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What to eat - Enjoy moon crab on Phu Quy Island

Located off the coast of Binh Thuan, Phu Quy Island is voted by CNN readers as one of the most beautiful islands in the South China Sea. This place is also well-known for a variety of fresh seafood, including one of the most rare and precious creatures: the moon crab.

Moon crab often lives in coral reefs and Con Dao Island but most of them are in Phu Quy Island. Its name is probably derived from its appearance: the crab’s shell has many red circles looking like moon. This crab is most delicious on full moon. This is totally opposite to other kind of crabs.


Moon Crab Phu Quy Island


You must not leave Phu Quy Island without tasting this dish. Once trying a steamed or grilled moon crab with a slide of lemon, you cannot forget it for sure. You should find the exact restaurant who has the best moon crab dishes to enjoy this specialty.

Getting there

From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City you can take the train, plane or bus to the city of Phan Thiet. Then catch the train from Phan Thiet port to Phu Quy Island. You can choose the speed boat or slow boat to the island with the corresponding time of 3.5 hours and 8 hours. Train departs daily to Phu Quy but the schedule will vary depending on weather and tides. Therefore, you should call and ask the correct information before booking your trip. When reaching the island, you can rent a motorbike or local motels to go around.




Phu Quy has two distinct seasons: south-wind season starts from June to September and the north-wind season from October to February next year. Therefore, to enjoy moon crab you should go in the summer because during this period, there is a huge number of fresh moon crabs. Also, excepting for bad weather, you can still go to Phu Quy Island anytime because the average temperature is from 22 to 28 Celsius degrees and is influenced directly by the sea so it is cool all year round.


Phu Quy Island



In addition to moon crab, you should try other fresh seafood with special recipes such as sea cucumbers with Chinese herbs, serranidae with sour soup, pancake with fresh snail, steamed serranidae with ginger, etc. You can also find these dishes in the local people houses in the fishing village in Thanh Tam, Long Hai, Dong Hai, Ngu Phung.
On the island there are very few motels, you can find accommodation in Ngu Phung Commune for VND150.000 – 200.000/room/night. If you stay just outside the port, the price will be cheaper.


Coming to Phu Quy Island, tourists will also be attracted by the picturesque landscape. The sandy beaches are everywhere, from Trieu Duong Bay, Doi Dua beach in Ngu Phung or Ganh Hang beach, Doc Cai beach.  The coral reef, rock clusters also captivated many visitors.

Besides Phu Quy Island, there are many other small islands such as Hon Tranh, Hon Den, Hon Trung, Hon Giua, Hon Do. If you have time, do not overlook these small islands, because only by walking around the small islands can you feel all the wild beauty that nature gives to the island here.

If visiting Phu Quy Island from September to the end of the year, you will feel the atmosphere of many festivals with the volleyball competition, the theater, and the running contest to the top of the Phu Quy lighthouse.

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