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Cycling Vietnam: The 6 Recommended Biking Routes in Central Part
Posted By : Threeland Travel / Vietnam Travel Guide

Cycling is suitable for all ages and undoubtedly, one of the easiest and most economical way to observe life and nature deeply as well as to enhance your health.  

Vietnam’s charms are extremely diverse and there’s no better way to explore them than on two wheels. Central Vietnam, in particular, offers numerous brilliant cycling routes such as easy countryside rides, challenging mountainous or amazing coastal ones. That is to say that no matter your personal preference is, we’ve got something suitable for you in Vietnam. 

Read on to find out the best cycling routes in Vietnam’s central part that we recommend below.    

In Hue – Danang – Hoian

Hue city center to Thuy Bieu ancient village 

•    Distance of biking: 14km 
•    Difficulty: Easy 
•    Features: rustic countryside, ancient architecture
Leaving the hectic life of the urban, this ride takes you to a lush green and rustic countryside in Hue. Just 7km from the city center, Thuy Bieu village is famous for their gardens and beautiful ancient architecture.

Hue Cycling Tours

During this relaxed biking trip, you may see temples, ancient houses and traditional handicraft businesses as well as gain a unique insight into local life. Also, the village offers a great chance to explore local cuisine with a fun cooking class. 

Hoi An Biking Tours

Hoian to Hue via Hai Van Pass 

•    Distance of biking: 130km (one way)
•    Difficulty: Challenging (with support minivan)
•    Features: countryside, forests, mountains, coastal roads, Hai Van pass
The cycling route between the two World Heritage sites is one of the most scenic routes along the Central coastline.

Hai Van Pass

This beautiful ride through the spectacular roads takes you over villages, lagoons, rice paddies and forests while offering a great chance to contemplate the breathtaking views over the legendary Hai Van Pass. It can be done in just one day, however there’s the possibility of lengthening the joy by spending a night in Lang Co beach. 

Hoian to My Son Sanctuary 

•    Distance of biking: 37–50km (one way)
•    Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging 
•    Features: forest, rural villages, World heritage site
Distance of biking depends on the route you choose with the one via Cam Kim bridge being the most popular. You may choose to pedal back to Hoian but there’s an option of taking the boat.

This fantastic ride let you wind through the historic Hoian to the Cham ruins of My Son on back roads, providing a rare insight to the peaceful countryside and rural life. By the time you arrive, take a step back in time by touring the UNESCO site, seeing the ancient temples.   

Danang city center to Son Tra Peninsula

•    Distance of biking: 20km (one way)
•    Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging 
•    Features: forest, coastline, scenic vistas, Son Tra Nature Reserve

Son Tra Peninsula (also known as Monkey Mountain) makes a great escape from Danang. During this bike ride, you will experience a scenic route of forest and coastal views. Don’t forget to stop at Linh Ung pagoda and see Lady Buddha statue – the tallest one in Vietnam, overlooking the city.

Danang Biking Tours

If you are lucky, you may catch sight of a Red-shanked douc – an endangered monkey inhabiting this area. Continue by meandering to Ban Co peak, where you can savor the jaw-dropping panorama of the ocean and the city. 


In Dalat – Nha Trang

Dalat mountain biking 

•    Distance of biking: 37km (one way)
•    Difficulty: Challenging
•    Features: pine forest, mountains, farms, lake

Cool mountain air, amazing views, and remarkable forest trails make Dalat an ideal destination for mountain bikers. There are lots of mountain bike trails in the area, however, we’re choosing this particular one of 37km, which could be a real challenge for you.

Dalat Mountain Biking

Starting out with a good warm up before pushing yourselves through a dazzling mix of ascents, steep descents and single tracks. The ride gives you views of the spectacular pine forests, fragrant coffee plantations and glorious mountains. 

Dalat to Nha Trang with a stop at Bidoup National park 

•    Distance of biking: 136km (one way)
•    Difficulty: Challenging (with support minivan)
•    Features: pine forest, jungle, mountains, coastline, national park  

This route gets you to feel a wonderful transition from the mountain city of Dalat to the beach town of Nha Trang. Ideally you should spend 2 days on this route, however, if you are short in time, make it one day with the cycling distance of just 70km, the rest will be by car.

Dalat to Nha Trang biking

On your first day, be amazed with views of the mountains, the pine forests and the plantations along the way before reaching Bidoup National park. A good swim in the beautiful Thien Thai waterfall here will then ease off the heat. Next morning, we get back on the saddle, climb some hills before enjoying the 30km, uninterrupted downhill - the longest of continuous downhill in Vietnam so far, to the coastline. 

Tips for cycling in Central Vietnam

-    First, why cycling? Like every other form of exercise, it releases endorphins which make you feel good. It combines physical activity with being outdoors and exploring new outlooks.
-    Best time for cycling in the central coastal region, including Hue, Danang, Hoian and Nha Trang is February to August, avoiding rainy season. If you plan to go to the Central Highlands (for instance Dalat), the best time is from November to May although it’s quite cold in December & January. 

Weather climate chart in Central Vietnam
-    Always check your bike’s condition very carefully before going on the trip.
-    Protect yourself by wearing a helmet and sun cream. Eat well, drink an adequate amount of water and rest well.
-    Watch out for motorcycles and other vehicles on the road.

-    Combine your cycling trip with other activities too. Central Vietnam is great for swimming and trekking too as well as provides a great chance to learn its history and culture. 
-    Get a local guide, he or she will be very helpful in improving your riding experience as well as making your ride safer.

Vietnam cycling tours with tourguide
-    Don’t be afraid to ask. Ask your guide for a rest or a passer-by for a lift when needed, you want your cycling time to be enjoyable, not exhausted. 
-    Bring a detailed road map, especially when you don’t have GPS access if cycling alone.
-    Take many pictures whenever you can. While enjoying your time on the road, don’t forget to capture the moment because the sceneries are extraordinary. 

And finally, have a good plan. Let the local expert like Threeland Travel assist you on Vietnam biking tours. For more suitable tips and advice to your desire plan, send us your inquiry and we will definitely help you to design the best tours in Vietnam.

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