekong River cruise and enjoy the stunning view of Cambodia.

Angkor temple
-    Cons: Due to its pros of the best time of Cambodia, cool season also captivates a plethora of tourists descending on this country. Then for those who hate the crowds, this could be a drawback the least enjoyable time to travel around Cambodia, especially to visit Angkor Wat. 

This is the most popular time of the year for tourists and locals alike because this time coincides with plenty of country’s vacations and holidays. Therefore, not only being crowded, all the tourism prices seem to reach their peak. We highly recommend that if you plan to come this season, you book your lodging at least a few months in advance as the popular places to stay can fill up quickly. 

2.    Hot season: March - June

Extremely hot and humid, April and May are usually the hottest months of the year, when temperatures climb to 40°C in recent years. 
-    Pros: During this season, the crowd may go down a bit. There are occasional rain showers during hot season, usually in short, that is less than an hour long. Remember to bring along an umbrella in case of rain whilst you’re exploring Cambodia during hot season.
-    Cons: In terms of weather, this is the worst time to visit Cambodia. At this time, the temperature is just 35oC but the humidity is extreme, so the weather feels like 45oC that easily exhausts you while trying to walk the streets, explore the temples, and go hiking.

So what do you do in Cambodia during hot season:

-    Go to the coast: Breezes and cool sea will bring a little respite. We highly recommend you visit Sihanoukville or Kep with its white beaches and tranquil turquoise water – ideal places to escape the heat of the city.

Beach in Cambodia

Beach in Cambodia @Swedish Nomad

-    Hydrate your body with coconut: During hot season, humidity soars and there is not even a breeze, you will dehydrate very quickly in this heat.  Cambodia coconut can save you. There are many cart-push street vendors around the city so you can easily buy a coconut and refresh your day.  So chill!

Coconut in Phnom Penh

Coconut in Phnom Penh

-    Swimming at hotel pools: Even if you don’t stay at the hotels having pools, you’re able to join their swimming pool at a cheap fee – around $5. You could opt for The 252 in Phnom Penh with great pool, greenish garden and cabanas.

The 252 Phnom Penh

The 252 Phnom Penh

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3.    Rainy season: June – November

The rainy season in Cambodia spans between June and November, rains can happen up to 20 days in a month. That sounds pretty bad. However, for expats who have lived in Cambodia for a while, they expect the rains of rainy season more than having to slog through the heat of hot season. 

-    Pros: At this time, the showers generally last for less than an hour and predictable, usually happening in the afternoon that brings some relief from the heat in July through September. In October and November, it is still raining, but the weather is cooler. During this season, there are not many visitors so it’s a perfect time to explore temples, appreciate the magnificent greenery of the country, and the privilege to visit the flooded forest and stilted homes of Tonle Sap Lake. 

Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap Lake

-    Cons: For those who hate rain and wet, this season is not for them.  Moreover, during mid-September and October, some remote areas of Cambodia can flood, the roads are slippery and treacherous. You should not do some remote treks in this season. Even Phnom Penh and Siem Reap have experienced flooding during the last few rainy seasons.

Flood in Phnom Penh

Flood in Phnom Penh

You could bring along a light raincoat or a rain poncho, the rain should not be an issue preventing you from exploring mighty Cambodia. Due to the rains are often accompanied by powerful winds, bringing along an umbrella may be useless. In general, rainy season is still a great time to visit Cambodia.

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