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Ancient capital Koh Ker with mysterious pyramids - Explore Cambodia

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The ancient capital Koh Ker, which is considered as the forgotten "fatal" capital, has become a unique and impressive beauty in the culture and history of the Cambodian people. Let explore holidays in cambodia 2023 with Threeland Travel!

 Where is Koh Ker ?

The ancient capital of Koh Ker is located in Preah Vihear province, about 140km northeast of Siem Reap city. This is the old capital under the Angkor dynasty ruled by King Jayavarman IV. The most prominent in this ancient capital is Prasat Thom temple located in the middle of a green old forest.

A special feature when referring to this place is its mysterious image through the simile comments of many people, considered as the "unlucky" capital, the explanation for this is that King Jayavarman IV built the temples during 23 years (from 921 to 944). Koh Ker includes a total of 40 different temples, a 7-storey pagoda and a huge lake. However, when all was done, the king decided not to stay but moved the capital to Angkor Wat.


Credit: @sundaoutdoor.

The ancient capital of Koh Ker in the past was the cultural center of the Angkor civilization but had a very short life. This place is not too noisy, bustling, only a few small trading huts and not too expensive. The daily life of the people around is slow and peaceful. It can be said that Koh Ker is the most peaceful place when coming to Cambodia.

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Credit: @climbnmountains.

Coming here, you will feel the ancient beauty through the ruined walls, covered with dust and moss, with a melancholy and contemplative look. Although nature and war have destroyed many works, the details and architectural lines are still partially retained. The space around the temples is really beautiful with old trees. When the sun shines on it reflects on the rocks, dyeing the green grass makes the scenery here become very peaceful.

Cố -đô -Koh -Ker-ivivu-5

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The ruins of this place are clearly visible in the auxiliary works around the main temple of Prasat Thom. The Cambodian government is trying to preserve the most outstanding architectural works in the history of civilization.

Attractive places to visit in the ancient capital of Koh Ker

The main temple of Prasat Thom

The temple was built of bricks and is still quite intact. From a distance, the temple is quite like a small mountain because it is completely covered by forest. But this is really a 35m high stupa built entirely of sandstone. Prasat Thom has all 7 floors, each floor is 5m high, the top terrace is 2m wide and has 55 steps leading to the top. From the top of Prasat Thom temple you can admire the whole beauty of the primeval forest and Dangrek mountain in the distance.

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Neang Khmau Temple

Located in the Neang Khmau complex located along a 3km long trail. Neang Khmau is the first temple, located on the top of a hill facing the city of Angkor in the west. The temple is about 20m high and resembles a stupa, surrounded by a rampart built from laterite 2m high and 44m wide.

Đền Neang Khmau. Ảnh: @nadjarlaurent.

Credit: @nadjarlaurent.

Prasat Krahom Temple

This temple is built from bricks and resembles a pyramid. Inside the temple is a 3m high statue of Shiva with four heads and 8 arms. However, now that statue has been seriously damaged in some parts.

Đền Prasat Krahom. Ảnh: @latitudini_lontane.

Credit: @latitudini_lontane.

Prasat Leung Temple

This work seems quite small compared to other temples in the ancient capital of Koh Ker and has a cube-like shape. This place attracts a lot of tourists because there is a very large statue of Shiva Linga.

Đền Prasat Leung.

Temple of Prasat Damrei

Damrei means elephant and this temple is dedicated to the god Shiva as well as his son the elephant god Ganesha. Currently, there is a fairly intact elephant statue, but the vestiges of time are still clearly visible.

Đền Prasat Damrei. Ảnh: @pepeseiko.

Credit: @pepeseiko.

Prasat Khnar Temple

Prasat Khnar is a temple that contains many mysteries. Some scholars believe that this place used to have a large pedestal with a 3m high Linga statue. However, due to severe damage, the original shape could not be visualized.



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