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Koh Tonsay Island - A peaceful, beautiful destination when travel to Cambodia

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Cambodia Travel Guide

Koh Tonsay Island in Khmer means Rabbit Island. This place is famous for its unspoiled and quiet scenery, but it hides an impressive and special beauty for visitors when traveling to Cambodia

Koh Tonsay Island also known as Rabbit Island, Koh Tunsay or Kaoh Tunsay is located in Kep province, in the South of Cambodia. Rabbit Island is located about 30km from the border of Ha Tien in Vietnam, about 5km from the center of Kep city.

Unlike other islands, Koh Tonsay is being considered as a paradise because of the peace it brings; the air is always cool thanks to the sea breeze, the sun is also gentler, not harsh and dazzling; smooth white sand beaches dotted with the green color of shaded coconut trees along with the quiet afternoon sunsets falling in iridescent, fanciful orange.

Currently, Koh Tonsay island is still a little-known unspoiled beach. There is no wifi for visitors to surf the net, no power supply for the whole day, no luxury swimming pool resort or seafood restaurant to busy fun activities, this is the best condition for visitors to stay away modern facilities, throw away all the worries of everyday life and just bring your favorite book to lie on a hammock under a row of coconut trees to relax.

Coming to Koh Tonsay island, you will be free to bathe as much as you like. In addition, not to be missed the experience of diving to see coral, entertainment and virtual life. The sea in Rabbit Island is famous for its clean, blue water, gentle slope, so it is very suitable for relaxing, bathing and swimming in the cool water. After bathing, you can go ashore to relax on the sand and watch the beautiful romantic sunset. In addition to swimming and playing, visitors can trek through the forest to exercise and explore the rich ecosystem and wild nature on the island.

On Koh Tonsay island, there are several restaurants serving food needs. The restaurants have a fairly simple, rustic design and offer fresh seafood and local specialties. Here you will enjoy extremely delicious and quality seafood at an affordable price.

You will never know in Cambodia that there is a wonderful and peaceful island like this. Noted down in your destination list now!