Cambodia festivals in February
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Meak Bochea Day
Meak Bochea Day which is known as “Fourfold Assembly” or “Sangha Day" is one of the most important Buddhist celebrations falling on the full moon day of the third lunar month (about last week of February or early of March).

Meak Bochea Day
It marks four historic occasions which happened nine months after the Enlightenment of the Lord Buddha at Veluvana Bamboo Grove, near Rajagaha in Northern India. In history 2500 years ago, four events, which are considered miracles in Buddhist doctrine, took place. The first was the spontaneous getting together of 1,250 enlightened disciples or arahats of Buddha. They had heard through the grapevine that Buddha was going to be present at the Veluwan temple in what is now the state of Bihar in Northern India.
Secondly, Buddha had personally ordained each of these monks. Thirdly, each monk turned up without making a prior appointment. Lastly, all these happened on the day of the full moon during the third lunar month.
Buddha gave the assembly a discourse “Ovadha Patimokha” laying down the principles of His Teachings summarized into three acts, i.e. to do good, to abstain from bad action and to purify the mind.
Chinese New Year
This is the New Year of both the Chinese and Vietnamese lunar calendar.

Lunar New Year Cambodia

It’s not an official holiday, but widely celebrated in Cambodia, due to the large number of people of Chinese and Vietnamese descent who run much of Cambodia's business enterprises. Many shops will close for a few days.