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Cambodia holiday packages With Your Family

Posted By : Threeland Travel / Cambodia Travel Guide

Did you plan to spend your holidays in Cambodia? Have you been to the place before?

What makes a trip perfect? The ITINERARY you plan beforehand. There might be great choices when it comes to choosing Cambodia Holiday Packages. Every journey gives you a unique experience based on the destinations you visit. 

Why visit Cambodia?

There are tons of points to consider to visit this vibrant country. It might be a small country, but it has some exotic destinations that you must visit. The place gives you a touch of rich history, culture, activities, food, and sites in a single area. 

Some reasons to consider while visiting Cambodia:

1. Fascinating Archaeological Sites

The Angkor Wat temple has driven the largest crowds of tourists on their holidays to Cambodia due to its amazing design. If you are visiting this place, rise early and enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the location. There are places like Ta Prohm, Angkor Thom, and Angkor National Museum, which are archaeological gems of the area.

Angkor Wat temple

2. Unique flavor dishes 

Being close to Vietnam and Thailand, there are always some mouth-watering cuisines waiting for you on the streets or in fancy restaurants. Common food items will have a tinge of coconut milk and sugar with ingredients like limes, lemongrass, bananas, and shallots to add more flavors.

bok svay Cambodia

Most people prefer herbs over spices in their dishes. Pork, chicken, crab, and squid are the most popular meat. Typical Cambodian food includes delicious fish, bok svay (green mango salad), and samlor Karkoo (soup made from green fruits and vegetables). 

3. Friendly and welcoming locals 

They are known to be the most hospitable people who always try to make you feel at home. Even after having a traumatized past during the Khmer Rouge, the crowd has a strong and positive aura. They are highly motivated to create a better environment for future generations. 

Cambodia people

Cambodia thrives on tourism, and locals are happy to embrace this fact. Make sure you connect with the locals and know more about their lives during the visit. 

4. Diverse and unique Landscapes

Even though the place has some of the most beautiful temples, it has some breathtaking beaches along the Mekong River's longest river in South-East Asia. Then you have Tonle Sap Lake, home to over three million people living in the floating villages. 

tonle sap lake

It has turquoise waters, lush green landscapes, spectacular flora and fauna, and white sand beaches. During your Cambodia tours, there are some unexplored places with breathtaking sights. The Koh Rong rainforests in the Cardamom Mountains are as beautiful as paradise. 

 5. Great connectivity with neighboring countries 

Cambodia is an ideal base for overland exploration of the neighbors like Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand, which can be combined in a single trip or sometimes in Vietnam holiday packages. Many visit the Vietnamese capital Hanoi and Cambodia's riverside capital Phnom Penh. Colorful chaos on the borders will beat the excitement of driving in a new country.

How to get the best holiday packages to Cambodia?

When you start planning a trip to Cambodia, you will be overwhelmed and stressed with a lot of information about How, When, and Where. Let us guide you to capture the best holiday packages to Cambodia with some best insights:

1. Decide about the time 

The place has wet and dry seasons. The dry season stays from October to April, which is best for people looking for beaches. At the same time, the wet season runs from May to September, which is perfect for enjoying nature. 
In the wet season, you can visit the lush green landscapes. Tourists can easily hop over the beaches and enjoy their stay peacefully.

Best time to visit Cambodia

2. The type of experience 

Cambodia has some incredible temples which are worth the visit. It is much like the countryside with beautiful views, jungles, mountains, floating villages, and seaside towns. It is vital to understand the culture and history of the country during your visit. 

Phnom Penh Capital of Cambodia

A classic trip will have a visit to the capital city Phnom Penh, the temples of Angkor, and the south coast region for the beaches. Families prefer a soft adventure with fishing, waterfalls, and kayaking. The northern part has some undiscovered treasures like viewing the Irrawaddy dolphins in the Mekong River. 

3. Choose the way of reaching the destination 

There are plenty of airlines to reach Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, two international airports where you can reach after your holidays to Laos. There are many interesting Asian cities where you can make stopovers to enjoy the beauty. Train networks and buses connect inside the place, which might not be ideal for long travels.

4. Decide your stay

Hotels are in high demand in Cambodia, but they must suit your tastes and budgets. When you visit luxury places like Aman and Raffles in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, it gives you a great experience but will burn holes in your pockets. There are non-governmental sector or non-profit organizations that provide great hospitality. 

5. Get a tour guide 

You might think that you do not want guidance during the visit, but trust us, a guide will be a fortune on this journey. Tour guides are considered as the best point of contact with the places to uncover the hidden sites. 
Make sure that they have proper training and right knowledge about the culture, locals, and places to visit. Also, your tour guide should be able to customize the plans per your interests. 

6. Know your threshold

There are too many temples in Cambodia that might be inspiring and have their reasons. Everyone has limitations, such as budget, time, or several destinations while visiting. It is crucial to know your threshold to make this Cambodia holiday journey perfect.

Apsara show

The Final Statement!

Hopefully, you have started to explore the Cambodia holiday packages with a clear thought process about your requirements and expectations. This gives you a great opportunity to plan the whole trip to spend some of the best days of your life.