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Buddha’s Birthday 2013 To Be Bloomed In India

This year Buddha Purnima in India - a holiest Buddhist festival is celebrated on May 25th to commemorate Buddha’s Birthday, his enlightenment and passing away.


Buddha’s Birthday 2013 To Be Bloomed In India


In India, Buddha’s Birthday is known as Buddha Purnima (Vesak Day). On this day, Buddhists do not eat meat. People are encouraged to perform other acts of kindness such as sharing food with the poor. Buddha Purnima 2013 will be celebrated on Saturday, 25 May 2013 in India.

Birth of Buddha or Tathagata is celebrated in India, especially in Sikkim, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Bodh Gaya and Maharashtra (where 6% of total population are Buddhists) and other parts of India as per Indian calendar. Buddhist People go to common Viharas (monasteries) to observe a full-length Buddhist sutra. Non-vegetarian food is normally avoided. Kheer, sweet rice porridge is commonly served to recall the story of Sujata, a maiden who, in Gautama Buddha’s life, offered the Buddha a bowl of milk porridge.

The Buddhists bathe and dress only in white clothes. They gather in their viharas before sunrise to worship Buddha, offer alms to the monks, hoist the Buddhist flag, and sing hymns admiring the sacred triple treasure: The Buddha, The Dharma (his teachings), and The Sangha (his disciples).

Many devotees offer flowers, candles, and joss sticks at the feet of the monks. Such a ritual allows a Buddhist to reflect on the truth that just as the magnificent flowers shrink and the candles and joss sticks burn out in short time, our life span is too short and will decay soon.

Buddha Purnima is also annually celebrated in South Asian and South East Asian countries like Nepal, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Pakistan. This will be a special occasion for tourists to explore the colorful cultures of India and these above countries. For more information, please visit Threeland Travel Vietnam and contact us for further details.

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