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What To Eat: 6 Delicious Vietnamese Rice Dish You Must Try

Along the S -shaped strip of land, there are many famous rice dishes of various regions: from bamboo cooked rice of the Northwest, baby basket clams rice of Hue - the Middle of Vietnam, to broken rice of Saigon – the South.  So if you are on a Vietnam trip, there’s no reason to miss such tasty flavor.

Rice is not only the daily food but also the specialty that attracts many visitors.  


Bamboo cooked rice

Bamboo cooked rice is an indispensable dish in everyday meals of people in the mountainous Northwest. It is a unique combination of glutinous rice, neohouzeaua – a medium-sized tropical bamboo in South East Asia, wood and fire. Rice is then baked in bamboo sticks.

Bamboo Cooked Rice

To enjoy bamboo cooked rice, people should use a knife to peel the outer shell of the stick until it meets the thin layer of white silk wrapping rice. It would be an amazing experience to break the rice into pieces and enjoy the interesting soft taste. You can certainly feel the soul of the mountain in this lovely rice dish through all of your senses.

This dish is often served with grilled chicken; bamboo grilled beef and crushed sesame salt. If you have a chance to visit the Northwest of Vietnam, especially in the chilly, you should try a night camp and enjoy bamboo cooked rice with friends.



Ninh Binh burned rice

Burned rice (com chay) is also among Ninh Binh specialties that you cannot leave without tasting. It is also listed among the list of top 10 famous specialties of Vietnam and top tasty Asian dishes. This dish has appeared from the late 19th century and developed over time, until now it has become an indispensable dish in the meal of the local people.

Ninh Binh Burned Rice

This dish requires a good choice of rice. To have the rice medium burned and flaked off the pot itself, they need to use an iron pot and spin it around while cooking. After that, the burned rice piece is dried and wrapped in a nilon bag. When it comes to eat, people fried those pieces in heated oil.

Burned rice is often served with beef or chicken soup and grilled goat. This dish is a perfect choice for a sunny summer day.


Baby basket clams rice

Baby Basket Clams Rice

Baby basket clams rice is a scrumptious rice mixture with various local ingredients.Rice is cook from the high quality rice, and then put at room temperature. It is then mixed with baby mussels or basket clams, and served with herbs such as lettuce, fragrant basil, star fruits; laksa leaves... add fried peanuts, a few slices of fried pork skin, fried onions and Hue shrimp. All are put at room temperature; only the soup is kept hot to serve this spicy dish. The taste of shrimp sauce, the sour flavor of star fruit, and the juicy taste of fried pork skin blended together make a typical dish of Hue cuisine.


Hoi An chicken rice

Known as familiar dishes of the ancient town, Hoi An chicken rice is especially attractive with a juicy mixture. People often choose Vietnamese chicken, white flesh and thin skin. It is mixed with Tra Que basil, onion, together with spices such as Hoi An chutney, soy sauce, garlic and chill.

Hoi An Chicken Rice

When enjoying Hoi An chicken rice, you will always feel the unique salty and spicy taste of this colorful dish. The bright yellow color of rice, the pale pink of shredded chicken, blended with the fresh green corner of the herbs will cast a spell on any food lover’s heart.


Pot rice

Pot rice is a familiar dish of old people. The rice is cooked in the tandoor with a charcoal fire to make it a delicious taste. The chef must choose the high-quality rice such as Nang Huong rice, Tam rice, and also, a good pot. The process of rice cooking is an art. This dish is often served with braised goby with pepper. Try once and you will never forget the taste!


Broken rice

With the ancient Saigon people, broken rice is the grain that was fractured during milling. However, after a long time of creation, it has become a main ingredient in one of the most famous rice dish in Saigon, a feature of Saigon cuisine, which is popular at both high-end restaurants and street food vendors.

Brocken Rice

This dish is usually served with grilled pork cutlets with honey. Sometimes people also try a special roll made from pork, egg, mushroom, vermicelli and other spices added. The mixture is then steamed. Broken rice can also be served with omelet and sausage.

It is also best accompanied with pickles made ​​from papaya, carrot, radish, and cucumber. Also, there is a special sauce to make it tastier. This is the secret spice of how each restaurant attracts diners.

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