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Observe Freshwater Dolphins At Kratie, Perceiving Cambodia Tour Package
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Dolphins in the ocean are just a normal thing, but have you ever heard of freshwater dolphins in Mekong Delta River? Follow our Cambodia tour package to observe the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins in Kratie. Set along the Mekong River in eastern Cambodia, Kratie seems quiet compared to the touristic cities like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and even Battambang. So is Kratie worth visiting?

1.    The beauty of Kratie


Kratie or Kraches is a province located in the northeast of Cambodia. With the gifts of nature: approximately 140 km of the Mekong River flows from the north to the south of the province, dense forests cover mostly all, this is the home of many rare animals and one of the most important nation’s bird area. Once you have a chance to visit Kratie on your Cambodia Tour, you will find out that all tourism activities here are connected with the unique nature and agriculture such as have a journey with kayak on the river, take a discovery trail on Mekong Discovery or try famous BBQ snails and bamboo sticky rice, etc, and most of all, an opportunity to see Irrawaddy dolphins.

2.    Observe Freshwater Dolphins 


Like have said above, this area is the hometown of lots of precious species and one of the most famous animals here is Mekong Irrawaddy Dolphins. This is the main reason thousands of tourists take a Cambodia Tour Package to visit Kratie every year. Irrawaddy Dolphin is named after the river where first found it – Irrawaddy river in Myanmar. Their living environment is near sea coasts or in estuaries, rivers in part of the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia. Sometimes, you can find it in the north sea of Australia. They are rare freshwater dolphins with the number less than 200 individuals and about under 100 Irrawaddy dolphins have been found in the Kratie. Due to its small amount and strange behavior – most of the time stay submerged in the water and just come to the surface for only a matter of seconds to breathe, it is considered a symbol of good luck once you see it. And what is better than observe and take a photo of this unique creature in your vacation.

3.    Some tips for your journey


Your tour to Cambodia will become more memorable if you are lucky enough to see the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins with your own eyes. Hereby are some helpful tips for you to catch your good luck:
•    You can opt to spot these dolphins from a boat or meet them on the way while kayaking. Each option has its own unique experience. In the past, since the dolphin here had been hunted and killed by fishermen, they now beware of human. Although nowadays most of the people in this area are educated about the importance of dolphins and hunting is prohibited, they still have caution in interaction with a human. Therefore, don’t react too strong or try to touch them avoiding bad things arise. 
•    Best time to visit is in the early morning hours (around 6 a.m) or the late afternoon and early hours, they are most active at these time.

Now you have one more destination to list in your travel bucket list to Cambodia besides Angkor Complex, Siem Reap, or Phnom Penh. Wish you get lucky to meet the freshwater dolphin in person.

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