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Discover Cambodia - Virachey National Park where an attractive destination for adventurers

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Cambodia Travel Guide

Virachey National Park brings the vast and beautiful natural landscape of Cambodia. Join Threeland Travel to discover Cambodia with the unique features of this national park, what attracts many footsteps to explore.

Virachey National Park owns a beautiful natural landscape located in the northeast of Cambodia. This place stretches over the territory of two provinces, Stung Treng and Ratanakiri. The total area of the national park is 3,325 square kilometers, with rich fauna and flora. This is also one of the priority protected heritages in Southeast Asia. 

Due to being located in the deepest and most isolated forest of Cambodia, the garden still has many mysteries to be discovered. The most popular landscapes here are evergreen forests, tall grasslands, bamboo forests and river valleys, etc., all of which have wild and magnificent beauty. Currently, Virachey is home to many rare and precious animals, such as great hornbills, douc langurs, pig-tailed monkeys, etc. The existence of java rhinos, leopards, and tigers is still lacking until now.

Visiting the national park, you will enjoy a cool fresh air, where you will feel the majestic nature, dense trees. Birds chirping mixed with rustling, leaves falling to the ground. All the songs together create a pleasant melody. In the national park, there are a number of ancient trees that are strictly protected to avoid deforestation.

In addition, this place is also home to many rare and precious animals, and some animals are in urgent need of protection. The area that attracts the most young tourists here is the gibbon habitat. The gibbons are also now in the endangered group, so the management board is very careful to keep them from being hunted.

Coming here not only to visit the majestic natural scenery, but you can also participate in many interesting activities such as: participating in trekking from Phnom Veal Thom and ending in Montane grassland, camping and visiting the sacred mountain Kalang Chhouy, spend the night in the forest,…