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vietnam motorbike tours

Vietnam motorcycle tours are new adventurous activities attracted a lot of travelers recently, since the famous Ho Chi Minh trail was upgraded, connecting the Northern and the Southern lands. This is also the proper and exotic route to explore Laos - the neighbor country.

Best time to visit Vietnam

Best time to visit Vietnam, literally saying, is in the early summer (from March to June), and also in the autumn (from September to December), which will be probably the most favorable seasons if you intend to cover the whole country. So, in this summer, why don't you take a beach relax in one of the most beautiful islands in Asia - Phu Quoc Island?

Vietnam and Cambodia tours

Vietnam and Cambodia tours are a popular choice when it comes to Indochina trip. And if Phnom Penh - the current capital of Cambodia - has been familiar to touristswith Nagaworld casinos, the ancient capital Siem Reap brings to visitors a charming mystery of one of the most glorious civilizations - "where stay the relics ofthe Royal Khmer and the image of the Kingdom of Cambodia in present as well as in the future."

The Huc Bridge - Hoan Kiem Lake

Not everyone is capable of traveling with extended family or group of friends, so what should you note when traveling alone?

Bamboo Cooked Rice

Along the S -shaped strip of land, there are many famous rice dishes of various regions: from bamboo cooked rice of the Northwest, baby basket clams rice of Hue - the Middle of Vietnam, to broken rice of Saigon – the South. So if you are on a Vietnam trip, there's no reason to miss such tasty flavor.

Cao Lau

Coming to the ancient town Hoi An during your Vietnam tour, one of the most attractive cities in Asia, tourists can enjoy a plenty of specialties right on the street stalls.

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