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Vietnam holidays

What To Eat: Enjoy Street Food Specialties in Hoi An

Coming to the ancient town Hoi An during your Vietnam tour, one of the most attractive cities in Asia, tourists can enjoy a plenty of specialties right on the street stalls.


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The ancient town Hoi An is one of the busiest cities in Cochin, the trade center between the East and West cultures, so the local cuisine is very diverse and abundant.

Quang noodles

The street food vendors often serve all day long. Every 2h in the afternoon, you can hear the familiar voice of the local women selling the food. You can take the food away or dine right at the stall, sitting on small chairs and enjoying the surprisingly delicious street food.
A woman named Huong, who have sold water fern cake for more than 20 years, said that there are various food lovers from different places, from the North to the South, from locals to foreigners coming to Hoi An; and all of them are interested in Hoi An tasty street food such typically as rice dumpling cake and water fern cake. The food is not quite unique, but it has some kind of “Hoi An taste” - Hoi An’s culture.

Visitors can find a world of food on the street vendors, diversely from water fern cake, rice dumpling cake, tofu, black sesame sweet soup etc. to Quang noodle, or baby basket clams rice…
The water fern cake in Hoi An is a little different from that in Hue, the filling is much crispier.

Cao Lau

The rice dumpling is usually served with sweet and sour fish sauce – a featured sauce in the Middle of Vietnam.

The black sesame sweet soup is better served hot, and once you try, you can never forget its flavor. Other sweet soups such as corn sweet soup, lablab sweet soup, and red bean sweet soup are made from local ingredients.

You can enjoy a short walk to discover the peaceful streets, to take photos of many precious moments, to live the local life for a while, and to try the scrumptious street food at the same time.

Hoi An street food is not pricey at all. The food is very reasonable, a VND 5000 for a water fern cake, VND 10000 for a dish of rice dumpling or a grilled corn. Quang noodle costs around VND 20000 – VND 30000. The streets that have the most popular street vendors are Tran Phu, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Le Loi and along Hoai river bank. Visitors will surely be pleased with the bright smiles upon the locals’ faces, very friendly and warm. That’s the reason why the street food vendors have become a simple beauty – a cultural feature of Hoi An.
If you are in this small town enjoying your Vietnam holiday, just share your feeling with us!

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