Vietnam travel tips for Indian

vietnam travel tips for indian

Vietnam is such a peaceful and hospitable country that every tourist feels safe to travel to. The scene of numerous amazing wonders along with the stunning grilled sparrow is sure to leave you a lasting impression.

The Vietnamese are really grateful when they know you are trying to comply with their rules and customs and really lenient if you accidentally do anything wrong. This is one of the reasons why many Indian tourists are in favor of visiting Vietnam. However, there are some Vietnam travel tips for Indian that need to be taken into consideration.


• Wear old T-shirts when you are coming to a Pagoda or temple. They will make you stay outside if you do. Make sure that you dress conservatively when visiting a historic site.
• Point your feet towards an altar when sitting at someone’s home. This is considered to be disrespectful.
• Take photos of anything related to the military. This action is regarded as a violation of national security. You don’t want to go into Vietnamese jail, do you?
• Take a camcorder when going inside villages. This is considered an intrusive act.
• Go to bed late since people in Vietnam start to get out of their home at 6 am and there may be annoying noise.


• Dress conservatively, especially when you are coming to a pagoda or temple.
• Bring with you water when taking walks outside for sightseeing. You are advised to drink lots of water since it is really sunny in the summer in Vietnam and heat stroke if really a problem.
• Always keep an eye on your handbag wherever you go: when sitting in a cyclo or even visiting a pagoda. Bag snatching is quite popular in Vietnam. Watch your bag before someone else does.
• Take your shoes off before getting in a local’s house.
• Travel by train. This is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature here. You should prepare yourself for the trains being late and a bit smelly.
• Bring with you toilet paper whenever you go. You should really keep this in your mind. Trust us!
• Be sure to always take your hotel’s business card with you. This will help you with your return to hotel in a cyclo or taxi easier. (Business card can be found at the reception desk)
• Pay less for a cup of beer than a bottle of water.
Last but not least, enjoy your trip in this beautiful S – shaped country. We hope that these Vietnam travel tips for Indian are useful for your trip.

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