Threeland Travel is a premier Destination Management Company in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar with over 15 years’ experience

We have a network of operation offices across the countries to ensure in-depth knowledge of our services as well as to give instant support to clients. We are one of the few tour operators in Vietnam with a high liability insurance of US$ 1,000,000 to guarantee a minimization of any unexpected problems during travel.

Travel liability insurance with limit of indemnity of 1,000,000USD


Full license with travel bond from the Tourism Administration of Vietnam


The master licensee of Gray Line Worldwide ( from the US ) in Vietnam and Indochina


Owning travel properties such as Hotels, cruises and vehicles

Relying on speedy changes of travel trends, the members of Threeland have been focusing more on customized tours for both individuals and small incentive or family groups, aiming to match diversified ways of discovery. The combination of renewed active tours and longstanding popular travel services, with new tour guides speaking dozens of European and Asian languages, has also contributed in making the number of Threeland guest’s skyrocket. The MICE team, on the other hand, prepares to launch extensive products with the appliance of advanced technology to management and services to salute groups of hundreds guests and more.

Together with classic travel experiences, the ready-made holiday options at beaches and mountains are increasing steadily, aiming not only to serve tourists but also to contribute motivation, creativeness and professional jobs to the locals. At the same time, Threeland tightly cooperates with local authorities and proprietors to train workers, to develop cultural interchange and consequently raise up the attentiveness and care to the matters of sustainable development.

Along with a diverse range of core products with a level of exclusivity, a unique and creative edge to itineraries, Threeland has expanded its product range by being a licensee of Gray Line International Brand from USA. Recently, Threeland has been proudly known as the Gray Line Vietnam, one that can provide the biggest insurance to their loyal customers, one that can match their urgent demands of professionally-organized tours at big OTAs and wholesalers and first and most importantly one that can supply the best guides, short sightseeing excursion and transportation services to vistiors.

Like the original slogan "Simply-your-best-local-friend'', we trust in ourselves and look for the most instant and open feedback from you, our dear customers to securely complete our services. Contact us to start creating your magnificent journey through Indochina!