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Vietnam Holidays

Vietnam holidays

Where to go: The sunny land of Ninh Thuan - Vietnam travel guide

The journey discovering Ninh Thuan may depend on the time, the financial condition or different preferences of each person, but the overall impression of tourists coming to this beautiful land will be the blue sunny sky and the friendly smiles of the locals. There is no reason for you not to add it into your list of Vietnam holidays.

Here are some stunning destinations you should stop and take a look in Ninh Thuan:


Bau Truc Pottery

Bau Truc is famous for the Cham ceramics - the unique ceramic heated only by firing straw, no need to put in the kiln or glaze. It is all the more strange that the people here do not use the ceramic turntable. They just go backwards around the table to shape the ceramic. This nicely culture was once thought to be extinct, but in the context of booming trade and economic, many tourists, artists, restaurant owners, etc. have recognized the exotic beauty of Bau Truc, then come to visit and retain this trait.  


Cao Bang sour noodle soup


As in many other localities in the Central and South of Vietnam, the Cham in Ninh Thuan follows the matriarchy, so it is not strange to find the men here taking care of the babies while their wives doing other hard work.  Take a short walk into the village; you can see the process of making ceramic, many wonderful clay samples, vase, and other crafts. It is just a little inconvenience that pottery is quite bulky and easy to break, so it is hard to take home as a souvenir.



Cham Tower

Ninh Thuan is also known as the place with the least rainfall level in Vietnam, where the weather is almost dry throughout the year. Like when taking a short trip to visit Pklong Tower in Gia Rai, all visitors admire the flawless beauty of the tower, but also get hot by the sunny sky over the hill. The tower has been there for a hundred years, hiding the mystery of the ancient culture which once flourished. Pklong Tower in Gia Rai probably deserves the most beautiful tower in the ancient Cham towers left over Vietnam.


burned rice ninh binh


Sand Hill

Adjacent to the city of Phan Rang stands the Nam Cuong sand hill, which is not as famous as Mui Ne sand dunes in Binh Thuan province, but has the wilderness beautiful and the incredibly quietness. The way getting there is not easy; you have to cross over the winding small roads, through the mango orchards, rice fields, and get along the fence full of cactus spines then you finally reach the sandy foothill. This off-the-beaten-track will attract any adventurers who love exploration.


Nam Cuong Sand Hill


When getting to the top of the hill, visitors will be surprised at the magical beauty of the sand lines. But then it was up to the beauty stupor magic by drawing lines from the sand. The undulating curved shapes on the horizon, the soft contours, the sand flows generated from wind and rain... these all always appeal to the camera lens. Many groups have taken the photo tour here to compose some artwork, with the main concept as the daily life of local people: the women, the kids, the cow grazing, etc. The images describe an exciting part - kind of a specialty only can be found in Ninh Thuan.


Phan Rang City

The provincial capital - the city of Phan Rang is small; it just takes a few dozen minutes by motorbike to explore all the roads here. Initially, the town seemed to be bored, but later on, you can find so many things to discover.

There are a Chinese assembly hall standing quiet in the corner of the center with colorful frescos on the gate; a famous chicken rice shop restaurant; and a 30-year-old movie theater…  Everything is small and quite - it is the right place for those longing for peace.


Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy Bay is a famous landmark of the Central Vietnam. The bay itself is beautiful, but the scenery along the way getting there is even more interesting, from the infinitely white salt fields to the seafood processing plants with people working hard under the sun; and the swamps reflecting the rocky mountains. It is easy to rent a glass bottom boat to explore the bay, the exquisite coral, and fish… Lunch will be served on the sandy beach with all sorts of specialty: snails, squid, shrimp, sea urchins, etc.


Vinh Hy bay

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