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Binh Ba Island - Robinson Crusoe Island in Cam Ranh Bay

As sea tourism in Nha Trang has become popular, why don’t you give a try on the unspoiled and beautiful Binh Ba Island - often referred to as “Robinson Crusoe Island” in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam?

Binh Ba Island, about 60km from Nha Trang, is a relatively new destination on the tourist map. The name Binh Ba derives from the outpost position of the island on Cam Ranh Bay: it’s like a front door of the bay. As being among places welcoming the earliest dawn in Vietnam, Binh Ba gazes attract from travelers with the wild beauty of the island.


Binh Ba Island


Nom Beach, Chuong Beach

After 2 hours transferring from Cam Ranh Bay to Binh Ba Island, visitors will admire the natural beauty of clear blue sea and stretching white sand here. The beach is not as noisy and lively as Nha Trang, but quiet with the rustic beauty of the local people.

If Nom beach has beautiful white sand, then Chuong beach is famous with splendid coral reefs. The most interesting thing in Chuong beach is hiding in the existence of two hot and cold currents



Visit coral reefs and enjoy sea diving

The unique features which everyone would love to see when coming to this beautiful island is visiting the stunning coral reefs and taking part in sea diving. With these unspoiled coral, the low sea level, and the pure blue water, the Nha Cu Beach in Binh Ba is a perfect place to see the coral reefs and go swimming with colorful fishes.


Binh Ba Island


Besides, those adventurers can go along the mountainside to explore such untouched relics as artillery, bunkers, etc. Those who prefer natural beauty can take a small walk along the seashore to collect the colorful snail shells, watch the grandeur range of stone, the cliffs or other exotic caves. If possible, just get on the top of the radar station to have the gorgeous bird-eye view of Binh Ba Island.


Enjoy the daily life of the local people

Besides the glorious beauty of the beaches, Binh Ba also attracts tourists by the hospitality of the local people. If you enjoy one day living the life of the people here, you will be impressed by their friendliness and sincerity. They will welcome you to visit their home to enjoy some meal with authentic seafood.


Binh Ba Island



Also known as “Lobster Island”, Binh Ba is famous with the delicious lobsters. Khanh Hoa people have a saying: “Hon Noi bird nest, Ninh Hoa duck, Binh Ba lobster, Dien Khanh dried venison” to list the specialties of this province. Binh Ba lobster can be made into various tasty dishes, especially; the mixture of alcohol and blood of blue lobster is a famous drink you can never forget. 


Binh Ba Island


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