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5 Most Practical Money Saving Travel Tips for your Holidays to Cambodia
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Cambodia Travel Guide

Money Saving Travel Tips for the best holidays in Cambodia? How to save your money when travelling in Cambodia? Traveling comes along with an extra exciting sense of a new place. However, a good travelling experience does not equal to spend money carelessly and give your hard-earn money to unworthy services. Tours to Cambodia can be relatively cheap, because it is one of the cheapest destinations in the world. In today’s blog, we would like to share top 5 tips to save money in your Cambodia holiday package

1.    Eat at local street vendors in Cambodia

Eating from street vendors and marketplaces is not only a great way to save money in Cambodia, but also a way to experience the cuisine culture. If you could skip out the restaurants and cafes and consider the street food option instead.

Street foods are so diverse that you can have a little taste from each of everything, here and there in your trip. Where local meals in a restaurant can cost a minimum around 12,000 Riel to 16,000 Riel (USD3-USD4), on the street it can be available around 6000 Riel (USD1.50).

Photo: Angkor Night Market, Off Sivatha Boulevard, Siem Reap, Cambodia

2.    Visit main Cambodia attraction places by bicycle ( cycling tours )

With shorter journeys, travelling by bike or biking tours are by far the cheapest way of getting around in Cambodia. Most of hostels and guesthouses have them available for hire but if they do not have, you can look for some bike shops around or in the center. It’ll set you back with normal bike about $1-2 for an entire day.

Some sightseeing places in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, you can join cycling tours but some is not available due to distant and time spending. This is a fantastic way to travel around at a slower pace and provide far greater control over where you go for next to no money.

But do not forgot to bring some money due to some temples in Siem Reap have strict rule to follow as all visitor must to wear cloths to cover knees and shoulders. In Phnom Penh (the royal palaces), you’ll be forced to pay for a t-shirt or something similar to ensure you stick to the regulations if you don’t already have the appropriate clothing.

Photo: Ride yourself a bike to Angkor Complex

3.   Travel by local Cambodia public transportation ( bus / speed boat / taxi)

This is one of common way to applies almost everywhere, looking for using local public transportation is the best to save money rather than use private transport if you are budget traveler.

While you are traveling in Cambodia, you should try to experience with some of local transportation such by public bus, train to some destination (from Phnom Penh only), by speed boat (during high level of water only best time) or sharing local taxi. 

Sometime, you’ll be uncomfortable, cramped and probably unhappy for a few hours. But it’ll be fun and memorable; you’ll also be subject to mass scrutiny and amused glances along the way! 

Photo: Public City Bus in Phnom Penh

4.    Use your negotiation skills in Cambodia

Bargain price skill? It is so funny indeed. Just like any other Southeast Asian country, negotiation is common in Cambodia. Expect literally no one telling you the fair price of a product here as mostly at local market or street Vendor – particularly those products that are priced for 3 dollars. Before you decide to buy, please try to bargain price at least final price you can get with discount $0.50 or $1 as depend on quantity you will buy. 


5.    Use happy hour for your drink while in Cambodia

This is one of advantage way to save your budget on drink as some restaurants or bars have this special offer time follow their schedule with daily or one day a week. Mostly this promotion always applies with buy one get one free or some discount on some kinds of drink to attract costumer come to their place.  

6.    Make sure your money is perfect matched with Cambodian expectation

Basically, when you’re in Cambodia, make sure all US notes/bills are in perfect condition. US notes are not accepted usually by Cambodians. However, you may get an issue if your money has some problem such as old notes, rips, tears, marks and folds, will mean they won’t accept it.

So, be sure to check your bills (only your US Dollars; the same rules don’t apply for Cambodia riel) for any defects. Even from the money you withdraw from ATMs, double check. If you spot any issue at all, get it changed before you go anywhere!

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